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Lunar New Year 2020

27 (Fri) Dec 2019 – 3 (Mon) Feb 2020
@ Harbour City and Times Square stores

3 (Fri) Jan – 3 (Mon) Feb 2020
@ Times Square atrium, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

9 (Thur) – 29 (Wed) Jan 2020
@ Lab Concept store

Lunar New Year is just around the corner – which means it’s the time of the year to prepare wonderful presents for our loved ones and business partners. This year, city'super brings you a series of exquisite gift boxes, Lunar New Year puddings to serve when guests visit, and premium Lunar New Year hampers. Double the festive joy and blessings by giving them.



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Puddings Candy and Gift boxes Tradition Dried Gourmet Items and Dried Seafood Products Fresh Gourmet Wine & Beverage

Oh So Delicious: city'super Lunar New Year Puddings

Lunar New Year traditional puddings shouldn't be missed for celebrations during the festive season. This year, city'super brings you a series of exquisite Lunar New Year puddings made using premium ingredients. Try them out!

city'super Hokkaido Scallop Radish Cake (Japanese Radish)
Made with fresh Japanese radish, high-quality Hokkaido scallop, sakura shrimp from Suruga Bay, mushrooms from Oita prefecture, and Chinese sausage with the perfect fat-to-meat ratio.

city'super Red Date New Year Cake with Okinawa Brown Sugar
Red dates are ground into paste, combined with Okinawa brown sugar for a unique aroma and special purple sticky rice to enhance the overall texture.

city'super Truffle Omnipork Vegetarian Cake
Traditional puddings don’t usually come with vegetarian options, but this year, the vegetarian Omnipork has been paired with premium black truffle for this elevated festive pudding.

city'super Hokkaido Red Bean Osmanthus Pudding
Hokkaido red beans are sweet and fine, which make them great for making desserts. Osmanthus flowers are also added to give the pudding a refreshing touch.

Lunar New Year Hampers

city'super presents Lunar New Year Hampers packed with delicious, traditional, premium ingredients, seasonal fruit, fruit juices and fine wines: the best way to express your wishes to your loved ones and business partners for a Happy Lunar New Year.


  • C2001 Ultimate Gourmet Hamper
  • C2002 Wishes of Wealth
  • C2005 Japanese Blessings
  • C2008 Wishes of Success
  • C2010 city'super Superior Japanese fruit basket

Japanese Confectionery for Celebrating Lunar New Year

The Kagurazaka sweets store is located at the corner of Kagurazaka where the Edo atmosphere has been retained. They strive to keep traditional flavours while also innovating their packaging to bring the best quality food items to their customers.

Kagurazaka Hoozuki Rice Cracker Set
The gift box contains a Kagura original flavour rice cracker, brown sugar rice crackers, Asakusa seaweed rice crackers, black sesame rice crackers, coffee rice crackers and Camembert cheese rice crackers.

Kagurazaka Hanaokoshi Rice Cracker
The gift box containing Kagura original flavor rice crackers, brown sugar rice crackers, strawberry chocolate rice crackers, assorted vegetable rice crackers, matcha rice crackers and Earl Grey tea rice crackers. Individually packaged, stick-shaped rice crackers are easier to eat and great for sharing with friends and family.

Japanese Sweet Gift Idea

Isshindo uses the most natural ingredients while minimising the use of artificial additives so it can create the best healthy traditional snacks. Isshindo is also hoping that through their food, the health culture from the Edo period will be passed onto the modern times.

Isshindo Beckoning Cat Matcha Candy
Matcha from Yame of Fukuoka prefecture was made into candy. The texture is light and the candy is full of rich matcha flavour. What’s more, with Isshindo’s secret recipe, two or three matcha candies can be dissolved in hot water to become matcha for drinking, or add some milk to become matcha latte.

Isshindo Beckoning Cat Ginger Candy
Ginger from Kochi prefecture is used to make this candy, which is filled with rich ginger flavour with a nice spicy kick. Tip: dissolve two to three ginger candies in hot water and enjoy this hot ginger drink!

Lunar New Year Special: Egg Rolls and Cookies

Apart from the usual traditional puddings and fruits, other sweet items that are great for sharing also make excellent gifts during Lunar New Year! city'super is happy to bring you Nakamura Tokichi’s egg rolls and Wang Yue’s cookies so you can share the joy of eating delicious food with your loved ones.

After Taste X Tokichi Matcha and Hojicha Egg Rolls Gift Box
Nakamura Tokichi has partnered up with local handmade egg roll brand After Taste to create these unique tea-flavoured egg rolls just in time for Lunar New Year. Each set contains two Hong Kong-only flavours: Matcha and Hojicha. These egg rolls are made of matcha and hojicha powder flown in straight from Japan, New Zealand butter, quality flour and fresh eggs. Crispy, buttery and oh-so satisfying, each egg roll is handmade to perfection.

Wang Yue Cookie Gift Box
Wang Yue’s bite-sized cookies are made with the best raw ingredients, and come in three classic flavours: Earl Grey, Almond and Chocolate. Rich with enticing aroma, these cookies are made in Hong Kong using butter from New Zealand, flour from Japan and fresh eggs, and are great as gifts or for your own enjoyment.


The Sweetest Present: Japanese Strawberry Gift Box

The beautiful, fragrant, sweet and juicy Japanese strawberries are no doubt one of the best gifts for Lunar New Year! Spread the joy and give your blessings to your friends and family with one of these beautiful strawberry gift boxes!

Japanese Ichigosan Strawberry Gift Box
The dark red Ichigosan is a new variety of strawberries from Saga prefecture released in 2018. Known for its large size, firm flesh, sweetness and juiciness.

