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  • Fruity Apple and Pear : 18 (Fri) – 31 (Thur) Oct 2019
  • Pumpkin Highlighted : 4 (Fri) – 31 (Thur) Oct 2019
  • Mushrooms and Chestnuts : 20 (Fri) Sep – 3 (Thur) Oct 2019

@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

It’s time to enjoy autumn’s seasonal delights: city’super brings you precious seasonal mushrooms, chestnuts, pumpkin, apple and pear from around the world for a feast bursting with earthy delicacies.


Fruity Romance: Fruits from France

The lovely autumn is a wonderful time for fruits! Why not try apples and pears from the French brand Mouneyrac?

About Mouneyrac
Mouneyrac is currently in its fourth generation, and has been a family business selling apples and pears since 1928. Its team of true fruit-growing professionals ensures the fruits are of high quality, promotes the farming region and respects best farming practices.

Mouneyrac French Golden Rosee Apple
Golden Rosee has a beautiful blush on the skin, and is crispy, juicy and very sweet.

Mouneyrac French Golden Delicious Apple
This apple with yellow skin has very sweet, crispy flesh and is suitable for cooking.

Mouneyrac French Conference Pear
Long and thin in shape, Conference pears have russet skin and are sweet and juicy.

Mouneyrac French William Pear (Barlet Pear)
Golden yellow with a red tinge, the sweet William pears have a firm texture and can be used as a cooking ingredient.


Let’s Jam! Delectable Autumn Fruity Delights

Fruit jams are so nice and versatile; not only are they great on toast for breakfast, jams are just as perfect for afternoon tea! Here are a few of our favourite fruit jams and snacks worth adding to your shopping list:

Hatoyaseika Aomori Apple Snacks
Hailing from Aomori prefecture, Hatoyaseika uses local ingredients without any pesticides or additives to make healthy and tasty snacks. Its Crispy Apple Snacks are made by cutting fresh apples, which are then dehydrated and lightly fried with a pressure fryer to create crispy and flavourful snacks. Its Soft Apple Snacks are made by slicing fresh apples into 1cm-thick pieces and freeze-dried to retain the apple’s natural aroma and flavour.

• Hatoyaseika Apple Snack - Fuji Apple (Soft/Crispy)

• Hatoyaseika Apple Snack - Ohrin Apple (Soft/Crispy)

Locanda La Posta Apple Jam [No Added Sugar]
Traditional recipes have been handed down within the Genovesio family since 1600. With no added sugar, this jam has a lovely texture with crunchy apple flesh. Suitable for spreading on toast during breakfast and baking.

L'Epicurien White Wine and Williams Pear Confit
L'Epicurien is a company founded by a master jam maker that has been making wonderful jams for more than 30 years. The sweetness of Williams pear with white wine of this fruit confit pairs well with goat cheese, blue cheese and other strong sheep cheeses.


Our Pick of the Best Autumn Beverages

Add something sweet to your autumn! city'super is where you can find an array of natural fruit juices and delicious fruit wines, all made with premium Japanese ingredients and wonderful flavours are guaranteed!

RingoWork Aomori Apple Juice / Apple Black Vinegar
A range of Apple Juice, Apple Black Vinegar and Sparking Apple Juice are all made with strictly selected local apples for an aromatic, natural flavour. No added sugar and water, and not from concentrate.

Yokote Pear Juice
Made from highly praised La France pears from Yokote, Japan and has a luxurious sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

Rien Pear Liqueur
Made 100% from Hita pear from Ooita prefecture, this liqueur has a fresh and lovely sweetness and just the right acidity – perfectly balanced for autumn.



Sweet & Creamy: Italian Delica Pumpkin

To eat healthily, it is important to know how to choose high-quality ingredients. Among various vegetables and fruits, pumpkin is high in fibre and low in calories, and is also highly nutritious and utterly delicious! This autumn, city’super brings you the Delica pumpkin from Italy to jazz up your meals.

The Italian Delica pumpkin is small in size, round and flat, with green peel and yellow pulp. Its very sweet taste – the result of a careful cultivation process that reduces the pumpkin’s water content – makes it ideal for grilling, deep-drying, soups, or mashed as the filling of ravioli pasta.


Oh Sweet Pumpkin Season: Snacks & Wine

Autumn is the season to enjoy pumpkins! Apart from cooking with pumpkin, pumpkin-flavoured snacks and beverages are also not-to-be-missed. Here are four items for pumpkin fans:

Yokono Shokuhin Dried Vegetables and Pumpkin
Hand-made to preserve the original taste of vegetables, this delicious dried pumpkin, made with Japanese pumpkin, is rich in dietary fibre, beta-carotene and vitamin E. Seasoned with rice oil from Japan and salt from Naruto.

Hokkai Yamato Soy Bean Pumpkin Soup
Suitable for vegetarians, this instant cream soup is made with pure soybean milk and does not contain meat or cow’s milk. All vegetables used in this soup are sourced from nearby farms in Hokkaido to ensure freshness.

Pepper Creek Farms Pumpkin Pie Spice
The family-run Pepper Creek Farms uses the freshest local ingredients to create a range of top-notch condiments. This Pumpkin Pie Spice has been mixed with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, mace and cloves, ideal for making pumpkin pastries!

