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1 (Fri) Nov 2019 – 2 (Thur) Jan 2020
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

3 (Sun) Nov 2019 – 2 (Thur) Jan 2020
@ Times Square atrium

This Christmas, city’super shares premium Festive Blessings specialities and exclusives with you for a joyful celebration with your family and friends – from party sets for delivery to festive gourmet items for home chefs to hampers and gifts.


Christmas Party Essential: Premium Cheese/Ham/Seafood Platter

Hosting a memorable Christmas party has never been this easy! Getting these cheese and ham platters ready and match them with a variety of whites and reds. Not sure which wine to choose? Here are city'super recommendations to the rescue in order to help you find the perfect wine to match with your favourite platters.

Cheese and Seafood Platter
▲ Chardonnay Cheese Platter - White Wine
Contain :
- Abondance Cheese AOP
- Cave aged cheddar
- Brie de Meaux AOP
- Whole Green Olives
Wine Pairing: Reine Pedauque Ladoix Blanc 2016
Light aromas of hazelnut and spices. Fresh and flavourful with exotic fruit notes.

▲ Cabernet Sauvignon Cheese Platter - Red Wine
Contain :
- Blue Stilton Cheese
- Comte Cheese AOP
- Cave aged cheddar
- Santa Teresa Quince Sauce
Wine Pairing: Ferngrove Orchid Majestic Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Elegant and finely structured wine, abound with flavours of mulberry, blackberry and thyme, with fine French oak tannin.

▲ Sauvignon Blanc Cheese Assortment Platter - White Wine
Contain :
- Swiss Aged Gruyere cheese
- Crottin de Chavignol AOP
- Roquefort Cheese AOP
- Whole Green Olives
Wine Pairing: Domaine Fournier Sancerre Les Belles Vignes 2017
Very pure and chiseled, with gooseberry, straw and flint flavours tightly coiled, driven by a mouthwatering fleur de sel note through the long, bone-dry finish.

▲ Pinot Noir Assortment Platter - Red Wine
Contain :
- Manchego Cheese
- Baby Comte Raw Milk Cheese
- Brie de Meaux AOP
- Santa Teresa Quince
Wine Pairing: Grochau Cellars Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015
Ripe cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry and mushroom taste. Barnyard, cherry, plum and tomato on nose.

▲ Juan Pedro Domecq 100% Bellota Iberico Ham 3 Aromas Tasting Set
- Premium: 100% Iberico, 100% Bellota, 100% Jabugo
- Exclusive: Limited Production Of 3,000 Pigs
- Awards: “Best Ibérico Bellota Ham” In 2012 – 2015

▲ Luxury Seafood Platter
- Cooked Canadian Lobster
- Boiled Snow Crab Claw
- Taraba Crab Leg
- Soy Sauce Cooked Mini Abalone
- Canadian Cooked Whelks
- Thai Cooked Whole Vannamei Prawns


A Bowl of Christmas: Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque

All I want for Christmas is…a bowl of warm, smooth and soothing clam chowder and lobster bisque! To make the best clam chowder and lobster bisque in town, here are some secret ingredients you can’t be without.

Clam Chowder
▲Italian Vongole Veraci Clam
With the odour of typical of seawater, It’s meat is mildly sweet and full of salty flavour.

▲New Zealand Live Tua Tua Clam
It exhibits a delicate, sweet aroma of fresh kelp.

Lobster Bisque
▲La belle-iloise Lobster Bisque 400g
A classic creamy and smooth soup made from lobster and aromatics is always a crowd pleaser. A dreamy indulgence of a five-star dining experience – just in time for your Christmas dinner!

▲Cozy Harbour USA Maine Cooked New Shell Lobster Meat [Previously Frozen]
Many people agree that the finest lobster in the States are from Maine Make with crusher claws meat from 6 to 7 pounds new shell lobsters. Red in colour and extremely sweet. The best flavour pairing with: cream, butter, Parmesan, tarragon, parsley, chervil, paprika and white wine.

▲Canadian Live Lobster (L)
The succulent and sweet Canadian Atlantic lobster are found in the pure and icy waters of Canada’s Atlantic Ocean.


Holiday Feast: Tender and Juicy Roasted Pork

The holiday is coming, and you plan to cook a feast for your dearest family and friends? We got your back! Traditionally cooked whole in various cuisines, a roasted suckling pig is perfect for special occasions and gatherings.

