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Christmas 2021

2 (Tue) Nov – 25 (Sat) Dec 2021
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores


With Christmas fast approaching, city'super Fantasy Christmas Factory has been working around the clock to stock up on a wide array of party snacks, premium ingredients, festive foods, and Christmas hampers and gifts, so you can spend a happy, memorable Christmas with everything you need.

Christmas Gourmet Food & Ingredients

Savour Traditional Christmas Turkey Feast

Turkey is the star in the traditional Christmas feast. city'super has search far and wide to bring you the super tender turkey – frozen, chilled, smoked or roasted!

Diestel USA Frozen Organic Young Turkey
This certified organic premium turkey is raised naturally and free-range, and given a vegan blend feed to give it a rich flavour that is found only in premium turkeys. Great option for home cooks.

French Chilled Turkey
100% raised in France and freshly flown in by air. The traditional outdoor breeding method is used to give the turkey meat a smooth and tender texture. If you’re planning to impress your family and friends this Christmas, personally preparing the turkey will definitely do the trick!

Diestel Frozen Organic Oven Roasted Turkey
A very tender turkey that has been smoked with pecan wood for a unique flavour. Simply reheat and enjoy this tasty and healthy dish – perfect for gatherings with friends and family, or savour this on your own. Suitable for those who enjoy unique flavours.

Roasted US Organic Turkey - Diestel
This roasted turkey is ready-to-eat, so simply share this with friends! The turkey is juicy, flavourful and truly irresistible!

Defrosting and pre-marination services are offered until December 22, 2021*, so you can save all the trouble of preparing the turkey dinner.

*Must make a booking at least 3 days in advance. Selected dates excluded.

Christmas Feast Highlight: “World’s Best Beef”

Regarded as one of the “World’s Best Beef”, the Spanish Rubia Gallega has made its way to city'super. Home cooks and beef fanatics, pre-order now and don’t miss out on trying this super rare beef!

About Rubia Gallega:

Rubia Gallega is regarded as one of the “World’s Best Beef”. city'super has strictly selected cattle among the oldest Iberian Peninsula breeds, and the cattle have been grazing the pastures at least six to eight years. This doubles the cost of raising each cattle compared to traditional methods. This premium beef has almost golden marbling and its fat has a butter-like quality. The meat is very tender with rich flavours, and you can enjoy the meat’s natural aroma.

100% Instagrammable: Treat Your Guests With A Feast

Planning a Christmas dinner at home that’s filled with surprises? Selecting high-quality ingredients is a great step forward towards success. city'super has sourced a selection of premium frozen and chilled poultry, so you can impress your family and friends with your cooking skills and creativity.

French Chilled Bresse Capon AOP - Effile

Other chickens take one to two months for breeding, but Bresse chickens require four months. The chapons for Christmas dinners that are favoured by three-Michelin-star chefs even need eight to nine months to raise. Only chickens raised in Bresse region can be granted AOP status.

French Chilled Corn Fed Capon - Label Rouge

Farm’s Yellow Capon is a male chicken raised according to a traditional method with a diet composed of at least 80% cereals – mainly GMO-free corn produced locally by the farmers themselves.

French Chilled Goose

This is a GMO-free, sustainable breed that is reared 100% in France under strict local standards and fed with a diet of local cereals, giving the goose very soft and tender meat.

DIY Christmas Feast For Carnivores

Don’t feel like dining out this Christmas? Cook up a scrumptious feast at home instead! If you or your friends and family are meat lovers, then be sure to bookmark these fail-proof meat and condiment pairings that can help you whip up the perfect meal in no time.

1. UK Chilled Organic Lamb Crown with city’super Mint

Freshly flown-in lamb crown is perfect for festive gatherings. Marinating the lamb can help balance out the meat’s gaminess while retaining the lamb’s original flavour. Add a touch of mint to make it even more refreshing and further enhance the flavours.

2. Spain Segovia Frozen Premium Suckling Pig with Stubb’s Pork Rub

All suckling pigs are fed with 100% natural feed to ensure a healthy animal and the brand adheres to animal welfare standards. Spanish roast suckling pig (cochinillo) is a famous dish in Segovia. Season with our recommended traditional pork rub for an unforgettable taste.

3. USA Chilled Long Term Grain Fed Angus Beef Tomahawk Rib Eye Steak with Stubb’s Barbecue Rub

The steak came from Lincoln Red cattle that have been raised with cereals for no less than 350 days. Its feed does not contain growth hormones or animal by-products. Each cattle can only produce 9 to 10 cuts. Before cooking, marinate with our recommended barbecue rub to add a rich, smoky flavour to the meat.

Michelin Meals at Home? Yes, Please!

The festive season is the time to treat yourself and your loved ones to something special, and a Michelin-worthy feast may be your answer. For those who want to bring this gastronomic experience to the comfort of your own home, city'super is delighted to bring you Michelin Star Chef’s Native Breed Beef Wellington from HG Walter – straight from the UK.

