Soil Regeneration: FoodCycle+ preserves soil for the future

How to handle food waste has been a huge land and environmental challenge in Hong Kong. For this part of the Salute to Craftsmanship - Local Farmers series, we are introducing local company FoodCycle+, which aims to relief the stress on landfills and at the same time promote the local farming industry. Let’s find out more about this long-term partner of city'super!

About FoodCycle+

Co-founder Ms Hermia Chung has over 10 years of farming experience and the vision to promote local organic recycling. Her company has successfully turned food waste into the 100% made in Hong Kong and highly efficient MixO’ Plus Organic Compost, which is being used to grow fresh, healthy and low-carbon vegetables, and at the same time mitigating climate change by sequestering carbon into soil.

Product Recommendations:

Local Okinawan Bitter Melon (Food Waste Compost)
The founders of the farm visited Okinawa in Japan to learn the techniques of growing Okinawan bitter melons, and the current variety has been perfected through trial and error. The bitter melons are fresh, crunchy with a sweet aftertaste. They are not bitter and are perfect for enjoying in summer.

Local Malabar Spinach (Food Waste Compost)
The local Malabar spinach is in season in summer, and are very rare to find in local shops and markets. Malabar spinach harvested on the day is very fresh and tender, and is suitable for stir-frying or making soups.

MixO’ Plus Organic Compost (Local Food Waste Compost)
Hong Kong’s first certified organic food waste compost, which has been made by collecting food waste from herbal tea dregs, coffee grounds, beer hops and bean dregs. These food waste act as “herbal medicines” for plants, improving the quality of soil which in turn allows plants to grow better.

In Harmony with Bees: The Best Natural Honey from ForME HONEY

Urbanites often embrace the fast food culture due to their busy lifestyle, so enjoying natural products has become a rarity. Local company ForME HONEY understands the health benefits of natural sugars, which is especially true for honey, so the brand dedicates a lot of care and attention on beekeeping in order to collect the best-quality natural honey.

Owing their success to the tireless efforts of bees in collecting honey, the brand is truly grateful to the bees and Mother Nature, and hopes to pass down the knowledge and skills to the next generation, so their respect for nature and the taste of their honey can be carried on.


Established in 2014, ForME HONEY is dedicated to beekeeping and only harvests honey when the flowers bloom. Third-party research has shown that the bee farm is a great environment for bees to live, which is why their honey is of such high quality.

Product Recommendations:

ForME HONEY Kumquat with Tangerine Peel Honey 100g
Made with 15-year-old tangerine peel using traditional methods. The essence of tangerine peel has elevated the kumquat honey to the next level.

ForME HONEY Lemon Ginger Honey 40mL
Lemon and ginger are air-dried and added to ForME HONEY’s winter honey. Winter honey is also absorbed into the fruit pieces for rich and tasty candied fruit.

ForME HONEY Peanut Bee Butter with Rose 180g
Peanuts are slow-roasted and grounded into a paste, then added to Bulgarian organic roses and ForME HONEY winter honey. There’s rose aroma in every bite.

Industry 4.0: Farm66

Innovative technology has truly elevated traditional agricultural practices, giving farmers the chance to raise awareness of their amazing work.

This time we would like to introduce Farm66, a company that insists on strict production standards and collects data from all of its plants in order to produce safe, healthy vegetables in any indoor spaces.

About Farm66:

An innoagritech company that is dedicated to enhancing food safety and local food self-sufficiency. Through innovative technology and techniques, Farm66 is able to move traditional outdoor farming indoors, creating the ideal environment for crops to grow. They have implemented Industry 4.0, a fully automated system that enhances efficiency and productivity, so fresh and healthy vegetables can be grown all year round.

Product Recommendations:

Farm66 Instant Salad Box
Made with four of the day’s freshest leafy greens, such as arugula, endives, Japanese mustard, basil, oak leaf lettuce, coral lettuce, butter head lettuce, rosette bok choy and romaine lettuce.

Local Dill
A very popular herb that has the taste of star anise and a mild lemon aroma. It can make fish even smoother and more tender, hence commonly used in seafood dishes.