▲Spain Segovia Frozen Premium Whole Suckling Pig(3-4kg) / Quarter (1-1.5kg)
The meat from suckling pig is pale and tender; the roasted pork skin is crispy and can be used for pork rinds. The texture of the meat can be somewhat gelatinous with the amount of collagen in it. Available in whole and quarter.

How to cook: Roast it in the oven until crispy and golden brown.

▲Wine pairing: Bodegas Mauro 2016
Finesse and harmony on a nose with predominance of black fruit, hints of cocoa, liquorice and 4% of Syrah. Flavourful, fresh, charming, and with suave tannins.


Shuck, Sip, Slurp: Enjoy Oysters around the Globe

Eating oysters was “like kissing the sea on the lips,” French poet Léon-Paul Fargue once described. The sensual delight brought by oysters makes them one of a kind. This holiday season, let these oysters bring excitement to your palate and mind!

▲French Gillardeau Oyster Nr.0
Gillardeau Speciale oysters are plump and soft, with even a hazel aftertaste, that they are ranked among France’s top three premium oysters.

▲French White Pearl Oyster Nr.1
These oysters have speciale (fleshy) and creamy texture, balanced saltiness, then with a sweet and nutty flavour.

▲French Fine de Claire Oyster (TTG)
All Fine de Claire oysters absorb the essence of their salt farm. They are sweet and juicy with a good balance of saltiness of the sea.

▲French Chiron Speciale Oyster Nr.1
Farmed for 4 years or more in the open sea, these oysters have been grown for at least one more year than normal Chiron oysters. These jumbo-sized oysters are meaty and rich in flavour, perfect for barbeque or eaten raw.

▲France Krystale Oyster Nr.2 (12 pcs)- UO
Sweet and salty at the same time, with crisp, sweetness and saltiness are really stand out. The delicious combination of nut and the firm texture of this oyster's flesh are irresistible.

▲Japan Hiroshima Premium Live Oyster
Sourced from Hiroshima, the most famous oyster farming area in Japan, these oysters have gone through a strict harvesting and purification process. Packed with umami and sweetness and are plump and meaty, they are best enjoyed between November and March.

▲French oyster wine pairing: Domaine Louis Michel Chablis Premier Cru Tonnerre 2015
Complex aromas of white pepper, snap pea and fresh herbs. Moderately ripe but nicely concentrated and silky in texture, with good inner-palate lift. Dry finish with pepper and herb notes.

▲Japanese oyster sake pairing:
- Dassai Kanzukuri Hayabune 45 JDG Nama
Graceful, elegant aroma and with clean finish.

- Dassai Sparkling 23 JDG X'Mas
Brewed by “Yamada Nishiki” with polishing ratio of 20% and second fermentation inside bottle.


Simple, Flavourful, Hearty Dinner Entrée: Jumbo Prawn Pasta

Welcome your Christmas Day guests with this jumbo prawn pasta! This easy peasy pasta dish is simple, flavourful, and amazingly hearty; perfect for your Christmas dinner.

▲Spanish Frozen Jumbo Red King Prawn
Spanish Red King Prawn is found mostly in the Mediterranean sea. They live in sandy depths and are renowned for their jumbo size and striking bright red color. Their distinct red color does not change when cooked.It is very sweet and flavourful, try it!

Suggested Method: Pan-sear jumbo red prawns until cooked through, and then combine with Antica Pasteria fresh pasta to bring out the true taste of Italy.

▲Wine pairing: Domaine Fournier Sancerre Cuvée Silex 2015
Tangy with lemon, white asparagus and mineral notes. A long, salt-tinged and juicy finish.


One for all. All for one!

“It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~” Sweeten up your holidays with a selection of ROYCE’ chocolate delicacies!

▲Christmas Selection–Assorted Snack
All your favourite Christmas treats in one box! This 31-piece selection contains the assortment of Christmas Cookies, Pure Chocolate and other ROYCE' popular items. A platter of assorted chocolate desserts for the true chocoholic.

▲Christmas Pure Chocolate
This Christmas Limited Edition Pure Chocolate includes aromatic ‘Milk’ and ‘Creamy White’ . Take a bite and spoil yourself with the rich and smooth cacao aroma this holiday season.

