The Palette of Asparagus

The Palette of Asparagus

29 (Mon) Apr – 30 (Sun) Jun 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Asparagus is rich in nutrients, and has become one of the most popular vegetables.
In asparagus season, in addition to common green asparagus, city’super brings you a rainbow of fresh asparagus, from white to purple to pink, as well as a collection of asparagus delicacies.

Feast the Rainbow: The Palette of Asparagus

When it comes to healthy home cooking, asparagus is a must-have ingredient. city'super is excited to bring you top-quality asparagus in 4 different colours for extra fun on the dinner table!

White Asparagus
Growing method: grown underground and not exposed to sunlight
Flavour: mild with a hint of bitterness

Pink Asparagus
Growing method: grown underground in a similar way to the white asparagus, but turns pink when exposed to sunlight 
Flavour: nutty and sweet

Purple Asparagus
Growing method: a special asparagus variety grown under sunlight in a similar way to the green asparagus  
Flavour: mildly nutty, sweet and succulent; 20% higher in sugar content

Green Asparagus
Growing method: grown under sunlight
Flavour: refreshing and grassy
New Healthy Selection: All About Asparagus

Dining out can be healthy too! Fusion Deli at city’super is introducing 3 ready-to-eat dishes made with fresh asparagus. Bon appétit!

Asparagus Bacon Roll
Seasonal asparagus wrapped in juicy roasted bacon – crunchy, rich in flavour, and simply irresistible!

White Asparagus with Cheesy Breadcrumbs
An unexpectedly tasty combination of white asparagus, cheese and breadcrumbs.

Cream of Asparagus Soup
Rich and creamy, this hearty yet refreshing soup is made with fresh asparagus.

*Available at Fusion Deli counter at city’super
Spring and Summer Must-have: Green Asparagus & Scallop Salad

Is the ever-changing weather affecting your appetite? How about a refreshing salad as a healthy pick-up-me? RF1 at city’super has exactly what you need!

Green Asparagus & Scallop Salad 
Succulent seared scallops sit atop a bed of fresh mixed greens and drizzled with mustard vinaigrette.

* Available at RF1 counter at city’super
This Breakfast Item is a Breath of Fresh Air 

Start your morning the right way with a delicious, healthy breakfast!

Little Mermaid has just launched this all—new Asparagus & Salami Roll that is sure to put a smile on your face and kick start your day!

Asparagus & Salami Roll
A hearty roll filled with salami slices and fresh green asparagus – tasty but without the greasiness! 

*Available at Little Mermaid counter at city'super
Could This Be the Healthiest Sushi Roll?

Asparagus and quinoa are both superfoods we love, but apart from putting them in a salad, what is an innovative way of combining these two ingredients? 

Introducing the Asparagus Quinoa Maki, made with fresh green asparagus and nutritious quinoa in a healthy Japanese style. Looks like our lunch is sorted!

* Available at the Sushi & Sashimi counter at city'super

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Eat Well.Live Healthy

Eat Well.Live Healthy

17 (Wed) – 30 (Tue) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores

Eat well to live healthy! 
Discover healthy delicacies at city’super, including healthy snacks, organic food, wellness soup & tea, and eco-friendly foodware. Tickle your taste buds and enjoy a healthier, better life! 

Trending Plant-based Meat

Vegetarianism is trending with plant-based diet on the rise. The Veggie Burger by Food Evolution comes from Italy, it offers a selection of flavors like classic lemon, truffle, vegetarian parmesan cheese and porcini mushrooms. Rich and flavorful, tender and succulent, the ‘meat’ is best served as a burger or an open-faced sandwich. Add in the Italian wild rocket with a strong peppery aroma and the plump Sardinia Tomatoes for that extra freshness and nutritional value.

Healthy Snacking

When the clock strikes three-fifteen, the body starts craving for snacks! Try stocking up your snack cabinet with healthy snack options like Savory Seed Parmesan Crisps by Sonoma Creamery, they are gluten-free, made with natural cheese, then baked with organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, into thin, crunchy crisps that are high in protein and have zero sugar.

