Autumn Breeze 2022


Autumn Breeze 2022

16 (Fri) Sep – 31 (Mon) Oct 2022
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Autumn is the season of harvest – let us embark on a gourmet journey together and discover the best that autumn has to offer! city'super is proud to present an array of autumn gourmet items and seasonal fresh produce. Come into our stores and discover more!

E-Shop Pre-order: Sweet Potatoes and Mikan Direct From Japan

Autumn is the season for sweet potatoes and mikans, and city'super has rounded up many varieties of premium Japanese sweet potatoes and mikans so that you can pre-order^ them from 17 Oct to 11 Nov 2022 to enjoy in this season!

^Terms and conditions apply.

Sweet Chestnuts For Autumn!

Autumn is a great time to focus on wellbeing and nourishing our bodies, so when’s a better time to enjoy chestnuts—which are great for improving spleen function and boosting qi—than autumn? city’super has sourced a selection of premium chestnuts from France, Japan and beyond, so we can savour this lovely seasonal taste. Want to test your cooking skills? Try making Chestnut Bun at home!

French Chestnut
Larger in shape with a refreshing sweetness, and the texture is crunchier. Can retain the aroma even after cooking.

Japan Fresh Chestnut
The outer shell is of a greenish brown colour; round to oval in shape, and covered in a layer of interlocking spines. The meat is yellow, soft and dense with a slightly bitter taste.

Japanese Chestnut
After cooking, the chestnut turns soft and thick with a sweet and nutty flavour. Suitable for roasting, steaming or baking into cakes and breads.

Must-try Seasonal Chestnut Goodies

Autumn is the favourite season for many for us, and being able to savour sweet chestnuts that are in season is the cherry on top! city’super has prepared a range of beloved chestnut food products so you can embark on an aromatic gourmet experience this autumn!

Okasanfood Peeled Chestnut / Organic Peeled Chestnut
Made with carefully selected organic chestnuts from JAS-certified farms, these chestnuts are very easy to eat and don’t contain any preservatives. The tasting period is 210 days.

Sanei Japanese Chestnut Rice Seasoning Mix
Made with Japanese chestnuts. Keep the water after washing the rice, then pour both rice and water together with the seasoning mix into a pot. Cook, serve and enjoy the taste of autumn!

Tanuma Chestnut Red Bean Soup with Rice Cake
Includes Hokkaido red bean soup, chestnuts and rice cake. Can be heated by hot water, or transferred to a container and heated in the microwave.

Heart-warming Autumn Cuisine: Golden Baked Sweet Potato

As golden autumn draws near, it’s time to add heart-warming cuisine to the dining table and savour the season’s harvest. The sweet and fluffy Japanese sweet potato is a seasonal produce not to be missed! city’super has specially selected two popular varieties so you can try your hand at making baked sweet potatoes at home!

Japan Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato
A special variety originating from Ishikawa Prefecture’s Gorojima of Kanazawa City and Kurizaki areas, this sweet potato is one of the traditional Kaga vegetables. The texture is powdery and glutinous and it has a rich sweetness. Great for baking, steaming, or combining with white rice to make the sweet potato rice dish.

Japanese Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato
Produced by city’super partner farm Nouka Sommeliers, this sweet potato has bright red-purplish skin with a smooth texture, high level of sweetness and consistent quality. Less pesticides and chemical fertilisers are used in the growing methods, so the sweet potato is lovely both inside and out.

Japanese Sweet Potato Gourmet Items

Japanese sweet potatoes are super sweet with an intense flavour, so they are great for making into different kinds of dishes and snacks. If you’re also a sweet potato fan, then don’t miss out on these beloved sweet potato gourmet items:

Nansei Shokuhin Okinawa Dried Purple Sweet Potato
Made with “Okiyumemurasaki”, which is the sweetest variety of purple sweet potatoes. They are nutritious, tasty and sweet.

Nishiki Shokuhin Rice Grain Potato Congee
Sweet potato, Japanese genmai and 10 types of mixed grains are used to make this mildly flavoured and very filling instant porridge. No added chemical flavourings, preservatives and artificial colourings.

Kagoshima Purple Potato Soumen Noodle
Purple sweet potatoes are added to make these soumen noodles with a nice chewy texture.

^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.