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Our first authentic Japanese restaurant – MIKURA

Owned by City Super Limited

17 (Fri) Jun 2022
@ 3/F, sugar+, 31 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay

city'super brings you its first-ever Japanese restaurant MIKURA, is coming soon! With many years of experience in curating and appreciating authentic Japanese gourmet delights, we perform strictly-selected, high-quality natural ingredients crafted into healthy dishes and Japanese-style hot pots, all of which are expertly paired with regional sake for an exquisite and refined dining experience within the bustling metropolis.

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A Taste of Craftsmanship

Welcome to our culinary playground of authentic, exquisite Japanese flavours. Guided by a Japanese culinary expert, we craft innovative dishes using seasonal Japanese ingredients from exclusive artisanal brands and partner farms, elevating the art of eating, one dining table at a time.

A Gourmet Treasure Trove

Presenting city’super’s iconic high-quality, fresh and healthy natural ingredients in three major categories: healthy dishes, Japanese-style hot pot and regional sake, promising you a gastronomic journey of many delightful surprises.

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MIKURA highlights: Top 5 signature dishes

Yamagata A5 Wagyu Beef with Hakataya Soy Milk Hot Pot: Heart-warming, Healthy & Nourishing

Strictly select high-quality Japanese food, and guided by Japanese culinary expert, to present a chapter of culinary delights.

Presented in shabu shabu style to accentuate the freshness of the ingredients, the hot pot set includes a soy milk soup base made fresh daily at the brand’s own workshop using Hakataya original flavour soy milk and century-old brand Kayanoya’s bonito fish dashi soup stock; Yamagata A5 Wagyu rib eye and beef chuck with a low fat melting point and a rich, meaty flavour; an array of fresh seasonal vegetables directly flown in from Japan, such as Japanese Chinese cabbage, shimeji mushroom, crown daisy, spinach, maitake mushroom and leek; as well as Hakataya’s freshly made tofu.

Start with the meat, then move onto the veggies and the soup. Lastly, add rice, udon or egg for a delicious zosui (Japanese rice soup) packed with rich umami.

MIKURA Steam Pot: Let the Ingredients’ Natural Flavours Shine

If you enjoy indulging in the fresh, natural flavours of ingredients, then the Mikura Steam Pot (Serves 2) will pleasantly surprise you. Enjoy it with our secret dipping sauce for an elevated hot pot experience.

Presented in a square wooden steamer box are a selection of fresh vegetables directly flown in from Japan, such as Japanese Chinese cabbage, shimeji mushroom, crown daisy, spinach, maitake mushrooms and leek; Yamagata A5 Wagyu rib eye and beef chuck with a low fat melting point and a rich, meaty flavour; as well as the Hakataya’s freshly made tofu. To enjoy, cover the box with the wooden lid, and place the box on a steamer to cook all the ingredients. To serve, enjoy with a tangy dipping sauce made with yuzu, kumquat and tangerine, or the special yuzu powder.

Enjoy Yamagata beef with leek for an even more intense, exquisite flavour.

Kinpira Burdock Salad: Nutritious & Refreshing

Burdock has very high nutritional value, and is one of the most nutritious root vegetables. It is rich in fibre, nutritious, promotes intestinal movement and aids digestion. It is suitable for people who are concerned about their blood lipids and blood pressure.

Mikura offers Kinpira Burdock Salad made to RF1’s original recipe and secret preparation method, ensuring that the ingredients are ultra-fresh in order to present the ultimate flavours of the ingredients. The burdock root has been julienned and stir-fried in soy sauce and broth. Forty types of veggie, including lettuce, radish and carrot sticks, are added to the salad for a mix of different textures. A colourful appetiser that is great for all seasons.

Grilled Yamagata A5 Wagyu Sirloin - Cube: Tender & Fragrant

Rather than using standard parts of the beef, Mikura has strictly selected the most precious cut of Yamagata beef – the sirloin – to create this rare dish with bite-sized beef cubes.

Fed with Yamagata rice, the A5 Grade Otome Ushi cattle from Yamagata Prefecture have fat with a low melting point; the fat melts during cooking to release oil with a mouthwatering fragrance. The sirloin is rich in oils and well-marbled with a snowflake-like pattern. The meat is very tender and the fat, once heated, exudes a lovely sweetness. A premium delicacy not to be missed.

Chirashi Don with 6 Kinds of Sashimi: The Most Instagrammable

Dining is extra fun when there are colourful and nutritious dishes to dress up your dining table.