Another healthy snack choice will be Sea World veggie crisps from Korea. They offer Beet Crisps, Burdock Crisps, Kelp Crisps, and Lotus Root Crisps. All chips are seasoned with deep sea water from 200m below sea level, without preservatives, artificial coloring or MSG. They even added in lactobacillus powder to give that extra probiotic. Snacking can be healthy too!

Eat and Drink Organic

Captain Kombucha from Portugal specializes in naturally fermented drinks, made with tea, sugar and fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. As it is rich in enzymes and probiotics, it is beneficial to the digestive system, can strengthen the immune system, boost your energy and improve skin condition. Captain Kombucha’s products are all natural and 100% organic, without artificial colors and flavors. The bubbly refreshing Ginger Lemon flavor is the best alternative to soda!

Wellness Combo – Chinese Soup and Herbal Tea

Spring is warm and humid but sometimes cold, and the dampness will accumulate in the body causing a heavy feeling. One should nurture the liver and spleen during this time of the year. The recipes of the double-boiled soup by Healthy Green are designed by ‘King Eternal’ Chinese Medicine Doctor. Made with traditional Chinese medicine and herbs, each package contains two bowls of soup. Simply reheat the package and enjoy the soup with the ingredients, which makes for a simple yet healthy meal. 

Eco-Friendly Foodware

Can leaves be made into plates? Yes, it is possible! All you need is a bit of imagination. The plates made from leaves by Leaf Plate are inspired by the Indians who use leaves to hold their street food. With the help of modern technology, Leaf Plates are made by pressing three layers of leaves into the shape of a plate, then coated with natural wax, thus forming sturdy, water-resistant and compostable plates. Every plate is one of a kind!

Takeout can be more environmental-friendly with the new city’super Grab’n’Go reusable food bag. Designed by Roll’eat from Spain, the food bag is leak-proof and suitable for hot food (maximum 120ºC), easy to clean and compact to bring around; it can be used for holding small cakes and even steaming hot rice rolls! The illustration on the food bag is drawn by Natsuka Murata exclusively for city’super, the Red Panda on the illustration is classified as an endangered species. It is hoped that customers can be reminded to conserve the forest resources by using sustainable or reusable products while appreciating the lovely illustration on the food bag.

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Easter 2019

Easter 2019

26 (Tue) Mar – 22 (Mon) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Enjoy a delicious Easter filled with tempting Easter eggs. At city'super, we have hunted down the best Easter treats. Come along for an Easter full of surprises!

The Dazzling Debut of Le chocolat des Français Easter Egg

Who said Easter eggs are for kids only? Le chocolat des Français from France is known for their colourful packaging and unique designs, attracting a passionate following of kids and adults alike. Give the gift of choice this Easter with the playful design of the Easter egg that will stand out from the crowd for sure!

Chocolate masters Paul and Matthieu handpick only the best cacao beans and cocoa butter from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian planters to make their chocolates. The finest quality also means 100% natural without palm oil and preservatives.

Jumbo Chocolate Buddy up with Classic Easter Egg

Bringing back childhood memories, the well-loved classic Cadbury milk chocolate Easter egg returns with its adorable bunny friend, joining the fun in bringing smiles to the faces of children and grown-ups. Cadbury chocolate has always been renowned for its silky smooth texture and rich cocoa flavour, and the gigantic Easter egg launched this year has a crunchy honeycomb filling covered with creamy chocolate – delicious happiness in the mouth!

When talking about giant chocolate eggs, the Maltesers Easter egg is also famous for its jumbo size. Weigh almost 500g, the crunchy chocolate Easter egg is sweet and creamy but without the heaviness. Mini Maltesers milk chocolate eggs are also available for easy sharing!

