Chocolates by Jean-Paul Hévin

Chocolates by Jean-Paul Hévin

From 22 (Tue) Jan 2019
@ ifc mall store

Cocoa lovers, are you ready for some haute chocolate?

World-renowned chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin, who opened his first shop in Paris in 1988, is returning to Hong Kong. He always looks for premium cocoa beans to combine with the highest-quality creams, nuts, honeys and other sumptuous ingredients.

From January 22, visit city’super’s ifc mall store to pick out your favourite Jean-Paul Hévin chocolate products and macarons. Don’t forget to spread the good news to your friends and family.

Who is Jean-Paul Hévin?

Founder Jean-Paul Hévin grew up baking pies with fruit from his father’s orchard, and his love of good food prompted him to pursue a career in pastry and chocolate making. He started training as a pastry chef in Paris, and eventually became a protégé of the legendary Joël Robuchon at the Hôtel Nikko.

After winning multiple international accolades, he opened his first shop in 1988 in Paris, followed by Japan and now Hong Kong, bringing fine craftsmanship and creativity to the world of chocolate.

A Sweet Surprise: Comeback Collection

Known for his signature bonbons that have garnered international acclaim and sell in their thousands globally each day, Mr Hévin’s comeback collection is headlined by three decadent bonbons created specially for this historic occasion:

• Chocolate Bonbon – Happy
• Grands Crus Chocolate – Tana
• Grands Crus Chocolate – Madagascar Cao

The collection is rounded out by Matcha Almond Chocolate. Coated in 40% milk cocoa and matcha, these caramelised almonds are available in three different styles of packaging.

Haute Chocolate

Joining Mr Hévin’s beloved collection of more than 50 sought-after creations are Chocolate Bonbons in flavours including ganache, praline and the Grand Cru Collection; Chocolate Lollipops, Truffles and Chocolate Bars.

Classic Macaron Collection

Other signature sweets which should not be missed include the brands's one-of-a-kind macarons. Named Paris’s best macarons in 2012, Mr Hévin’s two-tone macarons contain less sugar to preserve the flavour integrity of each finely crafted piece. They are also among the few to contain chocolate ganache - including dark, milk, white chocolate or flavoured ganache instead of jam, in 10 luscious flavours.


Oh Sweet Valentine: Coeur Lait Rouge

Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than a beautiful red heart, and better yet, this heart is made of chocolate by Jean-Paul Hévin!

From 1 February 2019, the delightful Coeur Lait Rouge is available in exclusive gift boxes tailored to celebrate the season of love. Choose from Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Boxes containing 2, 4, 12 or 16 pieces of the highest quality of bonbons – to entice and surprise your loved ones.

Deliciously French: Chocolate Bonbon

This February is a great month for chocoholics. Why? Just check out Jean-Paul Hévin’s series of Chocolate Bonbon!

With many flavours to choose from, these Chocolate Bonbons are made from premium cacao beans along with high-quality cream, honey and nuts for the ultimate gourmet experience.

  • Trois Orange (Dark Ganache)
  • Caraibe (Dark Chocolate)
  • Amande Praline (Almond Dark Chocolate)
  • Amareno Gianduja (Almond Gianduja Dark Chocolate)
  • Saphir (Hazelnut & Almond Cream Milk Chocolate)
  • Carbonardo (Almond & Hazelnut Dark Praline)
  • Rocher (Almond & Hazelnut Milk Praline)

Visit the city’super ifc mall store and select your favourite ones!

Oh La La: Jean-Paul Hévin Truffe Chocolate

Chocolate lovers will be psyched to know that French chocolate label Jean-Paul Hévin also has chocolate truffes on the menu. Definitely not to be missed. Grab it at our ifc mall store now!

  • Jean-Paul Hévin Truffe Chocolate Gift Box

This golden chest is filled with exquisite morsels of chocolate rolled up in a subtle envelop of strong cocoa powder – perfect for the end of a meal.

A Rainbow of Sweets: Jean-Paul Hévin Macaron

Who doesn’t love macarons? Famous French chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin is known not only for his chocolate creations, but also for his macarons. Come and try them at city’super ifc mall store!

Available in an array of delectable flavours including Crème Brulee, Passion’In, Frambois’In, Pistach’In, Pablino, Vanill’In, Praline, Pamplemouss’In, Mangu’In and Normandy, these beautiful macarons are sure to please anyone with a discerning sweet tooth!

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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