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19 (Tue) Mar – 2 (Tue) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
When you think about Spain, what do you imagine: Flamenco? Bullfighting? The beautiful buildings of Barcelona? For many foodies, Spain is also a gourmet paradise.

Jumbo size equals jumbo flavour!

Jumbo Spanish Red King Prawns boast a robust, lingering sweetness far more intense than that of regular prawns.
Red King Prawns come from the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They are characterised by their enormous size and bright red colour. When cooked, the flesh tastes sweet and the roe rich and creamy – a delicacy that makes you crave more.
They can be prepared and served at home in just a few easy steps: defrost the prawns a day in advance, then pan-sear them with olive oil, salt and black pepper (referred to as a la plancha in Spanish). The head and shell can be made into a flavourful stock for making pasta or soup.

What wine goes well with red prawns? Our vote goes to Lola Mola Sangria. This red Sangria is created following an original Spanish recipe and using only natural ingredients. It is refreshingly sweet and sour, and tastes like a young wine, with notes of orange peel, raisins, cinnamon and muscat.

The King and Queen of Meats in Spain

Bellota-grade Ibérico pork is a synonym for high-quality pork in Spain. The Iberian pork has a distinctive, unique aroma as a result of having been fed on acorns. The Bellota grade is only given each April to pigs that reach a weight of 180-200kg. Be it pork chop or pork rack chop, just a hint of seasoning such as sea salt and herbs is required to bring out its irresistible flavour. Pan-fry until medium-well done for maximum tenderness.

The Iberian Peninsula is also famous for its lamb. Raised in the Pyrenees Mountains, Iberian sheep are first fed with sheep milk, and then with cereal, corn and high-oleic acid sunflower seeds. Thanks to the nutritious feed and stress-free environment, the lamb is delicate and tender. Pan-fry the lamb rack till medium rare. Its succulent texture pairs well with pesto.
When accompanied by Dominio de Atauta Parada de Atauta from Spain, the combination is irresistible. The wine displays an intense aroma of blackberries and chocolate, with a ripe fruit palate and hints of spiciness. It adds depths and flavour to both kinds of meat.

 Voilà! Paella!

A great deal of preparation goes into making a pan of paella, but you no longer need to shop around for all the ingredients; instead, just open a can.
La Familia De Lola Mixed Paella – Seafood and Chicken is developed by Clavo Food Factory, which specialises in frozen and refrigerated food. Under the Spanish Lola family, renowned for their top-quality food products, this authentic dish is based on a traditional paella recipe, but made readily available in a can.
It is easy and convenient to cook: simply boil the soup with all the ingredients for 20 minutes, and voilà! You can even add fresh seafood.
La Familia De Lola also features delicious recipes like Rice with Cuttlefish Ink, and Pork Cheeks in Sauce, perfect for entertaining friends and family at home. 

A Toast to Ibérico Ham

Bellota-Bellota® is an icon of Spanish Ibérico Ham. In celebration of our Spanish Festival, Bellota-Bellota® has created various luxurious and delicious toast recipes featuring ingredients like Ventresca tuna belly, cheese, chorizo and olive oil. The selection includes:
1) Spanish Ventresca Tuna Belly Toast with Premium Red Pepper Olive Oil
2) Spanish Serrano de Trevelez Ham Toast with Manchego Cheese and Tomato Salsa
3) Spanish Chorizo Toast with Manchego Cheese and Tomato Salsa 


Extra Crunchy Potato Chips

Quillo Potato Chips are famous for their exceptional crunchiness, the result of the low-heat treatment of the potatoes, contributing to a rich flavour and crispy texture.
There are four flavours to choose from: the much-loved Spanish Ham flavour, which best brings out the slightly salty, nutty aroma of this Spanish speciality meat; the Fried Egg flavour, with its flavour of Spanish tortilla; and the White Truffle and Lemon & Pink Pepper flavours, which make the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer or a glass of wine.
The potato chips also come in stylish packaging, which makes them great for gifting.

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