Soil Regeneration: FoodCycle+ preserves soil for the future

How to handle food waste has been a huge land and environmental challenge in Hong Kong. For this part of the Salute to Craftsmanship - Local Farmers series, we are introducing local company FoodCycle+, which aims to relief the stress on landfills and at the same time promote the local farming industry. Let’s find out more about this long-term partner of city'super!

About FoodCycle+

Co-founder Ms Hermia Chung has over 10 years of farming experience and the vision to promote local organic recycling. Her company has successfully turned food waste into the 100% made in Hong Kong and highly efficient MixO’ Plus Organic Compost, which is being used to grow fresh, healthy and low-carbon vegetables, and at the same time mitigating climate change by sequestering carbon into soil.

Product Recommendations:

Local Okinawan Bitter Melon (Food Waste Compost)
The founders of the farm visited Okinawa in Japan to learn the techniques of growing Okinawan bitter melons, and the current variety has been perfected through trial and error. The bitter melons are fresh, crunchy with a sweet aftertaste. They are not bitter and are perfect for enjoying in summer.

Local Malabar Spinach (Food Waste Compost)
The local Malabar spinach is in season in summer, and are very rare to find in local shops and markets. Malabar spinach harvested on the day is very fresh and tender, and is suitable for stir-frying or making soups.

MixO’ Plus Organic Compost (Local Food Waste Compost)
Hong Kong’s first certified organic food waste compost, which has been made by collecting food waste from herbal tea dregs, coffee grounds, beer hops and bean dregs. These food waste act as “herbal medicines” for plants, improving the quality of soil which in turn allows plants to grow better.

Brewed in Hong Kong: 2 Craft Beer Brands You Should Know

Hong Kong craft beers are a huge hit in recent years, and they are no doubt products of artisanal technique and innovation. We have selected two of the most well-known made in Hong Kong craft beer brands, both of which have cool packaging and create their brews using iconic local ingredients that are sure to delight and surprise your taste buds.

With the philosophy that “you only live once, so you should be a beer hero at least once”, hEROES was founded by three beer-loving friends. Among them, head brewer Chris is one of the innovators that started the Hong Kong craft beer movement. Their beer creation process starts with an in-depth interview with a beer lover to learn about his or her background, values, passions in life and most important, passion for beer. All these dimensions of the person become the inspiration for the beer’s recipe, design, and the beer hero’s story. When you taste the beer, you’re also tasting and experiencing the beer hero’s story, passion and superpower!

Young Master
Established in 2013, Young Master Brewery is Hong Kong’s largest and most highly rated craft beer brewery. The brand injects original thinking and disciplined execution techniques into their beers to create world-class brews that celebrate Asian culture. They fully own and operate two brewing facilities in Hong Kong, one in Wong Chuk Hang and other in Ap Lei Chau, housing Asia’s largest wood barrel ageing program and a custom-built oak foeder for their mixed-culture fermentation program. In recent years, Young Master has expanded beyond Hong Kong, and has already received numerous international awards.


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