Japanese Mixed Strawberry Gift Box
Selected seasonal red and white strawberries flown in directly from Japan are tastefully packaged; the red strawberries are sweet and juicy, while the white strawberries are nice and fragrant.

Japan Strawberry Gift Box
Premium seasonal red strawberries in perfect raindrop shape from Japan are hand-selected for this luxurious gift box.

Lunar New Year Must-have: RingoWork Juice Lunar New Year Edition

In preparation for guest visits during Lunar New Year, it’s always great to have some nice and delicious fruit juices at home. Beloved juice brand RingoWork has released a range of Lunar New Year-themed juices, and you can now find them at city'super!

RingoWork Tsugaru Apple Juice
This 100% apple juice is made from the rare Tsugaru apples without added sugars, acidulant and essences. One of the most famous varieties from Aomori prefecture, Tsugaru apples have a mild taste and a slight tartness. RingoWork apple juices are made using only completely ripe apples for a lovely refreshing sweetness.

RingoWork Kung Hei Fat Choy Apple Juice/ Best Wishes Apple Juice/ Good Health Apple Juice/ Year of Rat Apple Juice
Grown in a natural environment with rich soil and professional cultivation techniques, RingoWork apple juices are made with carefully selected, premium apples from the town of Itayanagi in Aomori for a natural, beautiful taste. The Lunar New Year Edition has festive greetings printed on the bottle so you can share your blessings in the sweetest way.

Yokote Premium Grape Juice - Kung Hei Fat Choy / La France Pear Juice - Good Health
Made from highly praised Steuben grapes and La France pears from Yokote City, Japan, this grape juice has a luxurious sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

Souwa 100% Mikan Juice Mild
Made with round and sweet mikans with a sweetness level of over 12, each bottle takes around 30 mikans to make. Contains no additives, so drinking this juice is not unlike eating fresh mikans!

A Gift of Good Health: Chinese Tonics

Lunar New Year calls for visits to the homes of family and friends, so it’s important to find the right gifts. Apart from fruit baskets and pastries, Chinese tonics are also an excellent gift idea! Here are two Chinese tonics from Jenyuan and Hongseng that we highly recommend:

Jenyuan Steamed Chicken Essence
Extracted from premium black chicken for 4 hours, Jenyuan’s Chicken Extract is packed with nutrition while retaining the sweetness and aroma of the chicken. Perfect for pre- and post-pregnancy, as well as for children and the elderly.

Hongseng American Ginseng Drink Gift Box
Using real ginseng from Wisconsin, the United States, as the base, this drink also contains other herbs to create a recipe that is easy to drink and packed with ginseng aroma. Great for maintaining good health and restoring your Chi; suitable for drinking on a regularly basis.

Amazing Abalone Gift Sets for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is the time for fun-filled family gatherings where delicious delicacies are aplenty on the dining tables. city'super has handpicked for you some all-time favourites, perfect as gifts for friends or for serving guests at home. They are sure to impress your family and friends!

Hang Hing Japanese Special Grade Abalone [34 Head] Gift Set
Hailing from the town of Oma in Aomori prefecture, these Japanese special grade Oma abalone are dried using a special technique. Known as the “King of Abalone” for its tender flesh and rich aroma, the Oma abalone has a thinner body than Kippin abalones, making it easier for stewing.

Omoriya Premium Selection Gift Set
Taiwanese brand Omoriya carefully sources the best local and overseas products and premium ingredients for its gift sets. This gift set includes Hokkaido dried scallops, Taiwanese shiitake mushrooms, Taimali orange daylily, Xinshe king oyster mushrooms, Donggang sakura shrimp and Hokkaido konbu.


Product Category

Stepping into the Year of the Rat, city'super brings you a series of festive signature foods and gifts, including puddings, candy and gift boxes, traditional dried gourmet items and dried seafood products and fresh gourmet products, as well as wine and other beverages. Get prepared for your Lunar New Year greetings and gatherings by selecting your favourites at city'super’s stores and E-shop.




Savouring puddings during Lunar New Year is a traditional rituals on this festive occasion.

Besides the puddings from city'super’s own series, we also bring to you items from Tim Ho Wan and Dashijie. All are made in Hong Kong, tasty and unique.


city’super collections

Tim Ho Wan collections

Dashijie Lunar New Year Cake Voucher


Candy and Gift boxes

Quality signature candy and gift boxes are the must-have items for treating friends and family at Lunar New Year. city'super has sourced brands from around the world including Kagurazaka Okoshi and Bunmeido from Japan; come and pick your favourite.


Kagurazaka Hoozuki Rice Cracker collections

Isshindo Candy Collections


Tradition Dried Gourmet Items and Dried Seafood Products

At city'super, you can always select traditional dried gourmet items, seafood products and other precious fine-grade ingredients for your own use, as a gift or to cook a delicious reunion dinner. Time-honoured local brands like Hang Hing or those from Taiwan such as Ten Wings, Omoriya and Jenyuan should be at the top of your shopping list.


Hang Hing Collections

Omoriya Collections

Ten Wings Collections

Jen Yuan Collections


Fresh Gourmet

Lunar New Year is a time to enjoy a bountiful feast with family and friends. Still wondering what to buy? No worries: city’super has a collection of fresh ingredients from all over the world.


Fruit Gift Set Collections

Ham Gift

Chinese Home Dinner ingredients Collection


Wine and Beverage

How can you enjoy good food without a drink? city'super has sourced for you various kinds of wine, juice and beverage, so that you can toast the season with your friends and family.


Ringowork Apple Juice Collections

Souwakajuen Juice Collections

Wine & Spirits Collections

Sake & Liqueur Collections


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