Autumn Breeze 2021

E-Shop Pre-order: Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes

The Japanese grapes season is just around the corner! Do you have your wish list ready? Until 8 Sep 2021, log into city'super E-Shop to pre-order the uber rare Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes and be among the first lucky people to enjoy these utterly delicious, precious grapes this season.

Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes
Originating in Ishikawa prefecture, the Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes took the local team 14 years to develop and cultivate. The grape has red wine skin and large pulps double the size of the standard Kyoho grapes. The flesh is juicy and sweet with a mild tartness. The total annual production is very small, hence it is fondly known as “the gem of Japanese grapes” thanks to its rarity. We recommend storing in the fridge and consuming within three days.

Sweet and Fluffy: Seasonal Japanese Sweet Potato

If you love sweet and fluffy sweet potato, you’d be glad to know that city'super has prepared an array of delicious and healthy Japanese sweet potato and purple sweet potato products for you. Not only can whole sweet potatoes be steamed and then cut into chunks as snacks, but they can also be used as fillings for various desserts and baked goods. Today, we’re bringing you two ingredients that can be used to make purple sweet potato bread, which is suitable for everyone in the family.

Japanese Sweet Potato Mixed Pack A (2 Types)
Includes Japanese Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potatoes and Japanese Kagoshima Organic Purple Sweet Potatoes. Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato has bright purple skin and golden flesh. The texture is powdery but not dry, and has an elegant sweetness; Kagoshima Organic Purple Sweet Potato came from a co-op formed by 160 Kagoshima organic farmers, which produces various JAS certified organic seasonal fruits and veggies.

Tomizawa Purple Sweet Potato Flake
Made from ground Japanese sweet potato, and can be added into dough to make desserts and bread, or sprinkled over desserts for a natural purple colour and sweet flavour.

Autumn Warmer: Lucky Japanese Tea Bags

Let a cup of tea warm you up this lovely autumn! This tea bag has taken Japan by storm, and it comes in the shape of a Japanese good luck charm so you can put in your blessings and best wishes and share them with your loved ones.

Wish-making Tea Bags
Comes with different greetings, which make excellent gifts. Includes a gyokuro tea bag from Ujitawara, Kyoto, and the packaging is of great-quality Japanese paper, so you can feel the love and warmth through these small yet thoughtful details.

Greeting Tea - Wakocha Black Tea Bag - Love (Kokigancha Tea)
Greeting Tea - Gyokuro Tea Bag - Green Daruma (Goaisatsucha Tea)
Greeting Tea - Gyokuro Tea Bag - Yellow Daruma (Goaisatsucha Tea)
Greeting Tea - Gyokuro Tea Bag - Fox (Goaisatsucha Tea)

Halloween Limited Edition: DIY Crispy Pumpkin Scones

What are you doing this Halloween? If you’re planning a small gathering at home, why not make cute and yummy pumpkin scones with fresh pumpkin which is in season in autumn? Your family and friends are going to love it.

Italian Delica Pumpkin

The Delica pumpkin is small, round and flat with green skin and dense, vividly orange flesh that is intensely sweet. Perfect for grilling, frying, making soups and being mashed for fillings.


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