Can you feel the autumn breeze? Just in time for city’super’s “Autumn Breeze: Harvest Fest” promotion, it’s a great opportunity for lovers of Japanese cuisine to try different ingredients and products from Japan, and create your very own seasonal menu!

【city’super Autumn Breeze: Harvest Fest】

4 (Fri) – 31 (Thur) Oct 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
15 (Tue) – 30 (Wed) Oct 2019
@ Times Square atrium

Nabe Kamameshi New Items Snacks


Japanese Mizore Hot Pot


Nabe, or Japanese-styled hot pot, is a popular dish in the cold weather. Mizore-nabe is a type of hot pot with a huge emphasis on grated daikon radish, which resembles snowflakes in the rain (霙, “Mizore”) when the grated daikon becomes translucent in hot water. The radish is also able to provide a refreshing touch to the nabe, and brings out the fresh flavours of meat and other vegetables. How about making cute animal shapes using grated daikon for an even better nabe experience?

Ingredients (for 2)

  • Japanese Yamagata Tengen pork slices 400g
  • Japanese daikon radish 1 pc
  • Napa cabbage ½ pc
  • Japanese shimeji mushroom ½ bunch
  • Japanese mustard greens (mizuna) 1 bunch
  • Yagichohonten Wan Dashi Soup Base 200mL


  1. Stack pork slices and cabbage leaves on top of each other for 3-4 layers. Then, depending on the height of the pot, cut the stacked ingredients to around 4-5cm long.
  2. Line the stacked ingredients vertically (with cross-section at the top) into the pot along the edge. Fill the empty spaces with shimeji mushrooms.
  3. Pour in the soup stock. Cover with lid and cook at medium heat for 12-15 minutes.
  4. Grate daikon and remove excess water. Mould grated daikon into a bear shape with hands and decorate with seaweed.
  5. Place the bear into the pot (3). Add mizuna and boil until all ingredients are cooked. Enjoy!

*Choose your preferred condiments! We like the preservative- and artificial colouring-free Manten Coarsely Ground Sesame Dressing, or the condiments by the 280-year-old Yawataya Hitofuri.

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The Crowd Favourite: Sukiyaki

When it comes to Japanese nabe, Sukiyaki (すきやき) is no doubt a crowd favourite. Recreate the rich, sweet sauce easily at home with Ninben Concentrated Sukiyaki Sauce or Imahan Warishita Sukiyaki Soup Base. Dip the tender Yamagata wagyu beef slice into a thick egg sauce for balanced, delectable flavours in every bite!

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Let Ingredients Shine in Shabu-shabu

If you want to enjoy seasonal veggies and meats, try Shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ), which lets the ingredients shine. We recommend Okayama White Mushrooms for their lovely aroma; and Yagichohonten Wan Dashi Soup Base to accentuate the freshness of each ingredient. For sake pairing, try the Kuroushi Junmai Hiyaoroshi with a burst of umami and a clean finish to complete your meal!

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Must-try Japanese-styled Rice Pot

Weather has cooled down ever so slightly, but now is as good a time as any to enjoy body warming foods, and we think you’ll love the traditional Japanese-style rice dish “kamameshi”!

Kamameshi is very easy to make: add rice, seasonal ingredients and soup stock to the pot and bring to the boil, then cover the pot with a wooden lid and cook at low-heat until steam no longer comes out; turn off the stove and let rest for a few minutes before stirring, and voila, your kamameshi dish is complete!

Tip: prolong the rice cooking time by adding desired amount of ice cubes to make rice of softer texture.


Sweet Potato Kamameshi

Chestnut, Matsukinoko & Chicken Kamameshi

Pumpkin & Shimeji Mushroom Kamameshi

When it comes to ingredients, apart from the in-season sweet potato and pumpkin, Japanese matsukinoko mushroom is also a great choice. Similar in appearance and taste to matsutake mushrooms, matsukinoko mushroom adds a delicious aroma to the rice. For protein, Nagoya chicken with nice, firm flesh is great for making kamameshi. Don’t forget your sake pairing! We recommend Eikun Akiagari Junmai with a rounded body and smooth texture – a perfect match with autumn flavours!

For lazy foodies:
Want to try kamameshi but don’t want to prepare all the ingredients yourself? Yamamori’s seasoned rice mix is available in different flavours, such as Matsutake, Mushroom, Chicken and Kagoshima Pork; simply cook the ingredients with rice for a tasty meal!

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Much-loved Souvenir:
Delicious Instant Meals

Being able to enjoy delicious, authentic flavours doesn’t always require a lot time and effort – Hanaichie has exactly what you need!

Specialising in instant soups, Hanaichie uses a special production technique to dehydrate soup stock into a beautiful, flower-shaped wafer “bowl” filled with dried ingredients. Simply add hot water to enjoy soul-warming, authentic Japanese meals instantly. Popular flavours include Chicken & Vegetable Miso Soup, Seasoned Matsutake Ochazuke, and Egg & Wakame Noodles. Not only is this product loved by busy city folks, it has also become a very popular souvenir and gift option! Warm up with Hanaichie soups this autumn!