▲Christmas Baton Cookies–Coconut
Popular Baton Cookie is packed in the Christmas version package. Roasted coconut is mixed in dough which brings beautiful nut aroma, while the golden-baked coconut cookies are coated with milk chocolate on one side.

▲Party Treats–Chocolate Assortment
Want to have a good laugh? In ROYCE’ party treats, sweets and a fun message are packed in each of sticks. The stick is pulled apart and person holding the central chamber can get the gifts in the stick. In the message, you will find a quiz or game. Enjoy with everyone!

▲Christmas Decoration Ball With Chocolates
This seasonal collectible features a reusable tin can with a holiday motif, as filled with some chocolates. With 9 pieces of ROYCE’ most popular chocolates inside, this would be the most wanted ornament for your Christmas tree!

▲Nama Chocolate–Mild Milk(Christmas)
Christmas limited edition packaging is decorated with Santa Claus and reindeer delivering Christmas presents. Enjoy our distinctive flavour with limited packaging. Definitely the best gift for the holidays!

▲Christmas Stollen
German traditional bread arranged with ROYCE‘ original recipe. The dough is filled with nuts and fruits, and the surface is coated with powdered sugar.

▲Chocolate Mix for Drink
ROYCE‘ Chocolate Mix for Drink using Colombian cacao which gives it aromatic and rich flavour. Mix this chocolate powder with hot milk, and enjoy authentic flavour with easy prep!

▲Christmas Cookies
These chocolate-coated cookies come with festive holiday motifs. All are decorated with delicately applied gold foil and 3 types of motifs: Deer, Tree and Snowman, in 3 different shapes: square, triangle and circle. Perfect gift to feast your eyes and tummy!

Happy Selection Christmas
A fun and exciting Christmas mood pops out of this limited edition Christmas tin-can. An assortment in a cute can that makes happy the person that receives it well as the person that gives. There are 28 pieces of ROYCE’ best selling chocolates in total. It's definitely a perfect gift to share some holiday cheer!


Holiday Movie Pairing: Gourmet Popcorn

Joe & Seph’s award-winning popcorn is the perfect Christmas present for all popcorn connoisseurs. All products are handmade in London with natural ingredients and unique flavour sequencing method to unlock the taste. These treats are perfect for munching while watching this year’s Christmas movies!

▲Giant Christmas Cracker
Our Giant Christmas Cracker makes a great centrepiece for the Christmas table! Includes 6 x amazing Salted Caramel 17g packs, 6 x splendid gold hats and 6 x terrible Christmas jokes!

▲Christmas G Popcorn
Our Gourmet Christmas Selection Box is the perfect Christmas present for all popcorn connoisseurs. It comes filled with 6 x 32g snack packs of delicious gourmet popcorn in 3 amazingly festive flavours: 2 x Brandy Butter, 2 x Mince Pie and 2 x Mint Chocolate:
- Mince Pie: Enjoy the richness of the fruit mixed with almonds and festive spices, infused in a 10 year old Spanish Brandy.
- Brandy Butter: Our rich, buttery caramel infused with 10 year old Spanish Brandy.
- Mint Chocolate: We have blended the finest Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate with peppermint to give a crisp refreshing taste.

▲Chocolate Lover's Gourmet Popcorn Selection
Our Chocolate Lover's Box makes the perfect token of appreciation gift for popcorn lovers and chocoholics! Perfect for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday and Mother's Day, this premium white and gold gift box features a medley of our Caramel and White Chocolate, Caramel and Belgian Chocolate and Double Chocolate Popcorn and our luxurious, rich Dark Chocolate Popcorn Bites.

Other must-try flavours:
▲Milk Chocolate Coated Popcorn Bites
▲Dark Chocolate Coated Popcorn Bites
▲Prosecco Popcorn Bites
▲Brandy Butter K Jar (B)
▲D Salted Caramel Tube


Rich and Indulgent Christmas Delicacy: Gourmet Chocolate, Special for Hong Kong

Le chocolat des Français is a handcrafted chocolate brand that determines to break with the traditional codes by bringing creativity and humour! All the products are 100% cocoa butter, natural and made in France. In order to bring a humorous touch and a quirky style to these incredible chocolates, they are all wrapped in lovely packaging designed by a variety of artists. These artists’ backgrounds might be diverse, but they all share the same love for chocolate! This year, there are 4 very special packaging designed for Hong Kong:

▲Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel
The creamy organic milk chocolate gives way to caramel chips that crunch under the tooth.

