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Peach Journey

1 (Wed) Jul – 24 (Mon) Aug 2020
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Summer is the best season to enjoy peaches. city'super has sourced a wide range of seasonal peaches from different regions and prefectures of Japan, including 4 direct from farms, in order to offer you the finest, freshest peaches.

Best Season:
‧Pink Peach: July to August
‧White Peach: mid-July to early August
‧Golden Peach: August

Your Peach Journey Timeline

Japanese peaches are now in season! city'super is excited to bring all peach fanatics premium Japanese peaches flown in directly from four different prefectures in Japan. What’s more, we have invited three adorable mascots to embark on this Peach Journey with us, introducing the in-season peaches from various Japanese farms. Let’s meet them!

Just like a bunny – pink, soft, sweet and juicy!
In season: early July to August

Japanese white peaches are rare like polar bears! Their harvest period is very short, and they are refreshingly sweet with a smooth texture.
In season: mid-July to early August

Like a hedgehog, golden peaches have tougher skin in a golden hue. They have a crunchier, firmer texture.
In season: August

We sourced peaches from different Japanese prefectures and regions

city'super has sourced a wide range of seasonal peaches from different regions and prefectures of Japan, including 4 direct from farms, in order to offer you the finest, freshest peaches.

  • Yamanashi: Naito Farm
  • Nagano: Iwashita Farm
  • Yamagata: Nogawa Farm
  • Niigata: Kasahara Farm
  • Okayama: Royal grading White Peach
  • Yamanashi prefecture produces Ohtouryou and Premium Grade Pink Peaches
  • Other peaches are from Wakayama, Fukuoka and Nagasaki

MomoPinku Selection

We have invited MomoPinku to introduce four of the sweetest Japanese pink peaches, which are in season between July and August. Ripe Japanese peaches have an elegant aroma, soft texture and are super juicy. Their sweetness level can reach up to 16 Brix!

Recommended Peaches:

  • Japan Yamanashi Peach
  • Japan Yamanashi Premium Peach
  • Japan Yamanashi Ohtouryou Peach
  • Japan Yamanashi Ittousyou Peach

Japanese Pink Peach Grading Chart

Depending on its place of origin, Japanese peaches can fall under different grading systems: JA Fuefuki (Ichinomiya), JA Fuefuki (Misakacho), JA Fuefuki (Yatsushiro) and JA Zen-Noh. In particular, Ichinomiya’s “Premium” and Misakacho’s “Ohtouryou” mark the highest-grade peaches which are the sweetest with the most flawless appearance.

Here are two of the most highly regarded Japanese peaches we think you’ll love:

Japan Yamanashi Premium Peach

  • Top Grade: JA Fuefuki (Ichinomiya) – Premium
  • Can be more than 14 Brix when in season. A beautiful blush colour with rich peach flavour.

Japan Yamanashi Ohtouryou Peach

  • Top Grade: JA Fuefuki (Misakacho) – Ohtouryou
  • Can be more than 13.5 Brix when in season. The finest appearance.

Rarest Japanese White Peaches at city'super

We would like to share with you 4 Japanese white peaches of the highest quality, all of which are available at city'super for a limited time only due to the fruit’s seasonality.

Recommended Peaches:

  • Japan Okayama Shimizu Hakuto White Peach – Royal
  • Japan Okayama Natsuotome Peach – Royal
  • Japan Okayama Hakuho White Peach
  • Japan Okayama Hakurei White Peach

Shop Smart:Japanese White Peach Grading Chart

Peach Grading Chart

Did you know Japanese peaches can be graded according to four levels defined by the fruit’s appearance and their level of sweetness? Fruit sweetness can be measured in Brix. Higher Brix means sweeter fruit. Each variety of peaches will also have its own grading chart. Let’s take Okayama’s as an example:

  • Royal – at the top of the pyramid, Royal-grade peaches have Brix 12 or more with an excellent, flawless appearance. This is the kind of peaches you can find at city'super.
  • King – second from the top of the pyramid, King-grade peaches have Brix 11.5 or more with a fine appearance.
  • Ace – third from the top of the pyramid, Ace-grade peaches have Brix 10.5 or more with a good appearance.
  • For Processing – the bottom of the pyramid define peaches that are not as highly graded and will be used for making into processed foods.