Mikura’s beloved Chirashi Don with 6 Kinds of Sashimi features a variety of seasonal fish and seafood such as chutoro, scallop, mackerel, salmon roe, striped jack and minced tuna. These umami-packed ingredients sit atop a bed of city’super’s own-farm Japanese Niigata white rice; each translucent grain is sweet and chewy, perfectly elevating the freshness of the sashimi and seafood. Our chef doesn’t over-season the rice, so diners can enjoy the original flavour of this premium rice.

A demonstration of Japanese craftsmanship at its finest, the dish is presented in individual sake cups for a fun yet refined look. Is your camera ready?

MIKURA highlights: Our Four Exclusive Japanese Craftsmanship Brands

Hakataya - True Craftsmanship ‧ Freshly Handmade Artisanal Soybean Products

city’super’s own-brand tofu house, specialises in handcrafted artisanal soybean products of exceptional quality using strictly selected Canadian soybeans. Since the launch of city’super in 1996, our Japanese Tofu Master Mr. Sasaki Takao has been using his wealth of experience and the traditional methods honed through his training in Fukuoka, Japan to handcraft the silkiest, richest soybean products, all of which are freshly made every day.

Most popular items:
  • Rich Momen Tofu: can be pan-fried, grilled or made into tofu burgers
  • Flavourful Soft Tofu: great as an appetiser and can be added to stews, pan-fried dishes, salads and soups
  • Soy Milk: with an intense, genuine soybean taste is available in different flavours, such as no-sugar, black sesame and matcha, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Tasty and versatile, the soy milk is also great as a cooking ingredient, such as for hot pot soup base, making tofu by adding nigari, or making yuba by boiling.

  • Kayanoya - Without Additives ‧ Century-old Dashi Brand

    Originally founded in 1893 (Meiji era year 26) as small soy sauce brewery Kubara Honke in Hisayama, Fukuoka, Kayanoya has always had hospitality and craftsmanship at its heart. The brand is dedicated to continuing the legacy of the exceptional food culture born out of Japan’s rich history and terroir.

    Over the years, Kayanoya has persisted in using quality ingredients selected with extraordinary care by visiting farmers and other suppliers throughout Japan personally, to make its broth (dashi) without any artificial flavours or preservatives. The broth is packed with sweetness and umami, retaining the true, authentic flavours of traditional Japanese-style dashi. Thanks to its mellow flavour, the dashi is suitable not only for all sorts of Japanese cuisine, but also for a wide variety of Chinese dishes.

    RF1 - Soul-restoring Gourmet Food ‧ Creative Japanese Salads

    RF1, one of the most popular gourmet food counters at prestigious Japanese department stores, is loved for its healthy, innovative salad creations. Tasty and nutritious, each of its dishes is carefully crafted using the freshest seasonal ingredients.

    Enlivening the spirit of craftsmanship, founder Mr Kozo Iwata had the vision of creating a new form of cuisine that marries the healthy aspect of salads from Western culture with Japan meticulous pursuit of quality and aesthetics, in order to please the diners’ different senses when they enjoy RF1 creations.

    RF1 also adjusts the flavours of its dishes based on feedback from local customers. In Hong Kong, salads are made fresh daily at city’super using strictly selected ingredients. The whole process is closely monitored by an RF1 chef to ensure all aspects of production are of the highest Japanese standards, providing you with a tasty, satisfying meal amid your hectic schedule.

    The Queen of Black Wagyu ‧ Yamagata A5 Grade Otome Ushi Wagyu Beef

    Since 2013, city’super has partnered directly with Yamaguchi Livestock, Yamagata Prefecture’s largest cattle farm. Every month, city’super purchases whole rare and precious Otome Ushi cattle, or “maiden cows”, from Yamagata, and those that are 30 months or older are considered the best. Only very few top-notch wagyu brands in Japan use Otome Ushi. Currently, Yamaguchi Livestock is managed by two brothers, and the younger brother, Mr. Satoshi Yamaguchi, is a vet. The company is dedicated to raising Yamagata cattle with tender, juicy meat that is irresistible to lovers of fine beef.

    Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef is flavourful and succulent; its fat has a low melting point that releases an irresistible aroma as it sizzles and cooks, and indulges the palate with a rich, meaty flavour. Exclusively available at city’super, the Otome Ushi cattle have been fed with snow groundwater with trace elements, which gives the meat a delicate, tender texture with more refined marbling – a guarantee of top quality.

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