SHICHIDA 75 Aiyama Junmai Hiyaoroshi (720mL)

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  • Purposely not over-polished so the flavour and character of this high-quality rice can shine
  • It starts with an unexpected fruity aroma then opens up to a beautiful rice aroma and a complex mouthfeel that changes with temperature
  • Pairs well with matsutake mushrooms and other mushroom dishes, such as wagyu with matsutake in miso sauce, as well as matsutake with yuzu soy sauce
  • Hiyaoroshi, sometimes referred to as akiagari, is a sake that has been pasteurised once in the winter and then matured over summer before distribution in autumn. Being different from other sakes that go through “hiire” or double pasteurisation, hiyaoroshi only goes through the hiire process once, and it is then naturally matured. Hiyaoroshi is a must-have for Japanese sake lovers in autumn.


Tasting note:

  • Delicate tropical fruits aromas like pomegranate and loquat. Hints of acidity and it displays different characters in various serving temperatures.

Food Pairing:

  • Wagyu

Sake Rice:  Aiyama

Polishing Ratio: 75%

Sake Meter: +0.3

Acidity: 1.8

Alc %: 17%


*Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


*Photo for reference only.

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