Potato Fans Rejoice: French Pom Bistro Potatos

Potato Fans Rejoice: French Pom Bistro Potatos

French brand Pom Bistro known for its frozen premium potatoes and vegetables, it combines top-quality raw materials with tasty French recipes. Simply reheat and enjoy. Here are three different tastes of potato, all equally delicious. Which would you choose?

Sarladaises Potatoes with Crepes: 

Using traditional recipe from Périgord, cooks potatoes in duck fat with garlic and parsley.

Rotissoire Potatoes: 

These baby potatoes are stir-fried in Spanish extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of Guérande sea salt.

Prefried Potato Churros: 

Made from potato fries flavoured with Emmental cheese and a pinch of nutmeg.

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