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Irresistibly Tasty: Spanish Iberico Pork

Irresistibly Tasty: Spanish Iberico Pork

We’re heading into spring - the best time to enjoy premium pork!

city'super has partnered up with a Spanish traditional family-style farm with more than 100 years of expertise in raising Iberico pigs to bring you the most delicious Iberico pork products. These pigs feed on natural acorns in the forest, and optimally weigh 180kg to 200kg to be classified as premium Bellota pork. The well-marbled meat is plump yet tender, with a unique hazelnut aroma.
Simply add a touch of sea salt or herbs while cooking to enjoy the Iberico pork’s natural flavours.

A Precious Taste of Traditional Japan: Kamebishi Soy Sauce

Kamebishiya, run by the Okada family, is the only Japanese sauce maker to carry on the unique tradition of producing soy sauce by hand using straw mat cultured koji. While this artisanal method of production only makes half the amount as compared to using machines, the rich, complex flavours and exceptional standard of quality well-exceed mass-produced soy sauce. A special salt is also added to give the soy sauce an extra briny taste.

Kamebishi Rich Soy Sauce KAMEBISHI:
Aged for at least 2 years. Rich and packed with umami, and great for both cooking and as a condiment.
Kamebishi Light Soy Sauce KAMEBISHI:
Aged for at least 1 year and 3 months. Pairs well with soup bases, so can be used for simmering ingredients or added to broths to enhance noodle dishes.
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Century-old French Tea Expert: Mariage Frères

Century-old French Tea Expert: Mariage Frères

Experience French romance right here in Hong Kong with a pot of Mariage Frères tea.

The latest flavour made available at city'super is the Paris-Tokyo Black Tea, a blend of spring Darjeeling with the invigorating zesty Japanese yuzu. Expect amazing aromas and a unique fruitiness. 
Another one to watch out for is the Marco Polo Blue. Combining exquisite fruits and flowers from China and Tibet and the milky notes of blue tea, this exotic fruity floral blend is a must-try. 

Tea is best paired with buttery biscuits, and here are two shortbread biscuits by Mariage Frères we love:

•     Earl Grey Shortbread Biscuit
•     Marco Polo Tea-flavoured Shortbread Biscuit
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The Magic of Tidying Up: Sistema Containers

The Magic of Tidying Up: Sistema Containers

If you love your kitchen tidy and your food organised, Sistema is here to help!

All of Sistema’s products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand, using only safe, high-quality plastics that are phthalate- and BPA-free.
Apart from the classic Klip It collection, Sistema also brings you the thoughtful, travel-friendly To Go series, the reheatable and hassle-free Microwave collection, the versatile and stackable Bake It series, as well as a diverse range of drink bottles to suit all your hydration needs.
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