LOCH DUART Scottish Chilled Salmon Slice (300g)

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Loch Duart salmon grow in low density pens-a maximum of 98.5% water to 1.5% fish, allowing plenty of room to school and swim against the natural currents. This is essential to the rearing of lean, fit fish. This is one of the key principles Loch Duart Ltd. operate in ensuring the best tasting and healthiest fish.


Label Rouge

  • Scottish salmon was the first fish and the first non-French product to be awarded the Label Rouge quality mark in 1992.

RSPCA Assured

  • Loch Duart was the first salmon farming company in the world to become approved under the RSPCA Assurance Scheme.

  • Harvest Method: Farmed
  • Country of origin: Scotland

WWF is partnering with city’super to tackle one of the major issues facing our oceans today: destructive fishing and aquaculture practices. Fish play a critical role in healthy ocean ecosystems, but this delicate balance is under threat. Join us to give our seas – and ourselves – a healthier future. Choose sustainable seafood.


Keep refrigerated

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