Easter Goodies Wrapped with Love

The warm spring weather may affect the quality of the chocolate if not stored properly. When gifting chocolate, it is best to pack them into small bags. These four Easter-themed gift bags and boxes printed with colourful Easter bunnies and Easter egg patterns would be perfect for holding the Easter goodies. The pastel colour packaging even has Easter greetings written all over it; the joyous festive feeling makes it ideal for gifting.

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last


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Picnic with Furry Friends

Picnic with Furry Friends

3 (Wed) – 16 (Tue) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores

A picnic is the perfect way to celebrate the warmer spring weather, and an outing your furry family members are also sure to love. From 3 (Wed) April, city’super will offer a collection of picnic snacks, outdoor goods and pet care items to help you enjoy a picnic with your furry friends.

Picnic Made Easy

Onigiri rice balls are easy to make and a must-have for picnic! No advance preparation needed. Simply bring the Onisi Foods instant alpha rice with you. Made with 100% Japanese rice, the rice has been dried using the rapid-dry method. A pack of succulent rice is ready to be served just by filling in hot or cold water.

Then mix in the Hokkai Yamato Egg & Vegetable or Salmon & Shirasu rice seasoning from Hokkaido and wrap with a crispy Ariake seaweed. The final finishing touch is to put them into a Prime Nakamura colourful Block lunch box, kawaii neh!

Another adorable lunch box set is the exciting collaboration between Korean luncheon meat brand Richam and Oxford Blocks. Each lunch box comes with two cans of original luncheon meat and a fork shaped like a block man. The lunch boxes can also be stacked up like blocks for the extra fun.

Picnic Snacks for You and Your Puppy

Enjoy some quality picnic time with your furry friends! Bring along Bob's Red Mill’s oats bar for yourself; delicious flavours include Banana Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Coconut Peanut Butter. All gluten-free, free of soy, dairy, and eggs, low in sugar, healthy to devour and convenient to carry around.

As for your pet companion, Hugo and Celine Doggie Ice Cream from Sweden is paw-licking good. Signature flavours include ox liver, salmon and moose, made 100% from the best quality natural Swedish ingredients and free of refined sugar. Also available are frozen beef patties, made with organic beef and locally grown vegetables. To ensure that the ice cream flavours are what dogs really want, the recipes are developed together with veterinarian and University Professor Anna Hielm-Björkman.

Let’s Get Smoking

Instead of full-on BBQ when going on camping or picnicking, a handy smoker will also do the trick! Have fun making smoked snacks together with your friends.

Apeluca smoker from Japan features a sleek design and comes with wood smoker chips, smoker wood, and a recipe book. It can be used to smoke food like cheese, nuts, dried fish and onsen eggs. Simply put one teaspoon of wood smoker chips on the steel tray, close the lid and heat on high heat for 1-2 minutes until smoke comes out from the ventilation hole, then place the food on the grill rack and smoke till it gets the colour you desire!

Smoky recommendations:
• Les frères Marchand Camembert Cheese: rich and creamy, smoking can help bring out a more distinct flavour
• Ehime Dried Small Squid: savoury and umami, smoked flavour gives an additional kick
• Kluth Nut-Mix gets crunchier and tastier after being smoked

The Perfect Outdoor Water Bottle

Bring your own water bottle when going on a picnic to be more environmentally friendly! Water bottles come in all shapes, sizes and materials, say the bottles by CamelBak are well-suited for outdoor usage. The magnet top can be placed on the bottle surface securely thus avoid fidgeting or spilling while you drink. The ergonomic high-flow spout is angled and contoured for efficient hydration. The bottles are BPA-free, can hold cold water or hot water under 80 degrees, to suit your different needs.

A handy water bottle is essential when going out with pets, but to find one that is appropriate for outdoor use can be a hassle. Petkit Eversweet Travel Waterer is specially designed for pet owners. The one-hand watering is easy to handle; water will flow into the arc water trough just by pressing the button, for the pet to drink with ease. Made with antibacterial material, it can be kept inside a bag after use, without the worry of bacteria growth. The open drinking trough design is also convenient to clean. The activated coconut shell carbon filter inside the bottle can be used up to 100 times to remove impurities thus keeping the dogs healthy. The product has also been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2017.