▲Dark Chocolate with Salt
Discover this 71% organic black recipe with beautiful bitterness and finely iodized notes. Small crystals of Camargue salt will sublimate everything!

▲Extra Dark Chocolate 71%
A delightful tasting experience with smoky and fruity notes.

▲9 Assorted Chocolate Squares Gift Box
Enjoy 3 pieces of each of their best organic milk chocolate, extra dark chocolate and salt, and extra dark chocolate 71% cocoa.

Other gift choices for this Christmas:
▲Christmas Bauble With Mix Chocolate
▲French Crispy Rolled Wafers - Extra Dark Chocolate
▲French Crispy Rolled Wafers - Sweet Milk Chocolate
▲Butter Biscuits Coated With Milk and Dark Chocolate


Delightful Christmas Tradition: Scottish Shortbread

These light, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth premium shortbread are made by hand in the award-winning family bakery, Shortbread House of Edinburgh. These superb shortbread selections make perfect food gifts, if you can bear to part with them.

▲Shortbread with Chocolate Chips
These airtight canisters are a stunning rich red colour and each contains approximately 24 mini shortbread biscuits. The "minis" are individually cut by hand using very small metal cutters, producing delicious bite-sized biscuits containing the best quality rich dark chocolate chips to make them even more irresistible.

▲Original Shortbread in Peacock Box
Containing approximately 12 shortbread biscuits that makes an excellent gift to take when visiting friends, or for Christmas, if you can resist the temptation to eat these delicious biscuits as soon as you receive them.

▲Shortbread Selection
This selection is part of the eye-catching new Christmas range. The illustration of the packaging has made it the top on everyone’s holiday gift list!


Christmas Gift Ideas? Okie Dokie...Cookies!

What’s love at first “bite”? Kathleen King, a founder and owner of Tate's Bake Shop, began baking when she was just eleven years old, selling her homemade chocolate chip cookies on North Sea Farm. Combining the best of ingredients and a passion for baking, Kathleen King's desserts are truly an American tradition.

▲Assorted Cookies Gift Box
The assortment of Tate's cookies includes their signature chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip macadamia nut and classic oatmeal raisin cookies. The straight-from-the-oven taste will definitely put a smile on your face.

▲Hot Chocolate Cookies
Tate’s takes the sweet, comforting taste of hot chocolate with marshmallows and baked it into a thin, crispy cookie! One can never have too many chocolate cookies, right?

▲Toasted Almond Cookies
These toasted almond cookies are made with honey roasted almonds and baked to crisp, buttery perfection. How to make your snacktime experience even better? Enjoy them with a cup of your favourite tea or coffee!


Cheers to a Beer-y Christmas

Bertinchamps is a family brewery started in 2013. The label of the beer shows an iconic big B (as in Bertinchamps, Belgium, Beer or even Benoît). The brewery produces three beers that are traditional and authentic old style Belgium beer, pure malt and hops, without spices or additives.

▲Bertinchamps Gift set [4X500ml + 2 Glasses]
- Bertinchamps Blonde (ALC 6.2%):
A floral nose of freshly cut straw, aromas of grilled cereals with a hint of pepper. Well balanced with a subtle touch of bitterness at the end. The beer’s foam is dense and consistent. A light refreshing beer to be savoured.

- Bertinchamps Triple (ALC 8%):
A smooth, slightly amber and cloudy beer. Soft with an invigorating bitterness in the aftertaste, voluptuous, refreshing, with discreet hints of caramel.

- Bertinchamps Brune (ALC 7%):
Black colored, creamy beer’s foam. Well balanced, coffee touch with the sweetness of Moka. Subtle touch of bitter chocolate at the end, with a dry and nice-tasting final note.


Perfect Blender for Your Favourite Holiday Drinks

Take your Christmas party to the next level one smoothie at a time!

▲Cordless My Bottle Blender
A USB rechargeable blender and drinking bottle in one. IPX5 water resistant rating, with Tritan BPA free materials. This portable blender has the perfect serving size to take with you and sip on all day. Or even better, it’s a quick and simple way to customize holiday cocktails for your next Christmas party.



