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Easy Gifts

city’super has collected a series of fabulous gifts from all over the world, they are the best to celebrate this Christmas with your loved one.

Advent Calendar Gingerbread House Party GiftLifestyle Gift


Advent Calendar

The word “Advent” comes from the Latin “Adventus”, meaning the arrival of Jesus. Advent Calendars are used to count down to the arrival of Christmas with 24 boxes corresponding to the dates from 1st December to 24th December. Traditionally there was a Christmas story inside each of the boxes. It has become a gift with surprises of chocolate and snacks inside each window for a festive celebration.

ROYCE' Advent Calendar - Assorted Chocolate

Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar

Le chocolat des Français Chocolate Advent Calendar

Mariage Freres Tea Advent Calendar

Eureka Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Kalea Beer calendar

Wismettac Christmas Tree Advent Calendar with Snack

Kinnerton Christmas Advent Calendar with Milk Chocolate

Gingerbread House

In the 19th century, legendary Germany writers the Brothers Grimm wrote the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. One day the children of the same names in the story discovered a large cottage built of gingerbread, cakes and sweets in a deep forest, which was owned by a witch who wanted to cook and eat them. The two children were luckily able to escape and live happily ever after with their family.

Now the cottage in this well-known story has become a DIY gingerbread house assembled together by parents and kids at Christmas. It’s a fantastic parenting activity during the festive season. To have fun with your kids building it and then get to eat what you’ve made, be sure to choose the gingerbread house as a gift at city'super.

Cookies United Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit

Cookies United Spider-Man Gingerbread City Battle Scene Kit

Cookies United Oreo Mini Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit

Cookies United Minion Mini Gingerbread House Kit

Party Gift

This Christmas, city’super has sourced a collection of signature confectionery from around the globe for you to celebrate with your beloved family and friends. Surprise them on this special occasion by grabbing the party gifts at our stores and E-shop.

A) Joe & Seph’s

Family business Joe & Seph’s started in 2010 with a mission to produce the best tasting popcorn. Rather than simply being popped it in a standard oil and sugar mix, Joe & Seph's extra large "mushroom" kernels are air-popped and coated in a smooth caramel made from fresh butter to make it healthier. All popcorn is handmade in London with natural ingredients and a unique flavour sequencing method to unlock the taste. The brand has won a selection of awards, including more than 40 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food, the Oscars of the food world.

This award-winning brand has arrived at city’super with popcorn packed in a new bite-size, 6-pack gift box, and an advent calendar. When you walk by city’super Times Square store, do remember to mix the popcorn in your own flavours with the popcorn dispenser for extra fun on this special occasion.

Joe & Seph’s Handmade Popcorn Collection

B) Le Chocolat des Francais

Le Chocolat des Francais French Chocolate Collection

Le Chocolat des Francais was founded by Matthieu, Paul and Vincent, who all have a passion for chocolate and art. Determined to reveal French chocolate know-how combined with incredible colours to the world, the three chocolate artisans produce chocolate with the best ingredients. The chocolate is 100% made in France, and every chocolate box is a mini work of art, illustrated and signed by more than 400 artists from disciplines including street art, comics and illustration. Le Chocolat des Francais was invited to launch at the 20th Salon du Chocolat in Paris. It won the “best hope” prize at the 21st Salon du Chocolat and has earned the trust of top chefs including Thierry Marx** and Pierre Augé. Filled with creativity and numerous innovative ideas, Le Chocolat des Francais has partnered strategically with Longchamp, Air France and even the Assemblée Nationale, France’s parliament, to showcase the best of French culture.

Now the brand’s chocolate is available at city’super. For those who want to express their gratitude to their loved ones at Christmas, come and select a hamper or advent calendar designed by English illustrator Paul Thurlby. You can also grab the chocolate in a special edition first launched in Hong Kong as an easy gift at any of our stores.

ROYCE’ Christmas Collection

Hokuriku Seika Rice Syrup Biscuits Gift Set [Can]

Patisserie Kihachi Wafers Collection

Shortbread House of Edinburgh Scotland Shortbread Collection

Bertinchamps Beer Gift Set

Tate’s Cookies Collection

Lifestyle Gift

Besides these special party gifts, bless your loved one by sending them a trendy , helpful gift during this joyful season. Don’t miss the chance to pick a lifestyle gift for him or her at city’super.

TOKU TOKU Thermometer Thermo mug

Jelly Belly Candy Dispenser Collection

Vitantonio Cordless My Bottle Blender-Turquoise Blue

Moomin x Bruno Warming Collection

TOKU TOKU auto rotate vertical grill

TOKU TOKU Popcorn Maker-Vintage

TOKU TOKU Mini Air Fryer


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