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Edible Seeds are Packed with Nutrients

Summer is the best time for peaches. city’super has sourced a range of seasonal peaches from across Japan direct from the farms, including pink, white and golden varieties. In order to source the best-quality peaches for our customers, our specialists have also travelled to Yamanashi and Okayama Prefectures to learn more about local peach farms, planting methods, culture and eating customs. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy fresh Japanese peaches.

Peach knowledge:

In addition to the usual pink peaches, we also selected seasonal white and golden peaches from Japan. They both come with a high level of sweetness. Pink peaches have no sour taste, while white and golden peaches have minimal sourness. The pink and white peaches have softer, smoother flesh, while golden peaches are firmer.

4 highlighted regions and Direct Farm

July and August are the best months for Japanese peaches. city'super specialises in sourcing various kinds of fresh peach from different regions in Japan, including Yamanashi, Okayama, Niigata (direct from Kasahara Farm), Yamanashi (direct from Naito Farm), Yamanashi (direct from Iwashita Farm) and  Yamagata (direct from Nogawa Farm).

The peach season is different in each region:

  • Yamanashi Prefecture: from early to mid August
  • Okayama: from mid to late July
  • Niigata: from late July to mid August
  • Yamagata Prefecture: from mid to late August.

In order to provide the best Japanese peaches, Manual Factory Bear represented city'super as its Peach Ambassador, visiting and learning about farms in several Japanese prefectures. During the trip, Manual Factory Bear explored and experienced the local peach culture. In addition to understand the local farms, characteristics of the prefectures and eating methods, Manual Factory Bear learned with local farmers who use exemplary planting techniques, picked and tasted fresh peaches at local farm, finding out how farmers can master cultivation to guarantee the best-quality peaches. Let Manual Factory Bear introduces the characteristics of Japan prefectures and recommend highlighted peaches to you.


Phase 1 (Early to Mid of July) Phase (2 Mid to End of July) Phase 3 (End of July to Mid of August) Phase 4 (Mid to End of August )
Yamanashi Prefecture Okayama Prefecture Niigata Prefecture (Kasahara - Direct Farm) & 
Yamanashi Prefecture (Naito–Direct Farm)
Yamagata Prefecture (Nogawa –Direct Farm)

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