**Available at Times Square atrium only. While stocks last.

Hanaichie Wafer Series

Enjoy authentic Japanese meals easily

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Our Favourite Japanese Snacks Pairing This Autumn

The relaxing afternoon of early autumn is the perfect time to savour Japanese snacks and drinks. city’super is excited to share with you the pairing tip to make your snacking experience all the more enjoyable.


Rice Crackers & Green Tea

Originating in Saijo City in Ehime Prefecture, Toyoseika’s rice crackers have won numerous awards at the National Okashi Expo in Japan. These rice crackers are highly addictive, such as the umami-packed Bonito Salt flavour, tangy Plum & Kelp flavour and delectable Takoyaki flavour. Enjoy the crackers then take a sip of Cold Brew Gyokuro Tea from Kyoto’s Ippodo Tea Co, which specialises in premium teas, to satisfy your snack cravings.

**Specific Stocks are available at Times Square atrium and ifc mall store only. While stocks last.

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Rice Crackers & Amazake

Also from Ehime Prefecture, Hinanoya’s puffed rice are made using high-quality raw ingredients, and are flavourful with a lovely crisp. These rice puffs are traditionally regarded as a lucky gift by the locals, and has recently become a very popular snack. Pair them with Vinos Kurano Amazake (sweet sake) to bring out both products’ rice aroma even more!

Of course, Tincarbell egg bread (being sold more than 80,000 pieces every day in Japan!) and Souwakajuen’s Mikan Juice made using strictly selected

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YAMAGATA Japan Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Inside Skirt  (200g)
YAMAGATA Japan Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef - Sukiyaki  (200g)
Japan Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Rib Eye for Sukiyaki  (200g)
Japan Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Striploin for Sukiyaki  (200g)
KUROUSHI Umeshu  (500mL)
HAKATAYA Momen Tofu - Large  (1pc)
KAIZUYA Himi Thin Udon Noodle  (200g)
HAKATAYA Soft Tofu - Large  (1pc)
YAGICHOHONTEN Wan Dashi Soup Base  (500mL)
MANTEN Coarsely Ground Sesame Dressing  (200mL)
All Products of Harvest Fest - Nabe
Japan Nagoya Cochin Chicken Wing with Tip [Previously Frozen]  (300g)
Japan Nagoya Cochin Chicken Tenderloin [Previously Frozen]  (300g)
Japan Nagoya Cochin Chicken Thigh [Previously Frozen]  (300g)
EIKUN You's Time Light Yuzu Liqueur  (375mL)
Japan Nagoya Cochin Chicken Breast [Previously Frozen]  (300g)
YAWATAYA Shichimi Chilli Powder  (14g)
YAWATAYA Ichimi Chilli Powder  (12g)
JAPAN FARM Yamazato Seiryu Koshihikari Rice  (300g)
YAWATAYA Bird Eye Extra Hot Chili Powder [Small Pack]  (6g)
YAWATAYA Yuzu Shichimi Chili Powder [Small Pack]  (6g)
All Products of Harvest Fest - Kamameshi
JAPAN FARM Yamazato Seiryu Koshihikari Rice  (300g)
SOUPSTOCK Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup  (180g)
SOUPSTOCK Tokyo Borsch  (180g)
SOUPSTOCK French Curry With Shrimp  (180g)
All Products of Harvest Fest - New Items
MANTEN Sesame Cookie  (90g)
HINANOYA Ehime Rice Puff - Caramel & Nuts  (100g)
ARIMAHOKODO Black Sugar Peanuts  (160g)
ARIMAHOKODO Premium Assorted Nuts  (160g)
ARIMAHOKODO Roasted Hokkaido Black Soy Bean  (100g)
YAMAGUCHI ABURAYA Menbei Bonito Cracker  (8 x 2pcs)
ARIMAHOKODO Lightly Salted Pistachio  (150g)
ARIMAHOKODO Big Broad Beans  (110g)
ARIMAHOKODO Caramel Almond  (160g)
ARIMAHOKODO Black Sugar Walnut  (160g)
All Products of Harvest Fest - Snacks
SOUWAKAJUEN Nomu 100% Mikan Juice  (180mL)
SOUWAKAJUEN Ajiichi Shibori 100% Mikan Juice  (720mL)
VINOS Plain Kurano Amazake [Bottle]  (720mL)
SOUWAKAJUEN Arita Mikan & Yuzu Juice With Pulp [Pouch]  (170g)
HOKKAIDO DAIRY 3.6% MF UHT Milk  (250mL)
HORAIYA Amazake  (350mL)
NAITOFARM Yamanashi Golden Peach Nectar  (500mL)
NAITOFARM Yamanashi Peach Nectar  (250mL)
SOUWAKAJUEN Arita Mikan & Lemon Juice With Pulp [Pouch]  (170g)
NAITOFARM Yamanashi Peach Nectar  (500mL)
All Products of Harvest Fest - Beverage

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