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Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

3 (Thur) Sep – 1 (Thur) Oct 2020
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

10 (Thur) Sep – 1 (Thur) Oct 2020
@ Times Square atrium

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for love and reunions. city'super presents a festive selection of foods and gift boxes that allow you to taste the love and feel the connection this Mid-Autumn.

Best of Mooncakes: 2020 Must-try Brands

Mooncakes are an integral part of Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, we may not be able to celebrate like previous years, but don’t forget there are still plenty of delicious and innovative mooncakes to choose from! Here are three brands of mooncakes we highly recommend – grab them for yourself and your loved ones!

city'super Traditional Mooncake Gift Box
The white lotus seed paste is soft and smooth, while the salted egg yolk is rich and fragrant.

city'super Assorted Lava Mooncake Gift Box
Enjoy both the deliciousness of Lava Custard Mooncake and Lava Matcha Mooncake in one box. The Lava Custard Mooncake has a delectable pastry crust and is rich, fragrant and utterly delicious. The Matcha Lava Mooncake’s filling is made with Uji matcha, and its beautiful tea aroma is present in every bite.

city'super Pastry Mooncakes Gift Box
Completely handmade, the mooncake’s pastry outer layer has a nice texture, while its filling is packed with healthy ingredients like black sesame and red date paste. The gift box contains two Pandan Peanut Pastry Mooncakes, two Walnut Lotus Seed Paste Sesame Pastry Mooncakes, and two Red Date Paste Walnut Pastry Mooncakes.

The Cakery's Vegan and Gluten Free Mooncake Set
Healthy and delicious, The Cakery Mooncakes are made with premium superfood and a modern twist. Choose from four exciting flavours: Oolong & Peach, Black Sesame, Red Date & Mixed Nuts, and Yuzu & Lemon.

Sunny Hills Pineapple Custard Mooncake
Golden, rich pineapple paste is paired with smooth custard for a delightful sweet and savory treat with a touch of tartness. The beautiful pineapple pattern on the mooncake is a showcase of skills and craftsmanship, and symbolic of good harvest and prosperity.

Luxury Sincerity: Mid-Autumn Festival Hamper

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for joyous reunions and warm wishes. This Mid-Autumn, city'super brings you 19 festival hampers and gift boxes, so you can express your love and gratitude to family, friends and colleagues with the help of wonderful flavours.

Recommendation :

M2001 city'super Western Deluxe

M2003 city'super Asian Premium

M2004 Japanese Fruit Deluxe

M2005 city'super Japanese Deluxe

M2012 Joyful Fruit Hamper

M2014 ROYCE' Mid-Autumn Deluxe

M2018 Hang Hing Premium Gift Box

M2019 city'super x Dashijie Mid-Autumn Basket

Mid-Autumn Gift Ideas: RingoWork Natural Apple Juice

Mid-Autumn Festival is almost here. Let’s offer the sweetest blessings to your beloved friends and family. As good health is now more important than ever, RingoWork’s natural apple juice may be exactly the gift you’re looking for!

RingoWork Apple Juice
RingoWork selects only the finest Aomori and Tsugaru apples grown in a natural environment with fertile soil and cultivated with advanced technologies to be made into apple juice, which has a natural taste and is full of apple aroma. Tsugaru apples are intensely sweet, while Aomori apples are very fragrant, and RingoWork combines the two varieties to create an apple juice with the perfect taste and aroma!

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, here are two limited-edition bottles that are perfect as gifts:

  • RingoWork Apple Juice - Mid Autumn
  • RingoWork Apple Juice - Moon

The Gifting Season: Secret Formula Condiments

Everyone is cooking at home more often these days, so why not gift your loved ones some premium condiments and sauces this Mid-Autumn Festival so they can take their home cooking to the next level? city'super is proud to recommend these new products from Taiwan’s Hsianggii and Ningchi. Lovers of Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines, don’t miss out!

Hsianggi Scallop XO Sauce
A handmade Hong Kong-style XO sauce made using local salted threadfin fish and hand-shredded dried scallop. Vacuum-sealed and sterilised using high temperature and high pressure; no preservatives or additives added.

