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6 (Thur) – 19 (Wed) Jun 2019
@ Times Square atrium

6 (Thur) – 26 (Wed) Jun 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

city'super is featuring an array of popular Taiwanese food souvenirs, while much-loved Taiwanese tea drinks and dessert brands will also be opening pop-up stores and launching limited-time Hong Kong special flavours.

Noodle It Up: Taiwanese Masterspicy Noodles

We all have a soft spot for noodles. These Masterspicy noodles from Taiwan are perfect as gifts or for your own enjoyment. Take them home from city’super today!

There is always a long queue at the Masterspicy Noodle Shop in Taipei, but now you can enjoy its popular noodle dishes in the comfort of your own home. Its chilli oil is made by slow-cooking over 20 natural ingredients. Try the original or the thick Masterspicy Spicy Noodle. 
Awesome Sauce: Premium Taiwanese Condiments

Umami-packed condiments are arguably the heart of Taiwanese cuisine. Want to enjoy the taste of Taiwan at home? You’ll want to stock up on these sauces by Hongjia!

Chef Chen, founder of Hongjia, believes in making food products that he would also personally eat and enjoy; hence all of his products are made using natural and healthy ingredients, and without the use of artificial flavouring and preservatives. 

The ultra-popular Fried Shallot Goose Oil is made from the essence of 7 to 9 geese, and are packed full of unsaturated fats. We love having this with a bowl of hot, fluffy rice! The Dried Scallop XO Sauce comes in Original and Spicy flavours, and is made using quality scallops, Jinhua ham, dried shrimps, garlic, shallot and chilli pepper.

Love the umami flavour? Try Hongjia’s Garlic Shrimp and Sakura Shrimp Sauce, great with eggplant and tofu! Other must-try Hongjia condiments include Fish Larvae Sauce, Ginger Sesame Oil, Wild Caviar, Scallop Shrimp Sweet Sauce, Dried Fish with Black Bean Sauce, Spicy Squid and Garlic Chilli Paste.
Fantastic Fusion: French-style Pineapple Cake

A delicious piece of buttery, sweet and tangy pineapple cake is a dream come true, but how about adding a French touch to this beloved Taiwanese snack?

Hailing from Taiwan, AR’S Patisserie elevates the traditional pineapple cake by combining French artisanal techniques with fresh Taiwanese produce. The brand uses trehalose, a healthy alternative that is not as sweet as other sugars. 

With its pastry made 100% from almond flour and its filling made using local pineapples, this exquisite French-style Pineapple Cake has received an award in the Taipei Pineapple Cake Competition 2013.
  A Hearty Treat from Taiwan: Green Onion Pancake

The thought of sinking our teeth into a piece of hot, fresh green onion pancake is enough to get us salivating! 

Established in 2013, Charming Couple aims to re-define traditional cuisine by producing high-quality food products that are able to maintain the most natural and authentic taste. 

Charming Couple Green Onion Pancake
Made without additives and is vegan-friendly, this Green Onion Pancake has a fluffy, golden pastry with a juicy green onion filling. Other available flavours: Yam, Quinoa, BBQ Sauce and Sweet Chilli**.

Charming Couple Shandong Roast Chicken
Cooked with Chinese herbs and to be enjoyed with a special sauce made using essence extracted by steaming the chicken, the Shandong Roast Chicken is as tender as it is flavourful.  

**Stocks of specific flavours are available at Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores only. While stocks last.
Taiwanese Speciality: Salted Mullet Roe

The karasumi, or salted mullet roe, is a Taiwanese delicacy that can be enjoyed in many ways!

Using only the roe of female mullet fish, it is usually prepared by deep-drying, grilling or cooking with wine. 

The cooked salted mullet roe is then cut into thin slices and eaten along with sliced apple, radish or leek. Its unique taste pairs well with alcohol.
Taiwan’s Favourite Desserts: Meet Fresh @ Harbour City Store

This summer, city’super is bringing you 3 Taiwanese tea and dessert pop-up stores! Don’t miss out!

Established in 2007, Meet Fresh makes chewy, flavourful taro balls using traditional methods and fresh ingredients. The iced taro signature dessert is exclusively available at the city’super pop-up store. 
Taiwan’s Favourite Teas: Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea @ Harbour City Store

Yifang delivers fresh ingredients from Taiwan to ensure the best quality. Its classic, freshly-brewed teas contain no fruit juice concentrate so with each sip you are savouring the fruits in its most natural glory. 
Taiwan’s Favourite Teas: don't yell at me @ Times Square Store

This hipster drinks brand specialises in healthy, hand-shaken beverages. Come and try the limited-edition Winter Melon & Lemon and Yuzu & Lemon drinks to beat the summer heat!


*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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