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1 (Mon) Jul – 31 (Sat) Aug 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Summer is the time for peaches! city’super has sourced a range of seasonal peaches from across Japan, as well as peach-flavoured products and drinks! Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the fresh Japanese peaches!

Peachy Summer: Seasonal Delights from Japan

Japan Yamanashi Peach
Yamanashi Prefecture is known as the Japanese Peach Kingdom for its fresh air, pure water and fertile soil. Large temperature differences in a natural basin make Yamanashi an ideal environment for cultivating peaches.

Japan Yamanashi Ohtouryou Peach
Ohtouryou is a grades of peaches that growth in Misaka.
Plump in shape
Remarkably sweet and soft among all the grades
Brix value is 13.5 degrees or above

Japan Yamanashi Premium Peach
Peaches from Ichinomiya are the top class of Yamanashi Peach, and Premium peaches are the best among them.
Large in size
Rosy red in colour
Extremely fragrant
Brix value is 14 degrees or above

Japan Yamanashi Ittousyo Peach
Ittousyo Peaches are the top grade from JA Fuefuki in Yatsushiro.
Light pink to red skin
Sweet and succulent
Brix value is 12 degrees or above

The Peachy Summer Cooler You Need

Summer means peaches are in season. Sweets House Cha Cha is adding two cooling white peach items onto its menu, and you don’t want to miss them!

Japanese White Peach Soft Cream
Made with Japanese white peach puree and Hokkaido milk for extra richness.

White Peach Soft Cream with Soda
For those who like the sweet taste of Japanese white peach with a bit of fizz. Truly thirst-quenching!

* Available at Sweets House Cha Cha counter at city’super

For White Peach Lovers: 4 Japanese White Peach Desserts 

Now is the best time for white peaches, and of course, white peach desserts! Check out 4 of our recommendations below!

Japanese Peach Cream Cake
Made using Japanese white peach, French fresh cream, Japanese flour and eggs.
Japanese Peach Cut Cake
A whole peach was used to make this beautiful cake.
Japanese Peach Jelly
This jelly made with Japanese white peach is smooth, refreshing, and best served cold.
Japanese Peach Tart
Fruity, buttery and made with Japanese white peach.

* Available at Super Sweet Gallery counter at city’super

When Japanese White Peach Meets Hokkaido Custard Cream

Are you losing your appetite from the heat? Don’t worry, Little Mermaid at city’super is bringing you this tasty Japanese Peach Bun, made with ingredients that are flown in directly from Japan! Bring some home and share with your friends and family!

Japanese Peach Bun
Made with peach jam, Hokkaido custard cream and topped with Japanese white peach for a fresh flavour.

*Available at Little Mermaid counter at city’super


 *Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last



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