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Sweet and Fluffy: Seasonal Japanese Sweet Potato

If you love sweet and fluffy sweet potato, you’d be glad to know that city'super has prepared an array of delicious and healthy Japanese sweet potato and purple sweet potato products for you. Not only can whole sweet potatoes be steamed and then cut into chunks as snacks, but they can also be used as fillings for various desserts and baked goods. Today, we’re bringing you two ingredients that can be used to make purple sweet potato bread, which is suitable for everyone in the family.

Japanese Sweet Potato Mixed Pack A (2 Types)
Includes Japanese Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potatoes and Japanese Kagoshima Organic Purple Sweet Potatoes. Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato has bright purple skin and golden flesh. The texture is powdery but not dry, and has an elegant sweetness; Kagoshima Organic Purple Sweet Potato came from a co-op formed by 160 Kagoshima organic farmers, which produces various JAS certified organic seasonal fruits and veggies.

Tomizawa Purple Sweet Potato Flake
Made from ground Japanese sweet potato, and can be added into dough to make desserts and bread, or sprinkled over desserts for a natural purple colour and sweet flavour.

Taste of Autumn: Japanese-style Soup-restoring Mushroom Feast

Autumn is the best season to enjoy mushrooms. city'super is delighted to bring you our selection of seasonal Japanese mushrooms, all with unique flavours and high nutritional value. Take your pick and enjoy a fragrant and utterly delicious mushroom feast at home with loved ones.

Japanese Maitake Mushroom
“Maitake” means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese. It is fragrant with a crunchy texture. Perfect for enhancing the texture of soups and rich dishes.

Japan Okayama White Mushroom / Brown Mushroom
Rich-tasting hand-picked mushrooms with a crunchy yet fluffy texture.

Japanese Cauliflower Fungus
Only grow in the mountains at least 1,000 metres above sea level so only a very limited amount is harvested. Japanese farmers use very accurate control of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide to recreate the growing condition in order to cultivate this fungus with high quality. Its texture is fluffy and crunchy with a rich aroma. Suitable for all types of Japanese, western and Chinese cuisines.

Japanese Long Enoki Mushroom - Pasta Substitution
Super long enoki mushrooms with unique health benefits. Can be added to soups to make them thicker and more aromatic.

Japanese Enoki Mushroom Steak
Great for vegetarians. Has a scallop-like shape and is juicy and flavourful.

Autumn Hiking Must-have: Japanese-style Snacks

Hiking is a wonderful autumn activity. As you enjoy the lovely scenery along the way, don’t forget to let your body recharge, and seasonal mushrooms and chestnuts are all great and healthy options. Head on over to city'super to discover autumn-themed snacks for your next hiking trip.

Mdh Dried Natto & Shiitake Mushroom Snack
Delicious Japanese soup stock and soy sauce flavoured mushroom tempura snacks that are crispy and tasty, so you can enjoy the natural flavours of the ingredients.

Okasan Food Organic Peeled Chestnut
The brand is very strict with their raw ingredient selection, and uses only JAS certified organic chestnuts. The skin on each chestnut has been carefully removed so you can enjoy the natural flavours with ease. The chestnuts have been steamed and do not contain any preservatives.

Enshuya Chestnuts Red Bean Agar Jelly
Made with lots of red bean and added with chestnuts for a tasty Japanese dessert.

5 Ready-to-eat Autumn Sweet Treats

Can you feel the autumn breeze? city'super is excited to bring you an array of heart-warming autumn sweet treats. Find them at our various gourmet food counters – don’t miss out!

From Little Mermaid:

Pumpkin Sweet Bread
Rich in nutrients, this bun is made with pumpkin puree and is the perfect breakfast and afternoon tea snack for both adults and kids.

Chestnut Bun
The soft and aromatic bun is filled with Japanese chestnut puree, giving it a creamy texture and mild sweetness.


Sweet Potato Stick
Made from sweet potatoes from Miyazaki prefecture. Healthy, tasty and a great afternoon snack at the office.

From sweets house Cha Cha:

Chestnut with Redbean Oobanyaki
Oobanyaki made using Japanese wheat flour, Takachi red bean paste and whole chestnut. Sweet and irresistible.

Steam Sweet Potato
Japanese Annou-imo is known as the “golden honey sweet potato” with a golden colour and soft texture. Also available is the Japanese organic purple sweet potato which is refreshingly sweet and healthy.


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.