UK Native Breed Beef Wellington [Previously Frozen]

Made with a luxurious centre-cut of dry-aged heritage breed beef fillet. Place in the oven for 25 minutes and enjoy! Excellent for a scrumptious dinner for two.

Luxe Gourmet Food For the Party to Impress: 3 Premium Caviar Styles

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you sorted out all your party dining needs? If you want to host a party that is sure to impress, why not include one of these premium caviars and invite your friends and family along to taste these delicacies?

Bulgarian Beluga Caviar

Farming Period: 17-25 years
Taste: creamy, buttery and briny with a refreshing finish
Texture: firm and melt-in-your-mouth
Suggested Pairing: foie gras, champagne

Chinese Ossetra Caviar

Farming Period: 10-12 years
Taste: fruity with notes of toasted grains
Texture: silky, medium soft
Suggested Pairing: crème fraiche, vodka

Chinese Amursky Caviar

Farming Period: 9-11 years
Taste: Briny with hints of dried fruits
Texture: medium firm
Suggested Pairing: warm blinis, charcuterie board

The Freshest Catch: Norwegian Chilled Aurora Salmon Slice

Unless you are ageing fish, fresher is definitely better when it comes to enjoying fish and seafood. city'super is dedicated to bringing you the freshest Aurora Salmon from Norway. Once caught, the salmon is packed in ice within two hours and ready to be shipped. The fastest and shortest route to Hong Kong is taken, and the Aurora Salmon arrives in store within 36 hours. Haven’t tried Aurora Salmon? Why not give it a go this Christmas?

About Aurora Salmon

Grown in North Norway at a latitude of 70 degrees north of the Arctic circle, Aurora Salmon lives in a cold, clear polar environment under the aurora light during winter. Slow growth of over two years enables the fish to develop higher fat percentage and gives it a unique sweet flavour, beautiful colour and excellent texture. Great for cooking or enjoyed as sashimi.

If you feel like something different this Christmas, try making Salmon Wellington at home. This baked goodness is sure to be a highlight of your festive dinner.

Salmon Wellington recipe

Mad About “Merroir”: French Oysters For Festive Celebrations

A neologism from the French word for “sea”, mer, and terroir, merroir refers to the flavours imparted by different areas of the sea. France is known for its excellent waters, so it’s no wonder French oysters are so famous thanks to its merroir. This Christmas, why not start your feast with some seasonal top-notch oysters from France?

1.French Tarbouriech Speciale Oyster Nr.0

An exceptional oyster raised by unique patented breeding method: la Marée Solaire, and has a slightly pinkish and a wavy shell
Origin: Mediterranean Sea
Tasting notes: delicate sweet flavour with firm flesh
Wine pairing: Jolies Filles Rose Liberty 2019/20

2.French Gillardeau Oyster Nr.0

A renowned French oyster brand that is famous for cultivating oysters.
Origin: Poitou-Charentes
Tasting notes: plump and soft with hazelnut aftertaste
Wine pairing: Chateau de Lugey Blanc des Cabanes 2020

3.French city’super Special Oyster Nr.0

Farmed in Mont Saint Michel Bay, these oysters are carefully selected by hand after three years of harvesting. They are then farmed at a specific area dedicated to city'super for an extra three to six months. Exclusive to city'super .

Origin: Normandy
Tasting notes: soft, pale flesh with a sweet flavour and rich brininess
Wine pairing: Domaine Fournier Sancerre les Belles Vignes 2019

4.French Geay Speciale Oyster Nr.0

It takes between three to five years to develop the generous and tasty flesh of Geay Speciale Oysters. The oysters then go through a rigorous selection process based on shape, roundness and thickness.
Origin: Poitou-Charentes
Tasting notes: Springy texture with sweet taste
Wine pairing: Chateau de France Blanc 2019

5.French White Pearl Oyster Nr.1

Grown in strong currents in the Normandy area and refined in the claires with plenty of nutrients and minerals in the Marennes Oleron area.
Origin: Poitou-Charentes
Tasting notes: fleshy and creamy with balanced saltiness that unfolds into a sweet and nutty flavour
Wine pairing: Chateau de Lugey Blanc des Cabanes 2020

6.French Tsarskaya Oyster Nr.1

Farmed for three to four years at the heart of the farm.
Origin: Normandy
Tasting notes: crunchy yet tender; well-balanced on the brininess and iodine flavour of the sea, followed by a sugary aftertaste that is almost almond-like
Wine pairing: Domaine Fournier Sancerre les Belles Vignes 2019

Have You Tried Japan’s 4 Famous Crabs?

It’s always a good time to enjoy a premium seafood feast at home with family and friends. The crab season is upon us, and we have rounded up four varieties of extra-large Japanese crabs that you should try this year.

Boiled Zuwai Snow Crab [Previously Frozen]

Known as the “Crab Queen”, the Zuwai Crab has a golden-brown body, succulent flesh and sweet flavour. Excellent for sashimi, and can be enjoyed steamed and cold. The crab legs are great for tempura, hot pot or barbecue.