Local Green Kale
Known as the “King of Green Leaves”, green kale has a high level of dietary fibre and is very nutritious. The leaves have a soft texture than normal kale, and has a mild pomegranate aroma.

Fresh from the heart: New Life Farm builds a fulfilling life

From the moment a seed is planted, farmers must carefully look after the crops in order for them to grow tall and strong. Farming is not only a way to provide us with fresh and delicious ingredients, but also symbolises nurture and growth. Giving farming an extra special meaning, New Life Farm hopes to provide professional rehabilitation services for recovered mental health patients through farming experience, elevating their skills to promote integration and participation in society.

About New Life Farm:

New Life Farm is dedicated to pioneering and delivering people-focused, recovery-oriented, evidence-based community mental health services with care and respect, innovation and a continuous drive for excellence and professionalism. The farm also has the vision to raise public awareness on mental health, organic farming, health lifestyle, and environmental protection and conservation.

Product Recommendations:

Local Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom
Grown in their own greenhouse, the oyster mushrooms are nutritious with a crunchy texture, and rich and fresh flavour. Perfect for stir-frying, soups and salads.

Local Organic Rosemary Pot
A rare organic herb in a pot, this homegrown herb can help with reducing abdominal bloating and improving memory. Its scent is very refreshing.

Local Organic Pak Choi - Taiwan Breed
Uncommon in Hong Kong, this Taiwanese variety of bok choy can only be grown using suitable covering and strict control of water. Only requires a short cooking time so this vegetable is known to be environmentally friendly. Suitable for soups.

Return to Farming Understand Life: Yi O Agricultural Cooperation

At present, more than 80% of agricultural land in Hong Kong has been left unused for a long time. In recent years, more people in Hong Kong are pursuing a healthier lifestyle, and farming and farmland recultivation have become hot topics again. The farmland at Yi O Village is one of such examples. Yi O Village is rich in soil and water resources, which makes it great for farming and the waterways are convenient for transportation. This has led to the establishment of Yi O Agricultural Cooperation.

About Yi O Agricultural Cooperation:

Registered as a cooperation, the company is in charge of implementing the Yi O Agricultural Re-cultivation Programme and planning farming production as well as regularly hosting various farming and eco- and environmentally-friendly activities. The Cooperation promotes eating produce that are in season. In addition to agricultural products, the Co-op also sells by-products of various crops. Yi O’s homemade products are made with ingredients from Yi O. From planting and harvesting to processing and packaging, everything is done locally. Part of the production is done by Yi O farmers.

Product Recommendations:

Yi O XO Sauce with Salted Fish 180g
Made with an exclusive, locally-created formula using special ingredients such as Tai O salted fish. A condiment that is packed with flavours of Hong Kong.

Yi O Chicken Pot Spice Paste 180g
Spicy and tasty while rich and natural, Chef Sing strictly selects Sichuan broad bean sauce, dried chilli pepper and many other ingredients, which are then mixed with Yi O garlic and slow-cooked by hand. Perfect for lo mein, cold noodles, cooking, as a dipping sauce and condiment for hot pot.

Yi O Rice 500g
100% naturally grown in Hong Kong and watered with natural mountain water and then sun-dried. No preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring, chemical pesticides or other chemicals. Very natural and healthy.

Hydroponic Farming: Hydrogro shows how to grow locally

Hydrogro focuses on using the latest agricultural technologies to further the development of locally and hydroponically grown produce. They observe their crops every day to look for any signs of nutrient deficiency or pests. Their crops are hand grown and cared for to ensure healthy and delicious produce, and they sell their produce directly so customers can enjoy the freshest produce. The brand’s high-quality edible flowers come in a great variety and are much sought-after by local hotels and renowned chefs for adding a dash of colour to their dishes.

Product Recommendations:

Local Hydroponic Edible Flower
Using local edible flowers for cooking can add a touch of colour and freshness to the dishes.

Local Microgreen Pot Plant
Locally grown microgreens that are safe, fresh, and perfect for salads.

Local Microgreen Growing Kit
You can grow your own microgreens with unique veins and patterns, and share them with your loved ones.


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