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Summer Watermelon Frenzy

Is the summer heat getting unbearable? Cool off with seasonal watermelons from Japan! Bring them home from city’super today.

Japan Watermelon / Japan Small Watermelon / Japan Black Kodama Watermelon
Origin: Kumamoto Prefecture
In season: June to early September
Thanks to ample sunlight, healthy soil and a big difference between day and night temperature, watermelons from Kumamoto Prefecture are extra sweet with a nice crunch. Best enjoyed cold.

You can also find bite-sized, ready-to-eat Japan Small Watermelon at city’super – great for party fruit platters! city’super also has fresh watermelon juice and MONTOILE Kanazawa Watermelon Jelly to help you refresh and recharge.

A Sweet Taste from Taiwan

Ms. Gardener’s honeys are harvested from the pristine, pesticide-free environment of Taiwan. The brand makes sure the entire process from harvesting to bottling is of the strictest standards – a bottle of honey doesn’t come easy!

Ms. Gardener Pingtung Formosan Aglaia Honey
A rare variety of honey, the Pingtung Formosan Aglaia Honey has a delicate sweetness with a woody, floral aroma and a mildly acidic aftertaste. Enjoy with soft cheese, pineapple, mango or vanilla ice cream.

Ms. Gardener Kaohsiung Black Leaf Lychee Honey
Produced in Neimen District in Kaohsiung, this honey has a natural sweetness and oozes with an elegant scent of lychee flower. We recommend using this to make honey water, honey lemon or to add to green tea. Can also be enjoyed with buttered toast.

Ms. Gardener Kaohsiung Yu He Bao Lychee Honey
Made in Kaohsiung’s Dashu District, this honey is rich, tangy and fruity. Perfect as a spread for pancakes, scones and warm baguette.

Ms. Gardener Nantou Longan Honey
With a refreshing longan flavour, this honey is produced in the township of Zhongliao in Taiwan. Use it to make honey water, or add it to yogurt, red tea, lemon water, oatmeal, milk or nuts.

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Elevate Your Dishes: Premium Italian Organic Balsamic Vinegar

Italian brand GOCCE BIO combines organic ingredients with traditional production methods to bring you precious DOP balsamic vinegar aged for 50 years and more. Here are a few exquisite condiments from GOCCE BIO you’d want on your dining table.

GOCCE BIO Balsamic IGP Modena Classic
Suitable for daily use; for cooking, seasoning and making vinaigrettes, dips and marinades.

GOCCE BIO Dressing – Saba Condiment
A natural sweetener made from slow-cooking Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes’ must. Ideal on appetisers, rice, soup, cooked vegetables, roast turkey, and more. Can also be used to prepare cocktails and other drinks.

GOCCE BIO Dressing – White Condiment
Made with concentrated white grape must and white wine vinegar and aged in oak barrels. It has a typical yellow-gold colour and adds a fruity and mildly acidic aroma and flavour to dishes.

GOCCE BIO Dressing – Balsamic Glaze
Perfect for garnishing and decorating dishes. Free of caramel, preservatives and gluten.

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Cool Off With Sake This Summer! 

Beer is not the only summer cooler; sake can also be a great alternative! This summer, city’super is excited to bring you this beautifully packaged, extra refreshing sake by Kubota!

With “drinking outdoors” in mind, Kubota partnered up with outdoor goods label Snow Peak to create the Kubota Soujou Seppou Junmai Daiginjo. Produced in extreme cold, this refreshing sake has a bright flavour with hints of grape and melon. We recommend trying this cold or at room temperate so you can experience its varying aromas and textures.

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Summer Must-have: Aroma Fan

How does one stay cool in the searing summer heat?

Established in 2016, Japanese brand Toffy is known for its pastel-coloured, easy-to-use, stylish yet affordable lifestyle products. Toffy’s range of Aroma Fans are now available at city’super. Come and grab yours now!
Toffy Aroma Fans come in different colours and style, including the table fan (which rotates left and right) and portable LED fan. Simply drip essential oils onto the oil pad within the fan and enjoy aromatherapy on the go! Rechargeable via USB with battery life lasting up to 9 hours.

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