Peach Items

by City Super Limited


We also offer different kinds products which made by Fresh Peach. MF Bear is now going to recommend you!

Japanese Peach Bun

Made with Peach Jam, Hokkaido Custard Cream and topped with Japanese White Peach for a fresh flavour.

Japanese White Peach Soft Cream Cone


Made with Japanese White Peach Puree & Hokkaido Milk.

Japanese White Peach Soft Cream Cone

Fresh Japanese White Peach with Soft Cream

White Peach Soda

Made with Japanese White Peach, with Peach Juice and Soda.

Japanese White Peach Cream Cake 15cm

Made with Japanese White Peach, Japanese Whipping Cream, Flour & Egg.

Japanese White Peach Cut cake

Using whole white peach for this cake.

Japanese White Peach Dessert Cup

Japanese White Peach pudding with Taka Amaou Strawberry Puree & Fresh Japanese White Peach.

Japanese White Peach Tart

Made with Japanese White Peach, Custard & Almond Tart.

Okunomatsu Momotoro Peach Liqueur

Made by fresh white peaches near Fukushima prefecture. Sweet aroma, rich on palate, which can enjoy the taste of sake and peach at once.

Naitofarm Peach Nectar Juice

Only pick the fully ripe peaches to produce the juice. It is just like eating real peach while drinking.

No added sugar, additives or preservatives.

Yokote Peach Juice 

With luxurious sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

Using Kawanakajima Peach from Nagano Prefecture. It tastes quite sweet and with a hint of sourness.

Chobe Peach Jelly

A limited edition in 3pcs, with a rich sweetness and aroma of Jelly

Kudzu Fruit Jelly - Renkatou Peach

High quality and freshly harvested fruits are selected to make this jelly. Slices of real fruit are included in this semi-sphere shaped jelly. You can enjoy the super rich flavour of fresh fruits and mouthfeel.