KUNIHIRO Japan Hiroshima Premium Live Oyster (1pc)

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  • Hiroshima is the most famous farming area of oyster in Japan. When hearing the word “oyster”, Japanese will associate with “Hiroshima” immediately.
  • Hiroshima Premium oyster has stronger flavour of “umami” than sweetness, and it is plump and meaty.
  • Recommend to eat by raw as well as by grilled and pan-fried
  • Oysters come into season from November to March, which are the ,ost suitable for being eaten raw. Grilled or deep-fried are also delicious.
  • Harvest Method: Farmed
  • Country of origin: Japan 

WWF is partnering with city’super to tackle one of the major issues facing our oceans today: destructive fishing and aquaculture practices. Fish play a critical role in healthy ocean ecosystems, but this delicate balance is under threat. Join us to give our seas – and ourselves – a healthier future. Choose sustainable seafood.


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