Organic Pet Care

Pet care products should preferably be natural to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. Mr Organic has designed a series of organic pet care products that are 100% made in Australia, including organic paw cleanser, paw and nose balm, and 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo.

The products contain 19 different certified organic ingredients, and are allergy tested and free from fragrance, artificial colours, mineral oils, chemical preservatives and alcohol. The products' herbal ingredients include moisturising chamomile, refreshing lavender and sweet orange, which have a calming effect, making bath time more a relaxing experience for both you and your pet.


*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Spanish Gourmet Temptations

Spanish Gourmet Temptations

19 (Tue) Mar – 2 (Tue) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
When you think about Spain, what do you imagine: Flamenco? Bullfighting? The beautiful buildings of Barcelona? For many foodies, Spain is also a gourmet paradise.
From Mar 19 to Apr 2, city’super brings you an array of Spanish delicacies including jumbo red king prawns, Ibérico pork, paella, red sangria and more, which no fan of Spanish food should miss.

Jumbo size equals jumbo flavour!

Jumbo Spanish Red King Prawns boast a robust, lingering sweetness far more intense than that of regular prawns.
Red King Prawns come from the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They are characterised by their enormous size and bright red colour. When cooked, the flesh tastes sweet and the roe rich and creamy – a delicacy that makes you crave more.
They can be prepared and served at home in just a few easy steps: defrost the prawns a day in advance, then pan-sear them with olive oil, salt and black pepper (referred to as a la plancha in Spanish). The head and shell can be made into a flavourful stock for making pasta or soup.
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What wine goes well with red prawns? Our vote goes to Lola Mola Sangria. This red Sangria is created following an original Spanish recipe and using only natural ingredients. It is refreshingly sweet and sour, and tastes like a young wine, with notes of orange peel, raisins, cinnamon and muscat.

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The King and Queen of Meats in Spain

Bellota-grade Ibérico pork is a synonym for high-quality pork in Spain. The Iberian pork has a distinctive, unique aroma as a result of having been fed on acorns. The Bellota grade is only given each April to pigs that reach a weight of 180-200kg. Be it pork chop or pork rack chop, just a hint of seasoning such as sea salt and herbs is required to bring out its irresistible flavour. Pan-fry until medium-well done for maximum tenderness.

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The Iberian Peninsula is also famous for its lamb. Raised in the Pyrenees Mountains, Iberian sheep are first fed with sheep milk, and then with cereal, corn and high-oleic acid sunflower seeds. Thanks to the nutritious feed and stress-free environment, the lamb is delicate and tender. Pan-fry the lamb rack till medium rare. Its succulent texture pairs well with pesto.
When accompanied by Dominio de Atauta Parada de Atauta from Spain, the combination is irresistible. The wine displays an intense aroma of blackberries and chocolate, with a ripe fruit palate and hints of spiciness. It adds depths and flavour to both kinds of meat.

 Voilà! Paella!

A great deal of preparation goes into making a pan of paella, but you no longer need to shop around for all the ingredients; instead, just open a can.
La Familia De Lola Mixed Paella – Seafood and Chicken is developed by Clavo Food Factory, which specialises in frozen and refrigerated food. Under the Spanish Lola family, renowned for their top-quality food products, this authentic dish is based on a traditional paella recipe, but made readily available in a can.
It is easy and convenient to cook: simply boil the soup with all the ingredients for 20 minutes, and voilà! You can even add fresh seafood.
La Familia De Lola also features delicious recipes like Rice with Cuttlefish Ink, and Pork Cheeks in Sauce, perfect for entertaining friends and family at home. 

