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Stay Cosy with Your Fur Baby

24 (Thur) March - 7 (Thur) April 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Days at home should always be sweet and cosy—for both you and your fur babies. city’super has selected a wide variety of health and wellness products as well as tasty, nutritious pet treats, so that you and your pets can enjoy the quality time spent together at home.

Treat Your Fur Babies: 4 Snacks For Pets

Spending more time at home? Use this opportunity to create special memories with your pets!
For pet dogs, apart from physical health, it’s also important to keep them happy! Here are a few pet snacks that are sure to be loved by your furry family members!

About Comif:

The name Comif combines “communication” and “food”, as the brand hopes to provide happy dining experiences that the pet owner can share with their dogs.
The brand has launched a range of frozen desserts (Comif) as well as frozen cooked food (Comif Deli), all of which are made in Japanese food factories,
meeting the same high food hygiene standards that apply to manufacturers of human food.
The products are crafted with carefully selected ingredients with health and nutrition in mind.

For Your Fur Babies:

Comif The Woof! Beef Burger

Comif Cheese Cake Bar

Comif Pancake

Comif Grilled Chicken Pizza

Health Supplements For Fur Babies: Happiness Mart Herbal Food Therapy

Not only do we need to look after ourselves, we also need to take good care of our pets’ health. city’super has sourced a range of high-quality health supplements for pets, so you can make the most of your heart-warming time together.

About Happiness Mart:

Happiness Mart has broken the boundaries of traditional pet food-making, choosing ingredients based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories. The brand chooses different kinds of premium meats, which are steamed to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients. No added seasoning, preservatives, MSG or spices, so your paw-fect pal can absorb all the nutrients and benefit from everyday food therapy.

Recommended Products:

Happiness Mart Crocodile Soup with Chuan Bei/Crocodile Gravy with Chuan Bei

Made with food grade crocodile meat and premium chuan bei using a traditional recipe.
The ingredients are cooked for 6 hours and the oils are separated for easy absorption. High-temperature sterilisation, with no added MSG, preservations or food colouring.

Happiness Mart Chicken Drumsticks with Cordyceps Flower and Wolfberry

Made with strictly selected premium chicken drumstick and cordyceps flower that is mild and good for the liver and kidneys,
while wolfberries are great for eye health. A very nutritious supplement for your pet.

Happiness Mart Sea Bream Steak with Corn Silk and Coix Seed

Fresh premium sea bream is paired with corn silk which is great for reducing water retention, as well as coix seed which can lower blood sugar.
The natural moisture and nutrients from the ingredients are retained.

Happiness Mart Crocodile Gravy with Chuan Bei

Happiness Mart Crocodile Soup with Chuan Bei

Happiness Mart Chicken Drumsticks with Cordyceps Flower and Wolfberry

Happiness Mart Sea Bream Steak with Corn Silk and Coix Seed

WFH Must-have: Say Goodbye to Constipation

Are you busier than usual now that you’re working from home? Drinking a reasonable amount of carbonated water can help with digestive problems and edema. Interested? Give it a go!

  • Philips Soda Maker ADD4902BK- Black / Soda Maker ADD4902WH-White
  • No electricity needed. Just 3 simple steps and you can make soda water at home. This soda maker has an automatic pressure relief valve, so you don’t need to manually depressurise. Can change the level of carbonation according to personal reference and create your favourite drinks.

  • Philips Replaceable Carbonating Cylinder ADD913
  • Each carbonating cylinder can make up to 60 litres of carbonated water, which is an economic choice for those who love soda water.

  • Philips Carbonating Bottle ADD912/97 for ADD4902
  • A BPA-free 1-litre carbonating bottle with an elegant stainless steel frame design.

    Home Cooking Ideas: Smoke-free Comfort Food DIY

    When it comes to comfort food, sizzling grilled meats are definitely on the list. Want to cook up a smoke-free grilled feast at home? Grab a smokeless air grill and make this soul-restoring dish anytime.

    Cuisintec Smokeless Air Grill KG-8978

    A smokeless air grill with multiple functions (grill/roast/bake/air fry/dehydrate/pizza) with 4 smart BBQ settings, a wide temperature control (50°C-230°C) and an LED display showing temperature and time. Comes with a removable stainless steel anti-splash guard and is easy to clean.

    No More WFH Shoulder and Neck Pain: Massage Products For Your Home

    While we stay at home, we can still enjoy professional-level relaxing treatments. From improving posture to relaxing massages, city’super has rounded up a range of premium home goods to help you stay well and happy.

    Dr.Rock BianStone Far Infrared Heating Therapy SitPad

    With 41 pieces of bian stones inside, the pad heats up quickly through a graphene heating film to provide far-infrared and ultrasonic physiotherapy. Can be used as a seating pad or foot pad to improve blood circulation, keep warm, and relieve fatigue and pain.

    Breo Massagun S1 - Mini Massage Gun

    Can be operated with one hand and can easily massage the whole body. Has 4 speed settings for different massage needs. Weighing only 220g and only 11.65cm in length, this massage gun is very portable. Comes with 4 different massage heads to target different parts of the body.

    Breo iNeck 3PRO neck massager

    Has a 3D round massage head with air cushions to imitate joint and acupressure massages done by hand. Comes with 3 massage modes and 3 speeds to effectively help relax the muscles and relieve fatigue. The constant heating function can help improve blood circulation and relax tight muscles. Can be controlled using an app so you can adjust the massage mode, speed and strength to your heart’s desire.

    Gemibee Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

    This full air compression mat can provide gentle yet effective support to help the body improve flexibility, relax tight muscles, and relieve pain and stress.

    ^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.