Brewed in Hong Kong: 2 Craft Beer Brands You Should Know

Hong Kong craft beers are a huge hit in recent years, and they are no doubt products of artisanal technique and innovation. We have selected two of the most well-known made in Hong Kong craft beer brands, both of which have cool packaging and create their brews using iconic local ingredients that are sure to delight and surprise your taste buds.

With the philosophy that “you only live once, so you should be a beer hero at least once”, hEROES was founded by three beer-loving friends. Among them, head brewer Chris is one of the innovators that started the Hong Kong craft beer movement. Their beer creation process starts with an in-depth interview with a beer lover to learn about his or her background, values, passions in life and most important, passion for beer. All these dimensions of the person become the inspiration for the beer’s recipe, design, and the beer hero’s story. When you taste the beer, you’re also tasting and experiencing the beer hero’s story, passion and superpower!

Young Master
Established in 2013, Young Master Brewery is Hong Kong’s largest and most highly rated craft beer brewery. The brand injects original thinking and disciplined execution techniques into their beers to create world-class brews that celebrate Asian culture. They fully own and operate two brewing facilities in Hong Kong, one in Wong Chuk Hang and other in Ap Lei Chau, housing Asia’s largest wood barrel ageing program and a custom-built oak foeder for their mixed-culture fermentation program. In recent years, Young Master has expanded beyond Hong Kong, and has already received numerous international awards.

A Sauce of Pride: 2 Amazing Modern Condiments Brand in Hong Kong

Premium condiments are a real highlight when it comes to local cuisine. Hong Kong-produced sauces are always loved for their quality, and in recent years we have seen an emergence of local brands using recipes passed down through generations while injecting creativity to their products. You’ll be surprised by these delicious, highly addictive sauces!

About Nicole's Kitchen :
In 2011, Nicole started making French-style fruit jams at home, and shared her cooking experience through Nicole’s Kitchen online, where she began gathering a loyal fan following. Today, Nicole still insists on monitoring and crafting homemade sauces every day to give her customers the loving taste of family home cooking.

Nicole's Kitchen Bandit Chicken Wings Seasoning
The perfect combination of cumin powder, black sesame, Sichuan peppercorn, white pepper and cloves, this seasoning is made using all natural ingredients without any adding preservatives, artificial flavouring and colouring. Apart from marinating chicken wings, this seasoning can be also used to cook lamb, pork belly, mushrooms and eggplant.

Nicole's Kitchen Authentic Laksa Sauce
Made with all natural ingredients, including plenty of dried shallots, dried shrimps, lemongrass, galangal and red chilli, then added with Vietnamese coriander, tamarind juice and fish sauce. Add coconut cream to taste for different flavours of laksa. Simple yet delicious!

About X-1493:
Chilies are said to have originated in Central and South American areas of Peru and Mexico. In 1493, explorer Christopher Columbus brought the chilli back to Europe, which was then taken to China via the Silk Road in the 15th century. The brand “X-1493” is named after this very special year.

X-1493 Chili Powder (Original Flavour / Garlic Flavour / Onion Flavour / Seafood Flavour)
The chilli powder is made from the 2-million SHU Carolina Reaper, Indian ghost pepper, Taiwanese ghost pepper, Sichuan peppercorn, Thai chilli peppers and many other spices. Can be used for marinating and cooking. Normal consumption will not harm the stomach.

100% Collectible: Hong Kong-style Coffee x Handmade Cookie

Calling all coffee and cookie lovers! Hong Kong boutique coffee brand Cupping Room Coffee Roasters has partnered up with Hong Kong Tramways and local bakery La Viña to launch a limited-edition collector’s box! Basque cheesecake is all the craze now, and the box contains the original recipe from the San Sebastian restaurant that invented Basque cheesecake, as well as a series of classic baked goods; the box has been designed by a renowned local illustrator. There’s so much to love about these gift boxes, grab one now as a gift or a treat for yourself.

Cupping Room x Hong Kong Tramways x La Viña Cookies Gift Box
The gift box has been designed by local illustrator Kazy Chan. Kazy’s main medium is watercolour, and has been creating these magical watercolour worlds since 2013. Each gift box contains Cupping Room coffee, vanilla and Ovaltine cookies, almond puff and La Viña’s signature brownie cookies (“brookies”), which have been crafted using Spanish Casa Cacao artisanal chocolate.

Cupping Room x Hong Kong Tramways Collector’s Edition Coffee Capsules Box
Cupping Room Coffee Roasters has strictly selected the most suitable beans and roasting and grinding them the perfect amount to create this coffee capsule formula, so coffee lovers can easily enjoy amazing coffee.

The Healthy Choice: Annie Gourmet

How do you eat healthily when you live a busy lifestyle? Local entrepreneur Annie understands the importance of instant soup packs and nourishing Chinese tonic foods for busy urbanites, so she has combined traditional cooking methods and creativity to craft delectable instant foods made with premium healthy ingredients that you can simply reheat and enjoy.

Annie Gourmet’s founder Annie Lam has always been health-conscious and enjoys researching Chinese medicine diet therapy. In 2018, she founded Annie Gourmet, dedicating her time in creating traditional tonic foods with health, wellness and care in mind.

Annie Gourmet Buddha Jumps Over the Wall
Premium Dalian abalone is meaty and sweet with excellent bite; the abalone sauce is great with noodles or rice. Also comes with a lot of other ingredients, including sea cucumber, fish maw, scallop, duck feet, lotus root, chicken, king oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, lobster ball and chickpeas. Perfect for feasts at home or as a gift.

Annie Gourmet Canned Abalone
Different from the usual braised abalone, this canned abalone comes in a clear broth and is simple yet tasty.

Annie Gourmet Night Blooming Cereus and Candied Date Soup with Pork Spine
Good for the lungs and can clear heat, coughs and phlegm.

Annie Gourmet Cordyceps, Shiitake Mushroom and Dried Scallops Soup with Chicken
A sweet soup that is great for the lungs, kidneys, eyes and skin.

Annie Gourmet Blaze Mushroom and Sliced Conch Soup with Chicken
Can help boost the immune system, and is great for the kidneys and clearing heat in the liver. Particularly good for woman.


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