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Autumn Warmer: Lucky Japanese Tea Bags

Let a cup of tea warm you up this lovely autumn! This tea bag has taken Japan by storm, and it comes in the shape of a Japanese good luck charm so you can put in your blessings and best wishes and share them with your loved ones.

Wish-making Tea Bags
Comes with different greetings, which make excellent gifts. Includes a gyokuro tea bag from Ujitawara, Kyoto, and the packaging is of great-quality Japanese paper, so you can feel the love and warmth through these small yet thoughtful details.

Greeting Tea - Wakocha Black Tea Bag - Love (Kokigancha Tea)
Greeting Tea - Gyokuro Tea Bag - Green Daruma (Goaisatsucha Tea)
Greeting Tea - Gyokuro Tea Bag - Yellow Daruma (Goaisatsucha Tea)
Greeting Tea - Gyokuro Tea Bag - Fox (Goaisatsucha Tea)

The Monster is Here! Hong Kong First Launch of Ultra Umeshu

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the Ultra series, and Ultra Umeshu ambassador Pygmon is bringing everyone two delicious umeshus to celebrate this special occasion. city'super will be the first to launch these umeshus in Hong Kong this autumn. Spend a fun and tasty autumn with Pygmon!

Ultra Umeshu Blue Sky
Crafted with green plums with Nara and aged for a long time. Exudes the natural and sweet taste of green plums. Best served with ice for a very easy drink.

Illustrated by Chaykov

Ultra Umeshu Twilight Tokyo Tower
Crafted with fully ripe Wakayama plums with a rich texture and mild and sweet flavour.

Illustrated by Chaykov
©円谷PRO x Tokyo Tower

Autumn Oyster Feast: Japanese Hiroshima Oyster Dote Nabe

Between September and April of the following year is the best season for enjoying oysters. Apart from eating them raw, oyster hot pot is another great way to savour these gems of the sea. Watch the video or check out the recipe below to learn how to prepare this Japanese-style hot pot.

About Hiroshima Oyster Dote Nabe
Originating in Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture, the Dote Nabe is a miso-flavoured hot pot. Dote means “mud wall”, and Dote Nabe refers to the method of spreading a thick layer of miso seasoning on the edges of the hot pot, then adding the soup base and ingredients into the pot. When the soup slowly boils, the oysters and vegetables will release moisture while the wall of miso melts into the soup, bringing different layers of flavour.

Kanemitsu Kuradasi White Miso
Carefully selected ingredients are used to make the mild, sweet and smooth white miso paste. Apart from Japanese cuisine, this can also be used in desserts or western-style dishes.

city'super Japan Hiroshima Frozen Giant Oyster

Japan Hiroshima prefecture has a long history of oyster farming, and its production is ranked number one in the country. The largest oysters are harvested exclusively for city'super between January to May, using the latest 3D freezing technology to quickly freeze them at -45℃ to keep the springy texture and freshness of the oysters. Suitable for frying, making oyster rice, oyster gratin and more.

Hot Pot Season: Kiritanpo Nabe

Imagine a cold, snowy winter night, making rice sticks using newly harvested rice and cooking them in a pot of Hinajidori chicken broth… this Japanese home-style hot pot is no doubt a very popular soul-warming dish in autumn and winter. Head on over to city'super for premium Japanese ingredients so you can recreate this Japanese local dish at home.

Ishii Farm Yokote Akita Komachi Rice
A rice named after Ono no Komachi, the Japanese ancient beauty from Akita prefecture. This rice is very sticky with a refreshing sweetness.

Umamy Hinai Chicken Broth Powder
Strictly selected Hinajidori chicken are cooked into a broth and then made into broth powder. The chicken flavour is very concentrated, and the product has no artificial flavouring. Simply add in onions and garlic to season the broth, which can then be used to make hot soup or stir-fried vegetables.

Autumn Japanese-style Hot Pot: Hokkaido Salmon Ishikari Nabe

The autumn breeze is the perfect signal to let you know that it’s the season for hot pot! If you love Japanese cuisine, then the Ishikari Nabe originating from Hokkaido is a dish you must try. Add in your favourite ingredients for a scrumptious feast!

About Ishikari Nabe
This dish began as common everyday meal for fishermen in the Ishikari region. It was said that fishermen would catch fresh salmon, cut them into chunks and add them into miso soup. This later became the Ishikari Nabe known to us today.

Hokkaidoai Hokkaido Hanasaki Crab Soup Stock
The stock is made with Hokkaido Hanasaki crab. Apart from using it as a broth, it can also be used as seasoning and flavouring for dishes.

Japanese Salted Aged Sockeye Salmon Slice
Use about 3% salt to marinate the fish for one day can make the salmon flavour even stronger.

Glamping Must-have: Delicious Canned Food For Camping Beginners

Autumn calls for outdoor activities, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to try the super trendy Glamping. Bring along these premium canned foods specially created for camping beginners, and you only to add rice or bread for a delicious and Instagrammable meal.

Delectable Toasties
Open the can, pour the filling between two pieces of bread then place inside the toastie maker.
K&K Can'P Camp Master Toastie Filling - Chicken Mayonnaise
K&K Can'P Camp Master Toastie Filling - Meat Sauce
K&K Can'P Camp Master Toastie Filling - Beef Stew

Add white rice into a pot, then add a can of paella ingredients with sauce, and bring to the boil (about 10 minutes). Stew in the pot for another 10 minutes and savour this delicious paella dish.
K&K Can'P Camp Master Squid Ink Paella Ingredients
K&K Can'P Camp Master Seafood Paella Ingredients
K&K Can'P Camp Master Chicken Paella Ingredients

Creative Marshmallow Dessert For Glamping

Marshmallows may look plain, but have you tried marshmallow chocolates created specifically for outdoor activities? For camping lovers, city'super has sourced camping snack marshmallows from Hiratsuka, which is a brand with over a century of candy-making experience, so you can enjoy traditional delights in modern ways anytime, anywhere.

Hiratsuka Marshmallow Camper - White Chocolate Flavor
Hiratsuka Marshmallow Camper - Strawberry Chocolate Flavor
Hiratsuka Marshmallow Camper - Chocolate Flavor

Creative Ways of Enjoying Marshmallows While Glamping:
Lightly roast the marshmallows over camp fire until half melted. Enjoy!

Soul-warming Autumn: Norit Japan Siganture Ramen

After a long, tiring day of work, a warm, fragrant and tasting bowl of ramen can no doubt warm your body and soul.

For all ramen lovers, city'super is delighted to bring you six very popular ramen flavours from Japanese brand Norit. This series is a collaboration with famous ramen shops from all over the Tohoku region, so you can explore different Japanese ramen flavours in the form of dried noodles.

Noritjapan Meiten No Ippai Ramen - Akita Suehiro Ramen Soysauce Soup
Noritjapan Meiten No Ippai Ramen - Aomori Ramen Ya Zetton Dried Sardines Soup
Noritjapan Meiten No Ippai Ramen - Iwate Matoya Chuka Soysauce Soup
Noritjapan Meiten No Ippai Ramen - Miyagi Nagacho Ramen Dried Sardines Soup
Noritjapan Meiten No Ippai Ramen - Yamagata Kumonoito Dried Sardines & Soysauce Soup
Noritjapan Meiten No Ippai Ramen - Fukushima Kobaya Dried Sardines & Soysauce Soup


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