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20 (Thur) Jun – 2 (Tue) Jul 2019
@ Times Square atrium
27 (Thur) Jun – 17 (Wed) Jul 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Feeling sluggish during the hot and humid summer? Try eating something spicy to stimulate your appetite. Come and enjoy the fun of shopping for fresh chilli, seafood and handpicked spicy foods from all around the world at city'super, as well as local craft beers.

Did Someone Say… Shichimi Chocolate?

Rich taste, intense aroma… there’s so much to love about bean-to-bar chocolates. Now add ingredients used to make shichimi togarashi, a Japanese spice mixture containing 7 components, and get ready for a whole new experience for your taste buds!

Yawataya Isogoro noticed the similarity in production methods between its famous shichimi powder and bean-to-bar chocolates; and Yawataya’s Shichimi Assorted Chocolates were born. Ingredients including red chilli peppers, shiso, ginger, sansho and white sesame seeds are added to chocolate to create unusual and captivating flavours. Don’t take our word for it – try them and see for yourself!
The “Hottest Hot Sauce in the Universe”? 

The founder of Dave’s Gourmet, Dave Hirschkop invented the “hottest hot sauce in the universe” to drive late-night unruly customers from his restaurant. The sauce did quite the opposite – customers loved it! So now Dave’s insanely hot sauce is bottled and available in stores.

On a scale of 1 to 6 (with 1 being the hottest), you can pick your preferred spiciness, such as Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, Total Insanity, Temp Insanity, Crazy Caribbean and Roasted Jalapeno. Enjoy with pizza, burgers, eggs, chips, and more!

From June 21 to 23, 28 to 30, head on over to city’super Times Square atrium for a hot sauce challenge. Participants will receive a small gift. Don’t miss out!

Not for the Faint of Heart: 5 Chillies for the Brave

A self-proclaimed lover of spicy food? Think you can handle some of the world’s hottest chillies? Here are 5 next-level chilli peppers – don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Australia Carolina Reaper Chilli
Named the hottest chilli in the world, the Carolina Reaper Chilli rates at 1,569,383 to 2,200,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). US farmer Ed Currie spent over 10 years perfecting this chilli!

Holland The Reaper Pepper
Crowned in 2007 as the hottest chilli in the world, the Ghost Pepper is relatively small but with a fierce, intense heat. Yet, it is still milder than the world’s hottest Trinidad Scorpion Pepper and Carolina Reaper. 

Japan Okinawa Chilli Pepper
Instead of the usual shichimi powder you see in most Japanese restaurants, island pepper soaked in local awamori is the preferred condiment in Okinawa when eating soba or tempura. Tiny but packs a punch!

Australia Banana Sweet Pepper
With bright yellow skin, this chilli even looks like a banana. It has a mild, tangy taste, and is often used as a raw ingredient. 

Mexican Manzano Chilli
This fruity, medium-hot chilli resembles a golf-sized apple, which is how it got its name (“Manzano” means apple or pear in Spanish). It measures at 12,000 to 30,000 SHU.

**Specific Stocks are available at Times Square atrium and ifc mall store only. While stocks last.

Exotic Flavours in a Can

Live a busy life but still want to eat well? Here are 2 premium canned seafood from Spain and France that will no doubt become your new favourite! 

Established in 1985, the award-winning Conservas de Cambados combines the best seafood from Spain and Galicia with traditional recipes and production methods. From cleaning and seasoning the ingredients to canning and packaging, all these processes are carefully done by hand. Its baby eel in olive oil and sea urchin canned products are perfect with bread, but can also be added to salads, pasta, pizza, or mixed with basil, lemon and sun-dried tomato as an appetiser. 

La Belle-Iloise was founded by Georges Hilliet in 1932 in Quiberon, one of France’s biggest ports for sardines. Using high quality ingredients and traditional production processes done by hand, these canned fish are great as appetisers and side dishes. 
• La Belle-Iloise Sardine with Muscadet & Seasonings
• La Belle-Iloise Sardine In Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Pepper & Lemon
• La Belle-Iloise Mackerel Fillet with Mustard, Chili & Garlic
Summer Umami: Seafood from Okinawa

Okinawa prefecture is the only subtropical zone in Japan, giving it a unique climate and colourful marine life. Of course, this also means tasty seafood is in abundance! You can now enjoy delicious seafood from Okinawa right here in Hong Kong at city’super!

Japan Okinawa Whole Malabar Grouper
This common grouper has a great bite and just the right amount of oiliness. Ideal for steaming and braising.

Japan Okinawa Whole Blacktip Grouper
A premium grouper with white, delicate flesh. Suitable for steaming and grilling.

Japan Okinawa Whole Lavender Jobfish
Its sweet flesh makes it great for curing and stir-frying. The fish head can be used for making soup.

Japan Okinawa Turban Shell Sashim 
Weighing up to 2kg, this Okinawa speciality has sweet flesh with an al dente texture. Enjoy as sashimi or stir-fried. 

Japan Okinawa Whole Ruby Snapper
One of three most famous fish in Okinawa, the meaty ruby snapper is great for sashimi, grilling and steaming.
Ultimate Match in Umami: Californian Sea Urchin with Sake

The wild red sea urchin comes from Santa Barbara, which is located on the Pacific coast and north of Los Angeles. These sea urchins are large and sweet, thanks to the cold current from the north and abundant sea kelp in the area. 

After they are harvested by divers, the sea urchins are then delivered to the Long Beach factory on the same day. After opening, edible parts of the sea urchins are sorted and strictly screened for the right colours and shapes. Only 50% of sea urchin pieces can be used as final products. 

As you savour these creamy morsels, why not pair with a fruity sake full of mineral aroma to bring out the sea urchin’s umami? We recommend the Born Gold Junmai Daiginjo, a sake free of charcoal filtering during brewing.
Boozy Summer: 3 Must-try Craft Beers Made in Hong Kong

Let’s cool down with a beer this summer! Quite a few local craft beer breweries have emerged in the past few years, and we love them for their premium quality, unique flavours and affordable prices. Here are some of the latest brews from our favourite beermakers: 

Yardley Brothers Thai Chilli Getaway Chilli Basil Sour Beer
Hailing from Lamma Island, Yardley Brothers created this spicy, sweet and sour beer using fresh basil and red bird’s eye chilli. 

Heroes AB-48 The Curious Fiery Capsicum - Michelada Gose Beer 
The 3 founders of Heroes Beer are proud to be creating “Made in Hong Kong” craft brews for local beer lovers. The Michelada Gose takes inspiration from 3 continents; blood oranges and Yu Kwen Yick chilli sauce are added to the classic gose to create this Mexican-style beer. 

Young Master Hak Mo Sheung Stout Imperial Con Ancho Y Panca
The international award-winning Young Master Brewery has brewed a new batch of Hak Mo Sheung Imperial Stout, which has been fermented in a bourbon barrel for 6 months before adding chillies from South America. The beer starts off smoky with a chocolate aroma, followed by a piquant kick of chilli.

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last



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