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“Kubarahonke” was founded in 1893 as a soy sauce factory in Hisayama in Fukuoka. For more than 120 years, “Kubarahonke” has carefully selected domestic ingredients in Fukuoka, which is rich in nature, and carefully manufactured soy sauce, miso, broth, hot pot soup base, and salad dressing, which are indispensable seasonings in Japanese cuisine. In addition to making seasonings, “Kubarahonke” also operates restaurant called “Kayanoya” which using natural ingredients. With the heart of hospitality, “Kayanoya” inherit the excellent food culture nurtured by Japanese history to the modern age, and hope it will continue into the future. “Kayanoya” will keep it’s vision and bring customers real Japanese cuisine. “Kayanoya” now has 28 branches all over Japan, and entered overseas first time on November 21, 2019, opening its first overseas branch in the city'super Times Square store.

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