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A Toast to Ibérico Ham

Bellota-Bellota® is an icon of Spanish Ibérico Ham. In celebration of our Spanish Festival, Bellota-Bellota® has created various luxurious and delicious toast recipes featuring ingredients like Ventresca tuna belly, cheese, chorizo and olive oil. The selection includes:
1) Spanish Ventresca Tuna Belly Toast with Premium Red Pepper Olive Oil
2) Spanish Serrano de Trevelez Ham Toast with Manchego Cheese and Tomato Salsa
3) Spanish Chorizo Toast with Manchego Cheese and Tomato Salsa 


Extra Crunchy Potato Chips

Quillo Potato Chips are famous for their exceptional crunchiness, the result of the low-heat treatment of the potatoes, contributing to a rich flavour and crispy texture.
There are four flavours to choose from: the much-loved Spanish Ham flavour, which best brings out the slightly salty, nutty aroma of this Spanish speciality meat; the Fried Egg flavour, with its flavour of Spanish tortilla; and the White Truffle and Lemon & Pink Pepper flavours, which make the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer or a glass of wine.
The potato chips also come in stylish packaging, which makes them great for gifting.

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*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last
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The Sake Connection 2019

The Sake Connection 2019

4 (Mon) – 18 (Mon) Mar 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

7 (Thur) – 17 (Sun) Mar 2019
@ Times Square Atrium

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the city’super sake fair. Over the years, the sake fair acted as a bridge between the breweries, the customers and their families and friends – we believe sake and gourmet connect people.

The sake fair this year is therefore named “The Sake Connection 2019". Highlights include Umeshuya from Osaka, featuring their popular stacking bottle Umeshu and Yuzushu; 140-years-old Niizawa, bringing with them their rising star Hakurakusei series, and the exquisite artist crossover collections. Also not to be missed are the signature sakes by well-liked breweries Born, Dewazakura and Okunomatsu.

Ice Temperature Aging: Best Temperature for Sake Aging

After producing a sake, the alcohol can be matured for different periods, changing its sweetness, acidity, level of umami, and even texture to give it unique characteristics and flavours. In general, the longer a sake is aged, the rounder its body. The time of the year when the sake is being matured also gives it a seasonal touch.

Ice temperature aging is often considered the best temperature at which sakes are being aged. Under this naturally cold temperature, the yeast stays inactive. The result is a sake with a complex yet elegant flavour and a mellow texture.

Here are three snow-aged sakes you should try:

• Born Dan Junmai Daiginjo
With the highest polishing ratio among Born’s products, this sake has been aged at natural low temperature for two years and has a complex yet refined flavour.

• Dewazakura Yukimanman 5-Year-Aged Daiginjo
Aged naturally at -5℃ for five years and brewed under strict standards, this sake is a masterpiece with an expressive and deep aroma, and has a mellow and velvety texture.

• Hakkaisan Snow Aged Junmai Ginjo 3 Years
Its elegant fragrance and soft and smooth texture have been obtained through aging at a natural low temperature for three years.

The Art of Savouring Sake

Founded in 1873, Niizawa Brewery invites two renowned artists every year to design two of their junmai daiginjo’s sake labels, deepening the artistic connection between sake and art.

Austrian brand Riedel is also serious about creating sake ware, working with 170 sake experts since 2010 to first launched the Daiginjo Cup, and now the Junmai Cup.

Here are two sakes and two sake cups worthy of being added to your personal “art” collection:

• Niizawa Junmai Daiginjo 2018
With a polishing time of 350 hours and only 7% of each grain remaining, this sake has a mellow first impression, followed by a rich rice aroma and a clean finish. The sake label was designed by award-winning artist Mr Tadanori Yokoo.

• Niizawa Kizashi Junmai Daiginjo 2018
The sake label is the work of Ms Aiko Miyanaga. The Kyoto native is very active in the Japanese art scene and has obtained many awards in major Japanese art competitions.

• Riedel Daiginjo Glass
The narrow oval shape allows the aroma to be dispersed more effectively.

