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Celebrating Craftsmanship

Beautiful wines from legendary estates: Accornero wines are specially curated by city'super and all have wonderful stories behind them.

Italian boutique winery Accornero was established in 1897, and the family has been carrying on the tradition with the same passion as their founder Bartolomeo. All the grapes they use are from the family’s own vineyards. In August, they prune the vines and select the best branches, while in September and October, the ripe grapes are hand-harvested for winemaking. The winemakers have been using subsoil for the past few centuries to dig cellars called “infernots”, which allow for wines to be stored naturally at the right temperature. Today, infernots are recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site of Humanity.

While Accornero remains true to the authentic regional traditions of the winemaking processes, the wine cellars are also equipped with modern technology. The winemakers ferment and macerate the grapes in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, then, after soft pressing, the ageing process continues in oak barrels to ensure the best-quality wines.

Accornero Cima Riserva Barbera 2012 / 2015
Impenetrable colour, intense bouquet, warm and elegant in the mouth. The wine is created with overripe grapes, with a higher concentration of fruit highlighted by a long maceration.

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Wines from the Northern Region

Along the borders of Northern Italy are six major wine regions, each of them an absolute heaven for winemaking, including the famous Piedmont and Lombardy. In the foothills of the Alps, the wonderful terroir of these regions is perfect for growing grapes and making wines that are rich and fragrant.

A typical Italian wine-producing region, Piedmont is loved by many wine enthusiasts. Vineyards from this region are mostly on slopes with great land structure and nutrient-rich soil. This area has a continental climate with a very cold winter and a very hot summer. The extreme temperature differences between day and night as the grapes ripen allows for more character and creates wines with rich, lingering flavours.

Accornero Giulin Barbera 2016
This wine is made with 100% Barbera, and has a ruby colour and is fruity and harmonious on the nose. Well-structured and extremely pleasing to the palate with red fruit flavours.

One of Italy’s best wine-producing regions, it features various terrains and is completely surrounded by land with many lakes. The temperature difference between day and night is rather large, with a good balance between temperature and humidity, making this an excellent region for growing grapes.

Ca’ Del Bosco Cuvee Prestige DOCG NV
Sweet floral, pear, orange peel and honey notes coat the palate at first, followed by a mild yeasty, cheesy aroma. The finish is cool and refreshing.

Wine from the Central Region

Did you know lots of premium wines are from Central Italy, making it a paradise for gourmets? Today, we recommend a few famous wine regions in Central Italy and the wines from them you should try.

The star region of Central Italy that is comparable with Bordeaux in France. Sangiovese is the most well-known grape variety produced in the region and its quality is unmatched.

Terralsole Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2007
Soft cherry and tobacco aromas backed by chocolate, cookie dough, caramel, liquorice and even a touch of dusty white pepper. The chewy pulpiness of the fruit is very pleasant, giving the wine extra intensity and smoothness in the mouth.

Volpaia Coltassala Chianti Classico 2016
Castello di Volpaia is one of the oldest estates in Italy and widely recognised as one of Italy’s leaders in organic viticulture, with all its vineyards certified organic by the EU. This wine is well-structured and complex with an elegant note and hints of vanilla, cacao and black fruit.

With lots of hills and slopes, the region is filled with vegetation with a beautiful, serene environment, and is often known as the Green Heart of Italy. Sagrantio, the King of Tannins, is a special grape variety in the region. It is usually harvested in October, and the wines made from these grapes are intensely rich.

Scacciadiavoli Sagrantino Montefalco 2015
Baked plum, coconut, toast and vanilla aromas mingle together in this brawny red. The solid palate shows French oak, roasted coffee beans and stewed prune alongside grainy tannins.

Scacciadiavoli Sagrantino di Montefalco Passito 2016
Intense ruby red with violet shadings, this wine is expansive and persistent with sweet fruits, notes of blackberry, black cherry and a subtle nuttiness. It is velvety, soft with a voluptuous body. The tannins are thick and the acidity is well-balanced, cutting the density and heaviness while giving structure. It has a long finish that is persistently fruity with notes of underbrush, forest fruit and complex, intense spices. Perfect with pastries or chocolate.

Wines from Sardinia

Sardinia is an island located to the south-west of the Italian peninsular. The area has a moderate climate and humidity with low rainfall – a typical Mediterranean climate. Along the ocean and inland are regions with vineyards that are able to make the most of the terrain and climate to create wines that are unique and distinctive to the region. Because of this, wines from this region can vary greatly in terms of characteristics.

Linea Sogno Carignano del Sulcis Buio Buio 2017
With a deep straw-yellow colour with green reflections under the light, this wine is intense, rich and complex, with aromas of mature yellow fruits, Mediterranean shrubs and iodine, as well as hints of sweet spices and pastries. Energetic and quick-fire on the palate, this wine pairs excellently with strong-tasting pasta and rice dishes, grilled fish, white meats and medium-ripe cheeses.

Linea Sogno Vermentino Sardegna Opale 2019
With an intense ruby red colour featuring bright, iridescent tones, this wine has rich, complex aromas that first reveal themselves in flowery, red berry notes, then in tones of Mediterranean balsam and oriental spice. On the palate, this wine is rich, full and satisfying, with a silky, layered progression. Pairs well with game birds, roast lamb, goat and mature cheeses.

3 Amazing Italian Food & Wine Pairings

Good food and good wine are certainly among life’s greatest pleasures. If you are looking for inspiring food and wine pairings, look no further: we have come up with three great options that can really make a difference to your dining experience.

Gabriele Scaglione Ostinatamente 2015
This wine has an intense straw-yellow colour with a hint of amber. On the nose are intense but delicate floral and fruity notes. On the palate are a mild fruitiness and notes of herbs. Pairs well with cheeses, crustaceans and fish.

Recommended Pairing: Orbetello Italian Chilled Farmed Seabass Fish
Mostly produced in Orbetello in Central Italy, this fish is available all year round. Raised with non-GMO feed, the flavour is sweet with an excellent texture. Suitable for seasoning with sea salt and grilling.

Antica Ardenga Lambrusco NV
The grape variety Lambrusco comes from the Emilia-Romagna region in Central Italy. The fruit is dark red with low tannins, which makes it suitable for making low-alcohol sparkling wine. The wine is deep purplish-red with fine bubbles and aromas of cherry, black berry and plum. Pairs well with grilled chicken, lamb and pork.

Recommended Pairing: Devodier Prosciutto di Parma Ham - Eccellenze 36 Months
Aged in a cellar for as long as 36 months, this ham is used in high-quality cuisines. The flavour is complex yet fresh, juicy and fragrant with aromas of wood and nuts.

Gabriele Scaglione Barbaresco 2014
With rose petal and sweet spice aromas. Hints of red berry and cherry entice the palate, followed by a slow release of cinnamon and mineral flavours. The wine is elegant with a lingering finish.

Recommended Pairing: Tartuflanghe Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle
100% made in Italy. Contains white truffle shavings and can enhance the aroma of both hot and cold dishes, including pasta, salads and risotto.

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