Not Just Your Average Pork: Yamagata Tengen Pork from Japan

There is so much to love about #Yamagata pork. A strict breeding process means it’s always of the best quality, as the farmers seek to improve the breed constantly. Yamagata pork is fed with non-GMO corn, barley, brown rice and other cereals.
city'super has been working directly with the president of Murakami Farm for their premium Tengen pork for 10 years now. To celebrate this anniversary, we invite you to try out the special Tengen Pork at the Yamagata Fair! With a single net purchase of HK$300 in Tengen Pork items during 23 August – 23 September, customers will also receive a special edition city’super x Tengen Pork 10th Anniversary Wooden Cutting Board for free!
  • Japan Yamagata Chilled Pork Loin
  • Japan Yamagata Pork Belly
  • Japan Yamagata Chilled Tengen Pork Belly
  • Japan Yamagata Pork for Shabu Shabu
  • Japan Yamagata Pork for Sukiyaki
  • Japan Yamagata Pork for Yakiniku
  • Japan Yamagata Pork for Kiriotoshi
  • Japan Yamagata Minced Pork
  • Japan Yamagata Pork Loin
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