• Riedel Junmai Glass
The diamond-shaped Junmai Glass accentuates the complexity of the sake and its umami.

Discover the Charm of Namazake

Did you know sake – just like food – can also be raw?

Namazake, is a category of sake that is unpasteurised. As the yeast is still active, this gives the sake a refreshing acidity, punchy aroma and vivacious character. 

Here are a few namazake we think you should try:

• Eikun Black Label Jumani Daiginjo 
Clean body with a gentle aroma.

• Shichida Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Nama 
Smooth, fragrant with a rich rice aroma.

• Chikurin Otoro Junmai Ginjo Nama
Matured at a low temperature for one year to create a rounded mouthfeel. 
*available only at the city’super Times Square store at a very limited quantity

• Sugata Yume Sasara Junmai Ginjo Muroka Namagen 
Elegant aroma with a delicate texture.

A Sake Love Affair: Born

Established in 1860, Katoukichibee Shouten uses traditional methods to produce junmai sakes and age them at ice-cold temperature for a long period. Their sakes are served at Japanese royal family events and are recognised internationally.

city'super began to stock this well-loved brand in 2004 to give Hong Kong a taste of its royal worthy sakes.

• Born Chogin Junmai Daginjo (Lacquer Pack)
The most premium of the Born collection, this sake has a polishing ratio of 20% and has been matured for 5 years at -8°C. Elegant and velvety with a lingering finish.

• Born Platinum Sakura Sake Cup
Many layers of white gold have been painted over this ceramic cup and then heated at 800°C to give it the ultimate shine.

• Born Gold Sakura Sake Cup
This ceramic cup has been painted with many layers of gold and then heated at 800°C for a golden, sparkling finish.

A Sake Love Affair: Dewazakura

Dewazakura’s name is inspired by “Dewa”, the ancient name of Yamagata prefecture, and the magnificent view of cherry blossoms on Mount Maizuru.

Its flagship sake Oka Ginjo has been a popular sake since its release in 1981 and a great contributor in promoting ginjo sake as well as the culture of jizake (local sake).

city'super has been partnering with Dewazakura since 1996.

• Dewazakura Yukimegami 35 Junmai Daginjo
The Yukimegami rice from Yamagata prefecture has been polished down to 35% to create this sake. A super limited-edition product with a luxurious aroma and mellow mouthfeel.

• Dewazakura SWeeeeeT Kijoshu
In the final steps of brewing, alcohol is added instead of water to create a smoother and rounder texture and a sweeter taste.

A Sake Love Affair: Okunomatsu

With a long history and plenty of experience in sake brewing, Okunomatsu uses not only traditional brewing methods but also incorporates the latest technology to make sake with reliable quality. It is the first brewery to use a pasteuriser, which showers the sake immediately after bottling, and helps to keep the original flavour and aroma in the bottle.

Okunomatsu products has been appearing at city’super’s Sake Fair since 1996!

• Okunomatsu George Sparkling Junmai Daiginjo
Sweet and refreshing with delicate bubbles.

• Okunomatsu Yusa Junmai Ginjo
Named after the family name of brewery, this is crispy with a smooth texture and a good balance of fruitiness and acidity, making it versatile for pairing with food.

Osaka’s Umeshuya Now in Hong Kong!

The renowned Umeshuya hailing from Osaka has over 80 years, and is a must-visit destination for all sake lovers. Here’s the great news: city'super is bringing this 100% Japanese brewed fruit liqueur to Hong Kong!

Founded by Mr Ueda, Umeshuya began as a sake retail store named Sake Takakura back in the 1930s. At the brand’s 70th anniversary, it was renamed as “Umeshuya” and the company started selling fruit liqueurs online.

From March 8 to 10 and March 15 to 17, enjoy a complimentary fruit liqueur tasting set (includes 2 cups of umeshu and 1 cup of yuzu liqueur) upon a single purchase of HK$800 with sake items at the city’super Times Square store.
Limited availability (50 sets per day). While stocks last. 