Countdown to Christmas: Advent Calendar

Time to begin the countdown to Christmas! city’super had selected a series of lovely Christmas advent calendar and panettone, so you can spread festive joy in the run up to Christmas with an everyday teats!

ROYCE’ Advent Calendar - Assorted Chocolate
Each box has a wide sampling of ROYCE’ Chocolate confections, including flavors you can’t purchase separately!

Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar
The British popcorn brand Joe & Seph’s knows how to do Christmas right with its air-popped, flavourful popcorn handmade in London using natural ingredients.

Le Chocolat des Francais Chocolate Advent Calendar
This advent calendar package is designed by English illustrator - Virginie Morgand, with colourful graphic design to echo the Christmas atmosphere.

Eureka Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
Not only with a variety of candies, you can even keep the calendar for decoration use!

Mariage Frères Tea Advent Calendar
The first advent calendar from well-loved French tea company Mariage Frères. It includes 25 tea flavours, and you can discover a new flavour everyday!

city’super x Antoniazzi Panettone 750g (Wild Strawberries/ Chocolate/ Traditional)

Diamond on Your Christmas Plate: Italian White Truffle

Native to Europe, white truffle possesses a rare and unique aroma and is therefore hailed as the “diamond of the kitchen”. Every single white truffle is hard earned, because it cannot be artificially cultivated as of now and is extremely picky with the environment it grows in. At the moment, this precious delicacy is only found in parts of northern Italy. The short stretch between late October and December is white truffle season, making it a perfect luxurious addition to your Christmas feast.

Italian Alba White Truffle
city’super’s expert purchasers source fresh white truffle directly from Tartuflanghe, one of Italy’s foremost truffle dealers. Each truffle is unearthed, classified, cleaned and shipped to Hong Kong all within 72 hours to preserve its richly musky aroma. Customers can select and purchase fresh truffle directly at our stores, or place orders at the cheese and cold cuts area by giving our staff your preferred size and delivery date. We will follow up with you shortly and make sure that we can satisfy your needs.


Have You Tried the Italian Radicchio Castelfranco?

Here is another seasonal vegetable you can add to your dining table: the heirloom Radicchio Castelfranco from Italy!

Radicchio Castelfranco has a much milder taste than the more common deep purple radicchio. With a slight bitterness and sweet undertones, it can be eaten raw in a salad, sautéed, braised, baked on pizzas, and even cooked in risottos. It is a seasonal vegetable and is only available in autumn and winter months. Come to city’super and take one home today!


Fresh Vegetables Direct from Italy

Head on over to city’super and take home some of premium fresh Italian vegetables as inspirations for your next meal!

Italian Broccoli
The English word broccoli is derived from the Italian word broccolo, which means “the flowering crest of a cabbage”. Broccoli has been considered a very valuable food by the Italians since the Roman Empire. It was referred to as "Italian asparagus.“

Italian Fresh Basil
In Greek, the word basileus means “king”. The herb originated in India, and was brought to Italy via the spice route in ancient times, and has becomean integral seasoning in Italian cuisine.

Italian Cauliflower
Italian cuisine isn’t just about pasta and pizzas! Cauliflower represents a light, fresh alternative to pasta while maintaining the herbs and spices in traditional Italian dishes.

Italian Tomato
Tomatoes are native to South and Central America, and was brought to Europe by the Spanish, Italy was the first to embrace and cultivate the tomato outside South America, and has since become an important part of Italian cooking. Italy is the largest producer of tomato among all European countries.


Viva La Pasta! Our Pasta Recommendations

There are over 155 kinds of pasta available at city’super, and here are some of our recommendations for you!

La Fabbrica Della Pasta Linguine/Pappardelle Pasta
These amazing pastas are made by carefully following the rules and secrets of the family’s traditions combined with skilled workmanship and patience.

Pastificio De Colle Handmade Colourful Pasta - Stardust / Colorful Pasta - Heart Shaped
Established in 1920, this brand is an advocate for healthy eating. Its pastas are handmade using very high quality durum wheat and only natural colors derived from plants and other natural sources.

