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Christmas 2020

5 (Thu) Nov 2020 – 4 (Mon) Jan 2021
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

6 (Fri) Nov 2020 – 4 (Mon) Jan 2021
@ Times Square atrium

Christmas is about to arrive. Take a stroll with city'super around a merry market, where you can look for all kinds of festive delicacies, party sets, hampers and gifts, find the warmest blessings for your loved ones and spend an unforgettable, glittering season together.

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DIY Festive Delicacies: Easy Christmas Turkey

A Christmas feast is not complete without a turkey. This seemingly difficult dish is actually surprisingly easy to make. This Christmas, city’super has prepared brine and rub kits, turkey gravy, stuffing and other must-have ingredients, so you can easily get all the ingredients ready for a bit of cooking fun at home!

Shopping List:

  • Diestel USA Frozen Organic Young Turkey 12-14lb
  • Pepperidge Farm Country Style Cubed Stuffing
  • Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Complete Turkey Brine & Rub Kit
  • Ponthier Ready To Eat Chestnut
  • Atkins & Potts Turkey Gravy
  • Cooking Thermometer / Timer

This Christmas, city’super has all your turkey needs sorted: from frozen and chilled turkey, to side dishes, cold cut turkey and cooked turkey. We also provide turkey defrosting and marinating services, so you can prepare a scrumptious turkey feast with ease!

Christmas Cook At Home: Tomahawk Steak vs Rib-eye Steak

Christmas is the time for gatherings and reunions. city'super has prepared all sorts of premium ingredients so you can cook up a storm at home this festive season! Juicy, tender steaks are must-haves at any Christmas feasts. Check out the video and learn how to make these simple, restaurant-quality steak dishes!

Tomahawk Rib-eye Steak

Tomahawk steak comes with the bone. The rich flavour of the bone will be absorbed by the meat when cooked, giving the meat a richer flavour. Perfect for family or group gatherings.

Suggested ingredient: USA Chilled Long Term Grain Fed Angus Beef Tomahawk Rib Eye Steak
This premium beef comes from the cattle which are fed on a natural diet without added hormones or animal byproducts, and are raised for at least 350 days for a fuller flavour.

Recommended seasoning: Le Comptoir de Mathilde Persian Sapphire Blue Salt with Grinder

Wine pairing: Faust Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Pan-seared Rib-eye Steak

Rib-eye steak has a very rich texture. The portions can be cut according to your preference, which makes it perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Suggested ingredient: USA Chilled Prime Black Angus Beef Rib Eye
The beef comes from prime grade Black Angus cattle, which are fed on a natural diet of corn, giving the meat an extra intense flavour and a very tender texture.

Recommended seasoning: Le Comptoir de Mathilde Himalayan Pink Salt With Espelette Pepper with Grinder

Wine pairing: Le Pavillon 2013

Christmas Cook At Home: 4 Delectable Poultry Dishes

Thinking about what to make for the upcoming Christmas house party? Check out the video and learn how to create four wonderful dishes made with city'super’s premium chicken and turkey products!

Slow Cooker Coq au Vin

Suggested ingredient:
Mieral French Chilled Label Rouge Capon

The capons are raised specifically for Christmas meals, with golden fat, delicate flesh and an excellent texture. Suitable for stewing and braising.

Poulet de Bresse with Cream and Mushrooms

Suggested ingredient:
Mieral French Chilled Bresse Chapon AOC – Effile (Blue Box)

Poulet de Bresse has fine bones and meaty flesh, and is the most iconic French poultry. The capons raised specifically for Christmas dinners are raised for 8-9 months reaching 3-4kg, and are prized by three-Michelin-star chefs.

French Roasted Turkey with Stuffing

Suggested ingredient:
French Chilled Label Rouge Turkey 2.7-3.3kg

These “Label Rouge” turkeys are from Landes in the southwest of France. Their diet consists of cereals and milk to make the meat tender and tasty.

UK Roasted Organic Turkey with Yogurt Marinade

Suggested ingredient:
Daylesford Organic UK Chilled Organic Bronze Turkey

Raised free-range at the highest standard of animal welfare at Daylesford Organic Farm for 180 days and fed with a diet of organic oats for superlatively rich, succulent and flavourful meat.

Christmas Cook At Home: Explore the World of Salmon

Fresh, umami-packed salmon is one of the most beloved food items at parties. From fresh salmon, smoked salmon to salmon snacks, city'super has everything you need that can impress any seafood lover!

Fresh ingredients (for mains):

Loch Duart Scottish Chilled Salmon Slice
Raised in low-density fish habitats, the salmon’s flesh is very firm, and was even served at British royal weddings. Suitable for cooking, frying and baking, as well as in sandwiches, salads, noodles and more.

Irish Chilled Organic Salmon Kirimi
From northwestern Ireland, this salmon was fed a natural, organic diet, giving its flesh a very sweet taste.

Smoked salmon and sashimi (for appetisers):

Aurora Norwegian Aurora Salmon Sashimi

Exclusive to city'super. The unique conditions of the Arctic Circle lend a lovely sweetness, beautiful colour and excellent texture to the Aurora Salmon.

La Borvo Smoked Norwegian Salmon Fillet
Tender, juicy and luxuriously silky, this smoked salmon is marinated with natural salt instead of injecting with brine for quick marination like some of the other salmon producers, then lightly smoked and carefully matured to reveal all its flavour.

Salmon snacks (for party snacks):

Shiosai Smoked Salmon Snack in Fish Sauce
Fresh Hokkaido salmon is cut into thin slices and marinated in saury sauce then smoked to create this highly concentrated snack packed full of salmon essence.

Petit Navire Salmon Rillettes
Delicious salmon rillettes enhanced with lemon zest, carefully prepared without preservatives. Natural and authentic.

Maruya Suisan Cooked Silver Salmon in Soy Sauce
Awarded by the Miaygi Prefecture Aquatic Products Processed Goods Association. Made with high-quality silver salmon from Miyagi prefecture’s Minamisanriku. The process is supervised by the head chef of Sendai kaiseki restaurant Hanaotome and made with Japanese-style soy sauce marinating technique.

Christmas Cook At Home: Salmon Two Ways

Salmon is very nutritious and easy to prepare and cook – perfect for home chefs who are just starting out! As the festive season approaches, why not check out this video and learn to make one or two simple salmon dishes that can make your Christmas feast more interesting?

Share with Family and Friends:
Poached Salmon with Horseradish Dill Sauce

Suggested ingredient: Irish Chilled Organic Salmon
Seasoning: Ariosto Lemon Juice
Wine pairing: Jolies Filles Rose Liberty 2018

Dinner for Two:
Crispy Salmon with Strawberry Salsa

Suggested ingredient: Loch Duart Scottish Chilled Salmon Slice
Seasoning: Maille Red Wine Vinegar

Christmas Cook At Home: Instagrammable Desserts

The perfect Christmas house party is not complete without desserts! Here are two very Instagrammable Christmas desserts that are sure to be a conversation start at any party. Check out the recipes below!

Mini Christmas Tree Stack

Recommended ingredients:
Hizennagasakiya Sliced Honey Castella
Tomizawa Matcha
Tomizawa Topping Sugar (Yellow Stars & Colour Sugar)

Strawberry Tiramisu

Recommended ingredients:
Madame Loulou Tiramisu Dessert Mix
city'super Dutch Strawberries


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