Characteristics of prefectures: Niigata Prefecture (Kasahara - Direct Farm)


Kasahara Farm is a direct farm of citysuper.It is located in Niigata prefecture, Japan. Niigata prefecture is at the northeast of Japan. At May to June, which is the growing period of peach, the sunlight period is long and result in farming high quality peach.

Best period of season: End of July to Mid of August

Japan Niigata Peach (Kasahara–Direct Farm)

Highlight Peach – Golden Peach

Peach grown in the farm is very sweet and juicy with fine texture.


Yamanashi Prefecture (Naito–Direct Farm)

Located in Yamanashi City of Pref.

Through the two generations, they are certified as “Eco Farmer” who practices a sustainable agriculture with less agrochemicals and chemical fertilizer. (Compared to the normal standard, they reduce 30% of chemicals. In addition, they do not use herbicide at all.) They also pour much effort to making fine soil with green manure crop.

Best period of season: End of July to Mid of August

Highlight Peach – Pink Peach

Japan Yamanashi Naito Farm Peach

The Brix of peach reaches 14 degrees on average, and the higher one goes over 16 degrees.



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