Characteristics of prefectures: Okayama Prefecture

by City Super Limited


Okayama faces the Seto Inland Bay and has warm climate and long sunshine hours, making it ideal for growing peaches.

Okayama has a long history of planting peaches, and it can be traced back to the Meiji era. More than half of the around 100 varieties of peaches in Japan are now originated from Okayama.

Best period of seasonMid to End of July

Highlight Peach – White Peach

Japan Okayama White Peach (ROYALロイヤル)

It is round shaped and has creamy-white skin. Soft and delicate flesh is sweet and juicy with a pleasant and elegant peachy aroma.

Japan Okayama Shimizu Hakuto White Peach - Royal   White

It has a creamy white rind with a hint of pink. Sweet and juicy, it is the finest grade! The flesh of "Shimizu white peach" is very soft, with a unique flavor and scent. It can be said to be the queen of peaches.

Japan Okayama Yumehakuto White Peach

High in sugar content and big in size are its features. Skin in light yellow and flesh is very sweet.