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Hokkaido Fair

8 (Fri) – 28 (Thu) Apr 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Thanks to its vast lands bounded by sea and being blessed with beautiful natural landscapes and rich resources, Hokkaido is home to many renowned tourist attractions.
The island also produces premium food ingredients like fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products, as well as some very popular souvenirs. Hurry – take them home and enjoy the charm of Hokkaido food.

Seafood Lover Must Try: Microwave Hokkaido Seafood Rice

Hokkaido is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Okhotsk and Sea of Japan, accounting for 20% of Japan’s total fisheries output – the largest among all Japanese prefectures. Its surrounding waters have an abundance of plankton and are rich in nutrients, producing a large variety of sweet, delicious seafood.

If you want to enjoy exceptional Hokkaido seafood without all the fuss, then renowned local brand Sato Suisan’s super convenient seafood rice is for you. No defrosting needed – simply reheat in the microwave (500W) for 2 minutes and 40 seconds and enjoy the dish’s natural, exquisite flavours.

  • Japan Hokkaido Sea Urchin Okowa
  • Made with strictly selected Hokkaido purple sea urchin. Extra sweet with a burst of umami.

  • Japan Hokkaido Crab Okowa
  • Using lots of Hokkaido snow crab as a topping, and rice that has soaked up the broth of crab and conch, so each bite is full of sweet umami.

  • Japan Hokkaido Scallop Okowa
  • Packed with lots of tasty, fresh ingredients, including whole pieces of seared Hokkaido scallop.

    Umami-filled Hokkaido Salmon Feast

    Salmon is no doubt one of Hong Kongers’ most beloved fish. Hokkaido produces the highest volume of salmon in Japan. Thanks to Hokkaido’s strong waves and fast currents, salmon produced in the area have particularly delicious and firm flesh. city’super is delighted to bring you a selection of premium Hokkaido salmon products, so all you salmon fans can enjoy an exquisite feast anytime.

  • Sato Suisan Japan Hokkaido Snow Aged Salmon Fillet
  • A seasonal product made from strictly selected Hokkaido autumn salmon. Every year during “Dahan” at the end of January, the craftsmen carefully lay the salmon one by one on the snow, ageing them for a month. The amount of snow is adjusted regularly to keep the fish at 0℃ without freezing them. The protein of the salmon decomposes into amino acids, giving the salmon plenty of umami and improving the overall texture.

  • Japan Hokkaido Salmon Roe in Soy Sauce
  • This large, translucent, bright orange roe comes from the Pacific Salmon. Once broken, the roe releases rich, aromatic salmon oil that coats the mouth. Suitable for making gunkan sushi or as a garnish for different recipes.

  • Sato Suisan Hokkaido Salmon [Can]
  • White salmon caught in autumn is known as Autumn Salmon and loved for its fattiness. The Autumn Salmon inside the can has been boiled with water, and can be mashed for salads, or enjoyed as is with radish yuzu vinegar.

  • Sato Suisan Salmon Soy Sauce
  • Meticulously crafted by artisans over four months, this soy sauce does not contain any chemical seasoning, and is rich, mellow and umami-packed without being fishy. Excellent for adding a touch of natural umami to any dish.

    The Supreme Ramen: Nishiyama Ramen from Sapporo

    Sapporo is a mecca for Japanese ramen. Want to enjoy the local taste at home? city’super has brought the delicious flavours of Sapporo directly to Hong Kong with Nishiyama Ramen, so you can enjoy the familiar flavour yourself.

    Brand Story

    Nishiyama Seimen retains the natural texture, chewiness and flavour of fresh ramen noodles by immediately dehydrating them after maturing. Enjoy with its special soup base for the perfect “ramen shop” taste. The brand offers the three major Hokkaido ramen flavours: miso, soy sauce and salt; as well as other unique local flavours that are also worth trying.

    Must-try Ramen
    Sapporo InEzo Ramen (Miso)

    Combines a rich meat broth with an anchovy miso soup base, to which garlic, ginger and sansho are then added for a rich, complex flavour. It is no wonder this ramen has won prizes at both the Tokyo Ramen Competition and New York Ramen Competition.

    Savouring Hokkaido: Rich Cheese Curry and Steamed Mature Potato with Butter

    Hokkaido’s beautiful natural landscapes are not only tourist hot spots, but also the reason why Hokkaido has such a thriving dairy industry.

    This time, we’re bringing you a cheese curry from the Tokachi area and a Hokkaido potato. With just a few simple steps, you can cook up a scrumptious Hokkaido-themed feast.

  • Kokubu-Hokkaido Tokachi Raclette Cheese Curry
  • Made with Tokachi cheese and minced beef. The meat brings out the rich flavour of the sauce and cheese, with a burst of cheesiness in each bite. Simply reheat the curry pack and enjoy with rice or noodles.

  • Japan Hokkaido Matured Potato - Danshaku
  • Matured using CA Storage technology, this potato is sweeter and more flavourful than normal potatoes. The Danshaku Potato is soft and sweet, and perfect for steaming or baking. Add a touch of butter for an even smoother texture and sweeter aroma.

    A Delicacy from Tokachi: Tokachi Poroshiri A5 Wagyu

    If you love wagyu beef, then don’t miss Tokachi Poroshiri Wagyu that was naturally raised in the lush pastures of Hokkaido. Poroshiri is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. In this extreme climate, Poroshiri Wagyu is raised on natural spring water and fermented brewers’ grains. Its tender flesh contains a high level of amino acids; its lean meat has a very rich, complex flavour with a mild oiliness and excellent depth.

    Whether you’re making steak, shabu shabu, yakiniku or wagyu burgers, using different parts of the beef can bring about different flavours and textures. city’super has sourced different cuts of Japanese Hokkaido Poroshiri Chilled A5 Wagyu – try out this unique and exquisite beef.

    Top Picks

    Rokkatei Strawberry Choco White / Milk

    Freeze-dried strawberries are coated with chocolate. The sweet and sour combination is truly irresistible.

    Rokkatei Chocolate Gift Box

    A gift box featuring five types of chocolates, including white, milk, mocha white, bitter sweet and matcha white. The package is designed by Mr. Naoyuki Sakamoto, and is perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself.

    Rokkatei Marusei Butter Sandwich

    This classic Hokkaido souvenir features sandwich cookies filled with “Marusei Butter”. They have an exquisite buttery aroma and are a local favourite.

    Rokkatei Liqueur-filled Candy

    A thin layer of sugar encases a rich liqueur filling. Available in six different flavours: red wine, brandy, umeshu, peppermint, Cointreau and Haskap. Let the candy melt in your mouth and savour the liqueur’s mild aroma.

    Strictly Selected Hokkaido Ingredients for Fluffy Bread

    Little Mermaid originated in Japan and has over 50 years of baking experience and more than 260 branches in Japan. All the bread dough at Little Mermaid is directly imported from Japan. Therefore, the Little Mermaid bread you taste in Hong Kong is as soft and chewy as that in Japan.

  • Little Mermaid Hokkaido Milk Bread
  • Little Mermaid’s No. 1 best-selling bread, with a soft, smooth texture and a rich, milky flavour.

  • Little Mermaid Hokkaido Soymilk Bread
  • The dough is made with Hokkaido soymilk from precious Hokkaido soybeans with a naturally rich taste. Soymilk is of vegetable origin and good for health.

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