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25th Anniversary Recommendation: Savour Life

In the past 25 years, city'super has experienced many successes and challenges, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and shopping experience to our customers. We share the same spirit as local snack brand Savour Life, which is all about not fearing challenges, not forgetting why you started, and connecting excellent food with people.

About Savour Life

A young couple who enjoy life and cooking loves sharing great food with others, so they started the Savour Life brand. Even though later on there were some unforeseen circumstances, the wife stayed true to their original intentions and continued to strive for maintaining the original flavour.

city'super Exclusive:

Savour Life Sichuan Spicy Wagyu Beef Tongue 250g / Sichuan Spicy Wagyu Beef Cheek 250g

Made with Australian F3+ grade wagyu with beautiful marbling and a fat melting point as low as 37 degrees.

Beef is first soaked in a marinade made with ingredients such as Sichuan peppercorn, star anise, cinnamon, then sous vide for a few hours until soft. After slow cooking, the wagyu fat has melted into the soup, while the aromatic oils cling to the meat, giving it an extra tender texture and is fragrant without being greasy.

Tasty Skewers at Times Square atrium :

From now until 7 October 2021, head on over to Times Square atrium for wagyu beef tongue and wagyu beef cheek skewers, and enjoy the crunchy texture and exquisite flavour of wagyu.

Truly Hong Kong: Camel Classic Vacuum Flask

When it comes to unique made-in-Hong-Kong homeware, Camel’s classic vacuum flasks are definitely on the list. For over 80 years, Camel has been providing families with durable and high-quality thermal flasks. With the recent throwback to retro styles, Camel continues to innovate and its products are now super trendy. Its spirit to pass down the traditions and innovate is something to be respected.

The Story of Camel

Camel is a local Hong Kong brand that has been making glass-lined vacuum flasks that involve difficult processes for more than half a century. Camel vacuum flasks are classic products by Wei Yit Vacuum Flask Manufactory Ltd, which was founded in 1940 and was one of the few factories at the time that were fully self-sufficient. The brand’s flasks are still fully made in Hong Kong today, bringing Hong Kongers plenty of surprises with its exquisite craftsmanship and creative styles.

Newly Launched: Camel Double-Walled Glass Vacuum Flask 450mL - Pet Series (Cat/ Dog/ Fish/ Rabbit)

The vivid and cute designs are created based on four of the most popular pets. Camel hopes to bring something different to the customers, adding nostalgic and modern elements to details of everyday life to create lovely memories.

Seeking Flavours of Hong Kong : Locally-Produced Healthy Noodles

Made in Hong Kong, no MSG, no preservatives, no artificial colouring – if these are four criteria that are important to you, then this local noodle brand is right up your alley.

About Sam Gwan

This Hong Kong brand has launched a series of locally-produced noodles with healthy and no additives as its selling point. Along with funky, cute and old Hong Kong-inspired packaging and lots of attention to detail, these products are not to be missed by noodle lovers.

Recommended Products:

Sam Gwan Premium Shrimp Roe Noodles

Sam Gwan Shrimp Roe & Abalone Noodles

Sam Gwan Scallop Noodle

Sam Gwan Seaweeds Noodle

Sam Gwan Coriander & Fish Soup Noodles

Natural Healthy Delights: Ling Lee

Looking for locally produced food products that are healthy and with beautifying properties? Hong Kong brand and a long-term partner of city'super, Ling Lee is all about nourishing the body and the spirit, and creating products that are great for the skin and health to elevate your lifestyle.

About Ling Lee

Ling Lee International Limited was founded by Ms Lee Wai-ling, a.k.a Ling Ling, in 2007. Ling Ling is a writer and veteran journalist with a mission to promote the philosophy of natural beauty and natural health as well as responsible entrepreneurship. The brand has introduced an array of health products made with natural ingredients for people of different ages. The company also maintains that most of its products are manufactured and packaged in Hong Kong to ensure the highest safety standards.

Must-try: Linglee Pure Garlic with Rice Vinegar

Can effectively relieve shoulder pain, improve heart and intestinal health, help with sleep, detox, remove deposits in the blood vessels, and can slow down ageing of the organs. Drink 2 teaspoons a day on a full stomach. Gentlemen can drink 2 tablespoons.


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