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Taiwanese Food Culture

3 (Fri) - 22 (Wed) Jul 2020
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Taiwan has a rich culinary culture, and its diverse range of food is beloved in Hong Kong. This summer, the city’super annual Taiwan Fair celebrates the island’s culinary traditions and great local produce through a delicious array of traditional snacks, seasonal fruits, popular desserts and easy recipes.

Although your Taiwan trip has to be put on hold for now, you can still enjoy a wide variety of tasty Taiwanese food and fresh produce at city’super’s annual Taiwan Fair.

Taiwanese Champion Coffee Meets Award-winning Chocolate

Taiwan is the home to amazing food and drinks with great value for money. Here are two award-winning products from Taiwan that are sure brighten up your afternoon!

Tree-to-Bar Taiwan Oolong Tea 62% Dark Chocolate

  • 2019 International Chocolate Awards – Silver Medal
  • 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards – Silver Medal

Using oolong tea brewed with acacia wood and premium Fuwan chocolate, this chocolate has a natural floral scent and roasted flavour with a unique, lingering finish.

Simple Kaffa Drip Coffee Gift Box

This brand was founded by Berg Wu who won the 2016 World Barista Championship, with the vision to create cup after cup of high-quality coffee that will enhance the everyday coffee-drinking experience.

Taiwanese-style Happy Hour

Beer & Snacks

Nothing beats ice cold beers with great snacks during the sizzling hot summer! This season, enjoy a Taiwanese-style happy hour with some award-winning craft beers!

The multi-award-winning 〈Buckskin Beer〉is all about brewing exceptional beers in the traditional German way, using malt, water, hops and yeasts as the base to create different styles of beer.

Buckskin Hefeweizen (Alc 5.1%)

Very mildly hoppy with a delicate mouthfeel, complex layers and fine bubbles.

  • 2019 World Beer Awards – Taiwan Champion

Buckskin Munich Helles (Alc 4.9%)

Elegantly malty with a full yet refreshing flavour. Perfect for those who love to take big sips!

  • 2020 Berlin International Beer Competition – Silver Medal

Buckskin Marzen Beer (Alc 5.6%)

Brewed every year in spring, this beer has a rich malty flavour with a hint of sweetness. Slightly hoppy with a clean finish and has a pronounced caramel and honey aroma.

  • 2020 Berlin International Beer Competition – Double Gold Medal

Beer Snack Recommendations

Sheriff Tea Egg (Original / Spicy)

Made with strictly selected premium M-grade eggs and marinade over 10 types of Chinese herbs for the marinade with no preservatives, the egg white has a nice bounce while the yolk is flavourful and juicy.

Sunny Hills – Pink Apple Cake

Japanese Aomori apples are cut into cubes and made into a jam, sealing in the apple’s sweetness, acidity and crunch. The crust is made with French butter, Taiwanese eggs and Japanese flour with a thin layer of lemon icing for an extra refreshing taste.

Taiwanese Breakfast

Traditional vs Modern

A hearty breakfast can no doubt power you through your day! Whether traditional or modern style, Taiwanese breakfast is an uncontested favourite for many Hong Kongers.


FM Food uses natural ingredients only to hand-make their buns, adding all in old dough to give a denser texture.

FM Food Bacon Cheese Roll
A tasty roll made with bacon, cheese and old dough.

FM Food Green Onion Egg Yolk Bun〉
A must-try for salted egg yolk lovers! This bun has a rich salted egg yolk, as well as green onion’s aroma and flavour.

FM Food Meigan Cai Pork Minced Bun
The main ingredients are old dough, traditional Hakka preserved vegetables that are produced in limited quantity, and non-chilled Iberico pork - A rich and delectable bun.


Good Cho’s Strawberry with Sweet Cheese Bagel
The filling is made with non-additive dried strawberries and rich, thick cream cheese for a sweet and slightly tart flavour.

Good Cho’s Cream Cheese & Sweet Potato Bagel
Sweet potato is mixed with cream cheese for a soft and delicate taste.

Good Cho’s Purple Potato with Osmanthus Bagel
This Taiwanese purple sweet potato filling has a refreshing Osmanthus fragrance.

Mangoes are in Season!

Top 4 Taiwanese Mangoes to Try

Right now, it is definitely the best time for mangoes! This summer, city’super has selected 4 varieties of Taiwanese mangoes loved by Hong Kongers. Visit our stores and bring home these delightful fruits!

Taiwanese Golden Mango
This mango is rather large with high level of sweetness and not much sourness. Rich taste and aroma with an excellent texture. A high-quality Golden Mango has skin colour that ranges from yellowish orange to yellowish green. It is able to be preserved for a longer time too.