Hsianggi Shan Sauce - Turmeric Shrimp Sauce
One of the top 10 souvenirs from Taoyuan, this prawn paste oozes with the unique flavours of old Burmese-Chinese cuisine. Vacuum-sealed with no preservatives or additives added.

Hsianggi Grandpa Sauces Gift Set
Includes Whitebait Fish XO Sauce, Fermented Soy Bean Fish and Spicy Mini Rolls, so you can enjoy three signature products in one go. Comes with natural, non-toxic rice husk chopsticks. A lovely gift for food lovers.

Ningchi Taiwan's Hottest Chili Sauce
Can be used to make mala spicy hot pot, mala stinky tofu, mala duck’s blood, mala beef noodles, sliced beef and beef offal in chilli sauce, sliced fish in chilli oil, sliced beef in chilli oil, spicy pork intestines with duck’s blood, spicy wontons, barbecued and roasted meats, noodles, and more.

Fruit Gift Boxes For Moon Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is all about union, and fruit hampers are must-haves as gifts. This year, city'super is delighted to introduce Fruit n More gift boxes and a prestigious Japanese pear gift set, filled to the brim with delicious fruits and perfect as gifts for anyone!

Fruit n More Customisable Gift Box
Fruit n More has specially selected premium fruits for customising your own gift hampers. Customers can head to the Fruit n More counter at Harbour City or Times Square stores and select six of their favourite fruits to create the perfect hamper. Here are two seasonal recommendations:

• Japan Okayama Shine Muscat Grape
The exclusive shine muscat grapes from Okayama have a sweetness level of at least 18. They have bright jade green skin that are thin and crunchy, so you can enjoy the grape with skin on. The grapes are firm, juicy and flawless in appearance, with each branch growing only one bunch of grapes so each grape can absorb more nutrients.

• Japanese Aurora Black Grape
An exclusive variety from Okayama, the grapes are big and round, seedless and have thin skin that are not tannic, so you can enjoy the grapes with skin on. They are even sweeter than Pione black grapes and can keep for longer, making them an excellent gift option.

Japan 20th Century Pear Gift Box

From Tottori prefecture’s Hirooka Farm, which was established in 1971 and works directly with city'super. The farm uses their own blend of organic fertiliser to reduce the use of chemicals. This pear has a light green colour with a big and round appearance. Its flesh is sweet, crunchy, delicate and juicy. The pears come in a beautiful box for gifting.

Made in Hong Kong Gift Ideas: Pin Cookies with Unique Flavours

Want something different this Mid-Autumn Festival? Choose local brand Pin Cookies!

Pin Cookies was founded by artisanal cake shop Oookie Cookie’s owner, specialising in cookies with unique Hong Kong-inspired flavours. From product concept and ingredients selection to production and packaging, everything is done in Hong Kong, making this an authentic Hong Kong brand.

Pin Cookies MAF Assorted Flavor Cookies Gift Box
The box takes on a traditional hollow-carved design, and comes with a charging port so you can use the box as a desk lamp or lantern decoration. The beautiful gift box comes with cookies in various signature flavours, and is sure to impress!

Pin Cookies Orange Macadamia Cookies
Crunchy and zesty with a touch of summer!

Pin Cookies Extra Rich Chocolate Cookies
Savour the comfort of sweet, rich cocoa in your mouth! A huge hit with chocolate lovers.

Healthy Cook At Home Tips: Goji Berry Conch Chicken Soup with Herbs

Soups are great for in between seasons, and the US conch is a must-have for making yummy Chinese-style soups. city'super has strictly selected the very tender American Conch, which is sweet, rich in protein and minerals, and low in fat. Apart from soups, you can also use it for making stewed dishes.

Let’s make the healthy and delicious Conch Chicken Soup with Herbs together!

Ingredients (serves four):

  • 3pc of American frozen conch meat
  • 15g common yam rhizome
  • 10g goji berries
  • 300g UK Daylesford Organic Chilled Pork
  • 1 fresh chicken (remove skin)
  • 5g salt
  • 2.5L water

Steps :

  1. Defrost conch meat and clean thoroughly.
  2. Blanch conch meat, chicken and pork for 1 minute. Remove and set aside.
  3. In a pot, boil 2.5L water, then add all ingredients and cook for 1.5 hours in medium heat. Enjoy!


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