Japanese Boiled Horsehair Crab [Previously Frozen]

Japanese Horsehair Crabs are grown in an excellent natural environment with a low production rate, which makes it a rare ingredient in Japan. The crab shell is covered with spines, hence the name. They live in the deep ocean which is extremely cold. The best time to savour them is between December and February. The crab roe is sweet with a mild chestnut flavour. Best served in hot pot or steamed as a cold dish.

Japanese Boiled Hanasaki Crab [Previously Frozen]

Hanasaki Crab is mainly caught in Hanasaki in Nemuro, Hokkaido, hence the name Hanasaki Crab. It has a hard and sharp shell with bright red colour, rich, sweet and juicy meat, and has a richer taste than Taraba Crab.

Japanese Frozen Boiled Taraba Red King Crab

Japanese Taraba Crab is mainly caught wild in the Sea of Okhotsk, Hokkaido. It takes around 10 years for the crab to reach 3kg, hence the flesh is particularly firm, and the thick and meaty crab legs are a huge selling point of the Taraba Crab. Best served as a cold dish or grilled hamayaki style. The charcoal can really bring out the crab legs’ sweetness and umami.

Say Cheese! Create Your Own Platter

Presentation is important when it comes to putting together a grazing board, but another way to “upgrade” your platter is, of course, using premium ingredients so you can get the most out of this tasting experience. city'super has a large variety of cheeses, cold cuts and other top-notch ingredients so customers can find the right ingredients that suit their needs.

Creating a cheese and cold cut board is no rocket science. Simply prepare the below ingredients for a special grazing board that is sure to impress your guests:

Cheeses of different flavours and maturity (Recommendations: Paysan Breton Brie Cheese, Landana Jersey Gouda – Mature, Les Frères Marchand Comte AOP Grande Garde Cheese - 20-24 Months, La Leyenda Sheep Milk Cheese with Black Truffle)
Cold cuts
Nuts (Recommendation: Finca La Rosala Roasted Unsalted Giant Largueta Almond)
Olives (Recommendation: Fratepietro Super Giant Black Olives in Brine (Size GGG))
Dried fruits (Recommendation: Amphora Organic Soft Dried Smyrna Figs)

Warm & Hearty: Cheese Fondue

Whether you are having a big gathering with family and friends, or just an intimate dinner with your partner, cheese fondue is a great way to liven up the occasion. city'super has premium cheese fondue products perfect for your party needs. Take a look at our recommendations below, and we wish you a warm and merry Christmas!

Moleson Gruyere Vacherin for Cheese Fondue (Made with Raw & Thermised Milk)
This fondue mix of Gruyere and Vacherin Cheese is very tasty and well-balanced with a smooth and creamy texture. It is one of the brand’s most popular products. Great for large groups.

Vegetarian-friendly Christmas Feast: Cauliflower Steak

If you have vegetarian friends or pals who prefer veggies over meat this Christmas, colourful cauliflower steaks may be the rock star of your dining table this holiday season.

To make these fun and tasty Christmas treats, combine the cauliflower with Brie, hazelnuts, chestnuts and cranberries, or go exotic with turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon or other spices.

Recommended products:
USA Cauliflower
French Yellow Cauliflower
Italian Romanesco Cauliflower

Want to get your loved ones to try more healthy vegetarian options? Try Impossible™ Meat!

Check out the Impossible™ Meat recipes:

Impossible™ Beef Taco

Impossible™ Sausage Roll

Impossible™ Beef Wellington

A Gift of Health, A Gift of Fruits: Fruit n More Gift Box

The holiday season will no doubt be filled with scrumptious meals and decadent desserts, so if you feel like recharging with a snack in between meals, fruits are a great healthy option. Whether you are treating yourself or delighting your loved ones with a gift, Fruit n More’s customizable combo sets can help you create the perfect fruit gift set.


Fruit n More Combo Set
Contains a colourful selection of seasonal and premium fruits that can be tailor-made to suit the taste of your family and friends. They make a chic and elegant gift and are perfect for sharing at a party too.

I’m Rooting for you: Delectable Mushroom Feast

Want to enjoy a healthy, meatless Christmas? Why not cook up a feast with premium fresh mushrooms from Japan? city'super is delighted to recommend 3 mushroom varieties that we think you’ll love:

Japanese Cauliflower Fungus
Japanese Cauliflower Fungus only grows in the mountains at least 1,000m above sea level, hence only a small amount is collected. Its texture is fluffy and crunchy with a rich aroma. Suitable for all types of Japanese, western and Chinese cuisines.

Japanese Long Enoki Mushroom - Pasta Substitution
Thin and long with a refreshing and chewy taste, the popular and healthy enoki mushrooms are an indispensable ingredient for hot pot or soups.

Japanese Enoki Mushroom Steak
Great for vegetarians, this mushroom steak has a scallop-like texture and is very juicy and flavourful.


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.