Glitter & Gold Japanese Golden Peaches

Japan also has an array of golden peaches that are equally pleasing to look at and to taste! Savour these three highly recommended Japanese golden peaches, all of which can be found at city'super. Bring one or all of them home today!

Recommended peaches:
Japan Nagano Iwashita Golden Peach, Japan Kasahara Farm Golden Peach, Japanese Golden Peach

Mo mo Pinku Recommended: Two Japanese Farms We Trust

It is increasingly important that we embrace a food culture that is healthy and environmentally friendly. Apart from nutrition and taste, place of origin is also an essential factor to consider when we shop for food. As Japanese peaches are in season, we have invited the adorable MomoPinku to introduce two Japanese farms we can trust:

Yamanashi Naito Farm

  • Certified eco-farmer
  • Seldom use chemicals
  • Use 30% fewer agrochemicals and chemical fertilisers than normal standard to ensure sustainable agriculture

Main produce: Japan Yamanashi Naito Peach

Yamagata Nogawa Farm

  • Support eco-friendly natural agriculture
  • Produces safe, secure and stable agricultural products

Main produce: Japan Yamagata Peach

Fun Fact: Where Do Golden and White Peaches Come From?

In Japan, farming is a much-valued industry. Thanks to technological advances, farms are employing various advanced agricultural methods to produce better-tasting and safer produce. MomoKin is here to introduce two Japanese farms with unique cultivation methods. Don’t forget to visit city'super and bring home these farms’ high-quality peaches!

Niigata Kasahara Farm

  • Uses almost no pesticides or chemical fertilisers in order to protect the environment.
  • Uses Environmental Protection Cultivation

Main produce: Japan Kasahara Farm White Flesh Peach, Japan Kasahara Farm Golden Peach

Nagano Iwashita Farm

  • To improve fruit sweetness, the farm uses “Diamond Amino” to encourage the promotion of micro-organisms in soil and increase absorption of fertiliser.
  • Uses Special Cultivation

Main product: Japan Nagano Iwashita Peach, Japan Nagano Iwashita Golden Peach

Limited-time Only – Japanese Peach Cuisine

Summer is a great time to create dishes with fruits! As peaches are in season, city'super is introducing four appetising dishes crafted with peaches.

Recommended dishes:

  • Japanese White Peach with Burrata Cheese Salad
  • Spaghetti with Yellow Peach and Parma Ham
  • Slow Cooked Duck Breast from South-West of France and Yellow Peach with Red Wine Sauce
  • Grilled Yellow Peach with Honey

*Available at AMAZING FOOD HALL @ Times Square store from now until 22 August.

Sweet Heavens:Japanese Peach Desserts and Drinks

Summer is the best time for Japanese peaches! If you love peaches and peach flavoured items, and are looking for light, refreshing summer desserts, you’re in luck! Here are a few recommended sweet items made with Japanese peaches you can find at sweets house Cha Cha. Which one is your favourite?

Recomended products:

  • Hokkaido Milk or Matcha Softcream with Fresh Japanese Peach
  • Japanese Peach Cream Puff
  • Peach Oobanyaki
  • Peach Soda

*Available at sweets house Cha Cha counters @city'super Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores from now until 31 July.

Peach Baked Goods and Cakes You’ll Love

This season for Japanese peaches! Apart from fresh peaches, city'super is also delighted to bring peach fanatics an array of delectable peach flavoured products, such as breads and cakes! Here are two sweet baked items made with Japanese peaches you don’t want to miss:

Recomended products:

  • Japanese Peach Bun (Available until 31 August)
  • Japanese Peach Cream Cake (Available until 31 July)

*Available at all Little Mermaid and Sweet Complex counters at city'super.

100% Thirst Quenchers: Japanese Peach Summer Drinks

For those always on the go and don’t have time to eat fruits but want to enjoy sweet, fruity flavours, try one of these Japanese peach summer drinks! city'super recommend drinking them while they are ice cold, of course!

Recommended items:

  • Japanese White Peach Soda
  • Iced Peach Tea with Coconut Jelly
  • Peach & Strawberry Juice

*Available at AMAZING FOOD HALL @ Times Square store, and all RF1 counters.


^Promotional products are available @ selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.