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Amazing Food Hall Offer

“Buy & Dine” one-stop shopping and dining concept this Christmas at Amazing Food Hall.

You can use high-quality products from city’super as ingredients and come up with different kinds of appetising festive dishes at our Amazing Food Hall.

Butcher Factory

Roasted UK Daylesford Organic Chilled Chicken with Truffle Salt

UK Daylesford organic whole chicken marinated with Italian Savini Tartufi black truffle salt and roasted till golden and crispy.

Japanese Yamagata A5 Beef Burger with Truffle

Fresh black truffle with a Japanese Yamagata A5 beef burger; every bite is filled with the delicious taste of truffles.

Street Deli

Fresh-cut Italian Potato Fries with Truffle Salt

Organic potato fries are fried to a crisp and seasoned with black truffle salt.

Superlife Culture Club

In addition to our sought-after cooking classes, customers can now enjoy an individual Shabu Shabu dinner experience on designated dates upon reservation.
*Only available at superlife culture club @ city’super Time Square store; ask staff for details.

Japan Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Set

(Japan Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef 300g + Seasonal Vegetable Platter)

Yamagata Tengen Pork Set

(Japan Yamagata Tengen Pork 300g + Seasonal Vegetable Platter)

Signature Assorted Seafood Platter

(Seafood Platter + Seasonal Vegetable Platter)

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