Nakcheon Pumpkin Makgeolli (ALC 6%)
Nakcheon is the first brewer of makgeolli using mineral-rich Gijangsoo (“the water in which red clay sank”) in Korea. The yellow pumpkin makgeolli has a mild and sweet taste.


For Pumpkin Fanatics: Autumn Warmers

One cannot go through autumn without eating something with pumpkin as an ingredient! Various counters at city’super have created special soups and dishes made with premium Italian and Japanese pumpkins, so you can grab-and-go while savouring the taste of the season!

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Made with Italian Delica pumpkin, this soup is silky smooth with a sweet pumpkin taste.

Little Mermaid Hokkaido Pumpkin Bun
Rich in nutrients, this bun is made with Hokkaido pumpkin puree and is the perfect breakfast and afternoon tea for both adults and kids.

SUPER SWEETS GALLERY Halloween Pumpkin Tart 15cm
This seasonal tart is made with Japanese pumpkin layered with pumpkin cubes and custard. The almond tart base adds an extra crunch.

*Available at city’super Fusion Deli/ Little Mermaid/ SUPER SWEETS GALLERY counters.


A French Encounter: Autumn Delicacies

Autumn is the harvest season, which means it’s a great time to feast! Mushrooms and chestnuts from France are exceptional raw ingredients, and now, thanks to city’super, you can enjoy them without the leaving the city!

French Bruno Calegari Pink and White Mushrooms
Dating back to the 18th century, Bruno Galegari Farm produces mushrooms in a traditional way on more than 15 hectares of underground galleries. Well sheltered in the darkness and humidity of the cellars, the mushrooms are not affected by weather conditions and can retain their purest flavours. The mushrooms are strictly hand-selected by experts at the farm to ensure freshness and the best quality. No extra water is needed in cooking, and the mushrooms have a firm yet bouncy texture.

French Chanterelle Mushroom
Chanterelle is a wild mushroom that grows in deciduous and coniferous forests and in low-humus, acid soil. It is funnel-shaped and its colour varies from pale to dark yellow. With a mild peppery flavour, the Chanterelle is ideal for making sauces and added to meat dishes. Must be stored dry in the refrigerator.

French Chestnut
Chestnuts are very presentative of the French autumn, with the locals referring to autumn as “the season for chestnuts” (or la saison de la châtaigne). French chestnuts are large, sweet, has a light crunch, and can retain its sweetness even after cooking.


Autumn Only: Japanese Matsutake Mushrooms

Autumn is the perfect season for mushrooms, and matsutake mushrooms, aka “King of Mushrooms”, is no doubt the cream of the crop. This autumn, city’super brings you precious, seasonal matsutake mushrooms for a feast bursting with earthy delicacies.

Best enjoyed end of September to beginning of October, Japanese matsutake mushrooms are very rare as they only grow naturally in forests under ample sunlight and cannot be cultivated on a commercial scale. Matsutake mushrooms grow under trees, which gives the mushrooms a very unique refreshing aroma. They are also highly nutritious and contain more vitamin C and vitamin B1 than most fruits and vegetables, and more vitamin B2 than meat.

You can try grilling, steaming, cooking with soup or rice, or making tempura with matsutake mushrooms, all of which are great ways to express their lovely flavour and texture.


Must-try Mushroom Products This Autumn

With such beautiful aroma and flavour, mushrooms take centre stage on the dining table in the autumn season. From snacks, soups, noodles to toppings, city’super has all the Japanese mushroom products you need !

Kinkoushiitake Yanagi Matsutake Mushroom Mix Snack
With the aim to provide healthy, safe and delicious snacks, Kinkoshiitake hopes to bring good health to everyone through Japanese mushrooms. This newly popular snack is made from yanagi matsutake mushrooms from Tottori prefecture, so you can enjoy the original taste of matsutake mushrooms on the go.

Asuzac Shinshu Shimeji Mushroom Japanese Style Soup
This soup is made from Shinshu Shimeji Mushrooms; simply pour hot water onto the product to dissolve it for a tasty mushroom soup. You can also add Japanese-style rice cakes or rice for a hearty dish!

Unzenkinoko Youyou Noodle (with Mushroom)
Unzenkinoko Honten, located in Shimabara Peninsula, Kyushu, is one of the famous specialised mushroom cultivation factories in Japan. It uses water from Mount Unzen volcano, and has strict standards when it comes to light and humidity, providing local residents with fresh mushrooms every day. Its Youyou noodles come with mixed mushroom toppings, and takes only three minutes of submerging in hot water to create an easy, tasty meal.

Yamamori Matsutake Mushroom Mix For Rice
Includes matsutake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, daikon radish, oyster mushrooms, konjac and more, and comes with a special sauce made with flying fish. Simply add these toppings into the rice cooker to cook with rice for a mouthwatering kamameshi dish!


The Taste of Autumn: 3 Seasonal Highlights

It’s time to enjoy autumn’s seasonal delights ! Here are three of our favourite products from Japan and France we think you’ll love!

Sauteed Mushroom with Cream Sauce
Made with French Bruno Calegari white mushroom, fresh cream and Parmesan cheese.

Autumn Salad
A seasonal salad containing sweet chestnuts, Japanese pumpkin and sweet potato, and maple syrup. Available at RF1 counters.

French chestnut paste is used in the mousse, paired with cassis sauce and chestnut cake. Rich, creamy and exquisite.

*Available at city’super/ RF1/ SUPER SWEETS GALLERY counters

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.



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