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Chocolate Moment

Chocolate Moment

12 (Tue) Feb – 3 (Sun) Mar 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

15 (Fri) Feb – 3 (Sun) Mar 2019
@ Lab Concept store

city'super brings you a unique irresistible chocolate experience: discover more about the chocolate making process from bean to bar, so you can enjoy every piece of chocolate with all five senses. Come and take our recommended items home.

Asian-inspired Chocolates from Singapore

Fossa is Singapore’s first and award-winning artisanal bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker with a vision to share the authentic taste of Asia to the world through the wonderful flavours of cacao.

• Fossa Salted Egg Cereal White Chocolate
Homemade salted egg cereal has been generously sprinkled over a special blond chocolate. An International Chocolate Awards 2017 Bronze Award winner.

• Fossa Shrimp & Bonito Dark Chocolate
Inspired by Tsukiji market in Tokyo, this chocolate bursts with umami from the Sakura shrimps and bonito furikake.

• Fossa Uji Matcha White Chocolate
Made from the highest grade of culinary matcha packed full of umami.

Other flavours not-to-be-missed include the Fossa Lychee Rose Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Rose Cranberry Dark Chocolate.

Baker’s Delight: Premium Baking Chocolate

These premium baking chocolates, made in small batches in a centuries-old French artisan tradition, are favoured even by renowned chocolate makers. Unleash your inner pastry chef and get your hands on these!

• Guittard Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Chips
Available in unsweetened, real semisweet and extra dark, the chocolate bars come in 64%, 70% and 100%, with the 100% cocoa chocolate bars having received the 2014 Good Food Awards.
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• HH Swiss Couverture Pure Chocolate
Contain more than 31% cocoa butter, this couverture chocolate melts smoothly and is perfect for making chocolate desserts.
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Chocolate Desserts from France

Created by 2 real foodies with a passion for food, Michel et Augustin aims to create a brand that uses only high-quality ingredients. The business started with flavoured cookies, and soon grew to premium yogurt, yogurt drinks (Vache à boire) and chocolate desserts.

The Michel et Augustin Super Mousse Dark Chocolate is made with dark chocolate and aquafaba without eggs and milk – perfect for vegans!

Fair Trade and Organic: People Tree Chocolate

People Tree chocolate sources cacao beans from producer groups in Bolivia and Peru focusing on organic cultivation. Here are a few People Tree fair trade organic chocolates we love:

• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Bitter Lemon Peel
A refreshing combination of lemon peel and bitter chocolate.

• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Caramel Crisp
Sweet and crispy with a rich flavour and texture.
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• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Bitter Pomegranate
Fruity accents of sweet and sour pomegranate jelly in bitter chocolate with over 60% cacao content.

Also be sure to try these lovely creations:
• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Coconut Milk
• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Matcha White Rice Quinoa Puff.
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Bean-to-bar with Love: Saturdays Chocolates

Saturdays brings you unique chocolates from all over the world, including from Japan, Vietnam and Uganda – all personally selected by the founder and his team.

The packaging of Saturdays chocolates are produced using wallpaper collected from local areas where the cacao beans are sourced, making them truly unique.

• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Ghana 70
Has a punchy flavour with strong nuttiness.
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• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Trinidad Tobago 70
Fruity with a prune-like aroma and a hint of mint.
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Also be sure to try these delicious Saturdays creations:
• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Uganda 72 .
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• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Indonesia 70.
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• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Bar Plus – Hokkaido Milk 57.
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*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Chocolates by Jean-Paul Hévin

Chocolates by Jean-Paul Hévin

From 22 (Tue) Jan 2019
@ ifc mall store

Cocoa lovers, are you ready for some haute chocolate?

World-renowned chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin, who opened his first shop in Paris in 1988, is returning to Hong Kong. He always looks for premium cocoa beans to combine with the highest-quality creams, nuts, honeys and other sumptuous ingredients.

