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Cheers with Sake

Sake is a key element of connecting people. Whether festive or friends gathering, there will be Sake by your side. Our professional sommelier team working closely with Sake Breweries, city'super will digging more brand stories behind the scene and the hidden secrets of brewing sake, not to mention our recommendation of Premium Sake produce. It will make your every cheers more tasteful and enjoyable.

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Latest Sake Brand Story

The Pioneer of Sake Brewing with Flower Yeast • Tenju

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘Akita Prefecture’? Is it Akita Inu? Or Akita Bijin? Situated in northeastern Japan, Akita Prefecture is the home of Akita Inu and is famous for its rice farming and sake brewing industries. Two-thirds of the breweries in Akita have been around for a century, of which Ohi’s family Tenju Shuzo is a significant player in the industry and a pioneer in brewing sakes with flower yeast.

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