Autumn Breeze 2022


Autumn Breeze 2022

16 (Fri) Sep – 31 (Mon) Oct 2022
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Autumn is the season of harvest – let us embark on a gourmet journey together and discover the best that autumn has to offer! city'super is proud to present an array of autumn gourmet items and seasonal fresh produce. Come into our stores and discover more!

E-Shop Pre-order: Japanese Matsutake Mushroom + Maitake Mushroom

Autumn is the best season for tasting Japanese mushrooms! From 16 to 29 September 2022, log into city’super E-Shop to pre-order those uber rare Japanese Matsutake mushrooms and Maitake mushrooms, and be among the first lucky people to enjoy these utterly fragrant mushrooms this season.

Japanese Matsutake Mushrooms
Matsutake mushrooms are the top rank of all the mushroom in Japan as they only naturally grow in forests with abundant sunlight, and could not be cultivated on a commercial scale. Indulge yourself with the fresh Matsutake mushrooms grilled or steamed, in soup, in rice, or as tempura.

Japanese Maitake Big Mushrooms / White Maitake Big Mushrooms
“Maitake” means dancing mushroom in Japanese. They grow on the roots of old trees, mainly in the deep mountains of the Tohoku region, and have a delicate taste, soft and moist, high in nutritional value. Suitable for hot pot, broth, stir-frying, or deep-frying.

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Eat the Season: DIY Japanese-style Mushroom Cuisine

A wonderful natural ingredient, mushrooms are rich in nutrients. As they are in season in autumn, city’super has sourced a selection of Japan-direct fresh mushrooms for us to enjoy. Let’s learn how to create two mouth-watering dishes using these exquisite seasonal ingredients!

Must-try Dish #1: Chinese-style Nameko Mushroom Soup

Recommended Mushroom Product:
Japanese Nameko Mushroom

With long white stems and smooth caps that range in colour from amber to orange-brown, these mushrooms are great for hot pot or adding to soups and stews.

Must-try Dish #2: Claypot Rice with Assorted Mushrooms (Kamameshi)

Recommended Mushroom Products:

Japanese Mixed Mushrooms
Each pack contains three different types of mushrooms: maitake, buna shimeji and king oyster mushroom. Rich in nutrients and offers different flavours and textures.

Hokutokinoko Mushroom Rice Bowl Topping
Free of artificial colouring or chemical seasoning. Comes with four types of mushrooms. Simply add the toppings and rice into a rice cooker to create a fragrant, tasty meal.

Autumn Apple Madness: Homemade Apple Desserts

Can you feel the autumn breeze? As the weather gets drier, it’s time to use nourishing autumn fruits to create delectable dishes and desserts. Here are two apple-themed autumn desserts that you and your family and friends will love!

Dessert Idea #1: Golden Apple Compote

Fave Ingredient:

French Boskoop Red Apple
Tends to be lumpy and irregular in shape, it is larger than the standard apple. Juicy, firm and coarse in texture, this apple has an aromatic and sharp flavour.

French Golden Apple
Juicy, crunchy and sweet with a hint of mild tartness. Suitable for pairing with other food, and can be enjoyed as is or cooked/baked.

French Golden Rosee Apple
The skin is of a lovely golden hue, while the flesh is sweet, mildly tart and rich with a hint of pineapple fragrance. Crunchy, juicy and suitable for cooking or baking.

Dessert Idea #2: Maple Elstar Apple Pie

Fave Ingredient:

French Elstar Apple
With fine and smooth skin and a beautiful red and yellow two-tone colour. Refreshing and very fragrant, this apple is loved for its crunchy, juicy, sweet and slightly sour flesh.

Autumn Seasonal Fruits: Must-try Japanese Apples & Apple Juice

Apples are high in nutritional value, and it is no wonder apples are such a popular fruit! city’super is delighted to bring you seasonal apples and premium juices from Japan. Both adults and kids will no doubt give a thumbs up to these natural, delicious treats!

RingoWork Apple Juice "Tsugaru"
Tsugaru is one of the most famous apples from Aomori Prefecture. This 100% pure Tsugaru apple juice is sweet, refreshing, and contains no added sugar, acidulants or flavourings.

RingoWork Toki Apple Juice
Made with 100% ripe Toki apples for the most original flavour. Toki is a relatively new variety of apples made by cross-fertilising Ohrin and Fuji in Aomori Prefecture. It has yellow skin and tastes rather sweet with just a hint of tartness.

Japanese Tsugaru Apple
Moderately sized with round to conical fruit, this apple has firm, slightly sticky skin. The flesh is dense and very sweet with a gentle tartness.

Japanese Shinano Lip Apple
With firm and shiny skin, this apple has a yellowish-green base and dark red blush and stripes. The flesh is fine-grained, juicy and crunchy with a balanced sweet-tart flavour.

3 Japanese Pears & Pear Jelly to Try This Autumn

The autumn weather can be quite dry, so it’s the perfect time to savour pears that are juicy, crunchy and sweet! Some very popular Japanese pears have made their way to city’super. Enjoy them directly, or use these pears to make the yummy and nourishing sweet soup: Stewed Pear with Rock Sugar!

Japan Tottori Hirooka Farm Akizuki Pear
Crispy and juicy with a refreshing natural sweetness.

Japanese Housui Pear
Moderately sized, this ivory-coloured pear is juicy and sweet with a fine texture and a nice crunch. Can reach a sweetness level of 12 brix.

Japan Akibae Pear
With darker skin, this pear is crunchy, juicy with a great balance in sweetness and acidity. Can reach a sweetness level of 13 to 14 brix.

Tanio Yamagata La France Pear Jelly
Smooth, juicy La France pears are used to make this Yamagata La France Pear Jelly. Refreshing and moderately sweet, and the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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