Taiwanese Irwin Mango
With dark red skin and yellow flesh, this mango is very fragrant with a small seed and little fibre. The mango is also called “Apple Mango” or “Fruit of the Sun” due to an apple-like appearance and its golden flesh.

Taiwanese Summer Snow Mango
The Summer Snow Mango is a new variety that has been researched and developed for over 10 years, combining the traditional mango’s aroma, Golden Mango’s sweetness and Irwin Mango’s texture. The Summer Snow Mango has a large amount of flesh with a small seed, featuring sweet with a fine texture, and an aroma that intensifies as it becomes riper. The rarity of this mango is referred in the name of “Summer Snow” – Snowing is rare in summer.

Taiwanese Honey Snow Mango (E-shop only)
With peach-red skin and a hint of bright yellow, this mango has very delicate flesh and little fibre. Compared with Irwin Mango, the Honey Snow has even bright skin, higher level of sweetness and can store for even longer. The Honey Snow is also considered an “improved” version of Irwin Mango.

Perfect for Summer

Taiwanese Watermelon

Summer is not the same without sweet, juicy and thirst-quenching watermelons! city'super is delighted to bring you Taiwanese Watermelons to help you cool down this hot, humid summer!

With smooth skin, juicy red or yellow flesh, this watermelon can be eaten as it is or juiced, and can also be made into summer drinks and slushies. The watermelon skin can be stir-fried or stewed.

For homemade slushies, you can use the new and very popular NUBO Classic TC11 Reusable Straw, which comes in summer shades of ocean blue and light pink. The wide diameter means you can use it to enjoy pulps in the fruit juice or Taiwanese bubble tea. Remember, reduce single-use straws and do your part for the environment!

  • Made in Taiwan
  • 11mm diameter; suitable for bubble tea, juice or slushies
  • Made with natural straw and recycled coffee grounds
  • Design is inspired by the blue whale to raise awareness in protecting the marine environment

Focus on Wellbeing

Qiuniangmanman Vinegar

Vinegar is great for our health, so how do we choose what kind of brewed vinegar to consume?

The artisanal brewed vinegar from Taiwan - Qiuniangmanman employs modern technology to extract acetic acid bacteria, which is then used to brew vinegar in a clay urn using traditional methods. To retain the vinegar’s flavour, the brand uses only organic, naturally grown, whole nuts and grains as raw ingredients. Its workshop is located in a clean environment inTaitung, where high-quality produce can be found just nearby and the vinegar can be brewed in an unpolluted environment.

Visit your nearest city'super store and bring home these precious vinegars:

  • Beetroot Vinegar
  • Pineapple Vinegar
  • Yuzu Vinegar
  • Plum Vinegar
  • Lemon Vinegar
  • Red Dragon Fruit Vinegar
  • Coffee Vinegar

Super Al Dente Taiwanese Dry Noodles

The tasty, easy-to-prepare Taiwanese dry noodles are must-haves around the home. If you’ve heard of Taiwan’s Chef James and his creative cuisine, you’d be excited to try these spicy Taiwanese noodles!

JAMES Noodles are made simply with wheat flour, salt and water, and without any preservatives or additives. These noodles have an excellent bounce and only requires 2.5 minutes of cooking. Be sure to enjoy with the sauce.

Numbingly Spicy Noodles
Paired with a rich and piquant mala spicy sauce made with a secret recipe chilli sauce and nutty peppercorn sauce for an irresistible aroma and lingering aftertaste.

Sichuan Pepper Noodles
A must-try for all mala spicy lovers! Made with freshly grounded Sichuan peppercorns – you can even enjoy the peppercorn’s unique texture.

Spicy Almond Noodles
Enjoy cold: al dente, smooth with a nice spicy kick – perfect for summer.
Enjoy hot: an exquisite experience for your palate and nose, these noodles have a sensational spicy flavour and aroma!

Summer Home Cooking

Taiwanese Cold Noodles

Is the hot weather killing your appetite? If you’re struggling to think of what to eat tonight, why not try to make this appetising Taiwanese cold noodle dish?

Ingredients (serves 3):

  • 400g Taiwanese noodles
  • 3 cucumbers
  • 1/4 carrot
  • 1/4 bell pepper
  • 2 eggs
  • Ice cubes / iced water
  • Sesame or peanut sauce


  1. Julienne cucumber, carrot and bell pepper and set in ice cubes.
  2. Pan-fry the egg, let cool and cut into thin slices.
  3. Boil a pot of water, add noodles and blanch. Set aside in iced water.
  4. Place noodles on a plate and place carrot, cucumber, bell pepper and egg over noodles.
  5. Add sesame or peanut sauce and enjoy.

Special thanks to The Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOPEA and Taiwan Trade Center for its support and sponsorship