Gentile Pasta Lumachine / Conchiglioni
Gentile Pasta Factory, founded in 1876, is one of the historic artisan factories that brought the city of Gragnano to become famous throughout the world for its pasta. Gentile offers the highest quality products: the use of high-quality semolina and a low temperature drying. Its pastas can be used with any sauces.


Exceptionally Light Water from Italy

We are always thinking about food quality and the freshness of ingredients, but what about water? Norda and its natural mineral water and sparkling water, which are sure to give you a very different water-drinking experience.

Norda Natural Mineral Water came from Mount Pelpi at 1,495 meters in the Parma Apennines. It is directly bottled at the Norda facility in the Parma province, which allows the full preservation of its exceptional features of amazing purity and high quality.



city’super Festive Blessings Giveaway

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree! city’super will be giving out 30 sweet prizes to celebrate the most wonderful moment of the year. Come and join the game by following the simple steps below:

  1. Follow the city’super Instagram Page (@citysuperhk)
  2. Like the Game post
  3. Tag three friends
  4. Pick ONE gift from our specially selected gift list and tell us why you’d like to send it to your friends.

The 30 participants with most lovely or creative answers will be given the gift selected.

Deadline: 22 Dec 2019 23:59

The results will be announced on city’super Instagram page on 26 Dec 2019

Specially selected gifts included:

  1. Auto Rotating Vertical Grill
  2. Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker
  3. Hello Kitty Egg Steamer
  4. Mr. Jelly Belly Bean Machine
  5. Vintage Popcorn Maker
  6. Steamer Lunch Box
  7. Thermometer Thermo Mug
  8. Glass Ultrasonic Humidifier
  9. Moomin USB Neck Warmer
  10. Cordless My Bottle Blender

Terms and conditions apply.  Please refer to following for details. 

^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. Photos are for reference only. 



Terms and Conditions

  1. This Game is organised by City Super Limited under the name of city'super.
  1. Eligible participants must be Hong Kong permanent residents and aged 18 or above,Complete all the requirements listed in the “Game Instructions”. Otherwise participants are deemed as disqualified without prior notice and have no right of appeal.

Game Instructions:

a. Follow the city’super Instagram Page (@citysuperhk)
b. Like the Game post
c. Answer in the Game post’s comment box and tag three friends


  1. This Game begins on 9 December, 2019 and ends at 23:59 on 22 December, 2019. All participants must fulfil all the Game instructions during the Game Period. Submission time is based on the time of receipt by Instagram’s server. Late submissions will not be considered.
  1. Each Instagram account can only participate in the Game once. Repeated messages will not be counted, and other comments will not be included in the judgement section.
  1. city'super will select the most lovely or creative of the answers from 9 Dec to 22 December 2019 as winners. Winners will be entitled to receive their selected items as a prize. There are three quotas for each prize. city'super reserves the right to final decision-making on rescinding applications, and participants have no right of appeal.
  1. Winners list will be announced on the city’super Instagram page on 26 Decemeber, 2019.
  1. Winners will be notified by city’super on Instagram via inbox message with prize collection letter. All prize winners are required to provide personal details to complete registration and present their collection letter to collect the prize at designated place and time.
  1. If information provided by the participant is unlawful, obscene, indecent, vulgar, insulting, aggressive, intimidating, harassing, advertising, illegal, political information, invasive of another's privacy, religious; invade or violate any patent or third-party interest; is dishonest or involves more than one answer; or is made using an empty or fake account, city’super reserves the right to remove related information and disqualify the participant without prior notice.
  1. city'super reserves the right to replace the original prizes with other prizes without prior notice.
  1. Prizes cannot be exchanged, returned or reimbursed with cash. city’super is not liable for any loss suffered during usage of the prizes, or any disputes between the users and suppliers.
  1. Participation to the Game is on a voluntary basis. Participants will be deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. city'super will be exempted from all legal liabilities and compensation caused by this activity or reward.
  1. Personal data will be collected by city’super during this Game, for purposes including but not limited to:
  • communication with the participant; and
  • result announcement and prize collection arrangements. 
  1. Employees and family members of employees of city’super are not eligible to participate in the Game, or else will be disqualified.
  1. city’super reserves the right of final decision and may terminate the Game or change any Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
  1. In case of any dispute, city’super reserves the right of final decision.
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