From January 22, visit city’super’s ifc mall store to pick out your favourite Jean-Paul Hévin chocolate products and macarons. Don’t forget to spread the good news to your friends and family.

Who is Jean-Paul Hévin?

Founder Jean-Paul Hévin grew up baking pies with fruit from his father’s orchard, and his love of good food prompted him to pursue a career in pastry and chocolate making. He started training as a pastry chef in Paris, and eventually became a protégé of the legendary Joël Robuchon at the Hôtel Nikko.

After winning multiple international accolades, he opened his first shop in 1988 in Paris, followed by Japan and now Hong Kong, bringing fine craftsmanship and creativity to the world of chocolate.

A Sweet Surprise: Comeback Collection

Known for his signature bonbons that have garnered international acclaim and sell in their thousands globally each day, Mr Hévin’s comeback collection is headlined by three decadent bonbons created specially for this historic occasion:

• Chocolate Bonbon – Happy
• Grands Crus Chocolate – Tana
• Grands Crus Chocolate – Madagascar Cao

The collection is rounded out by Matcha Almond Chocolate. Coated in 40% milk cocoa and matcha, these caramelised almonds are available in three different styles of packaging.

Haute Chocolate

Joining Mr Hévin’s beloved collection of more than 50 sought-after creations are Chocolate Bonbons in flavours including ganache, praline and the Grand Cru Collection; Chocolate Lollipops, Truffles and Chocolate Bars.

Classic Macaron Collection

Other signature sweets which should not be missed include the brands's one-of-a-kind macarons. Named Paris’s best macarons in 2012, Mr Hévin’s two-tone macarons contain less sugar to preserve the flavour integrity of each finely crafted piece. They are also among the few to contain chocolate ganache - including dark, milk, white chocolate or flavoured ganache instead of jam, in 10 luscious flavours.


Oh Sweet Valentine: Coeur Lait Rouge

Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than a beautiful red heart, and better yet, this heart is made of chocolate by Jean-Paul Hévin!

From 1 February 2019, the delightful Coeur Lait Rouge is available in exclusive gift boxes tailored to celebrate the season of love. Choose from Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Boxes containing 2, 4, 12 or 16 pieces of the highest quality of bonbons – to entice and surprise your loved ones.

Deliciously French: Chocolate Bonbon

This February is a great month for chocoholics. Why? Just check out Jean-Paul Hévin’s series of Chocolate Bonbon!

With many flavours to choose from, these Chocolate Bonbons are made from premium cacao beans along with high-quality cream, honey and nuts for the ultimate gourmet experience.

  • Trois Orange (Dark Ganache)
  • Caraibe (Dark Chocolate)
  • Amande Praline (Almond Dark Chocolate)
  • Amareno Gianduja (Almond Gianduja Dark Chocolate)
  • Saphir (Hazelnut & Almond Cream Milk Chocolate)
  • Carbonardo (Almond & Hazelnut Dark Praline)
  • Rocher (Almond & Hazelnut Milk Praline)

Visit the city’super ifc mall store and select your favourite ones!

Oh La La: Jean-Paul Hévin Truffe Chocolate

Chocolate lovers will be psyched to know that French chocolate label Jean-Paul Hévin also has chocolate truffes on the menu. Definitely not to be missed. Grab it at our ifc mall store now!

  • Jean-Paul Hévin Truffe Chocolate Gift Box

This golden chest is filled with exquisite morsels of chocolate rolled up in a subtle envelop of strong cocoa powder – perfect for the end of a meal.

A Rainbow of Sweets: Jean-Paul Hévin Macaron

Who doesn’t love macarons? Famous French chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin is known not only for his chocolate creations, but also for his macarons. Come and try them at city’super ifc mall store!

Available in an array of delectable flavours including Crème Brulee, Passion’In, Frambois’In, Pistach’In, Pablino, Vanill’In, Praline, Pamplemouss’In, Mangu’In and Normandy, these beautiful macarons are sure to please anyone with a discerning sweet tooth!

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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