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E-Shop Pre-order: Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes

The Japanese grapes season is just around the corner! Do you have your wish list ready? Until 8 Sep 2021, log into city'super E-Shop to pre-order the uber rare Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes and be among the first lucky people to enjoy these utterly delicious, precious grapes this season.

Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes
Originating in Ishikawa prefecture, the Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes took the local team 14 years to develop and cultivate. The grape has red wine skin and large pulps double the size of the standard Kyoho grapes. The flesh is juicy and sweet with a mild tartness. The total annual production is very small, hence it is fondly known as “the gem of Japanese grapes” thanks to its rarity. We recommend storing in the fridge and consuming within three days.

4 Must-try Japanese Grapes

Sweet and tasty Japanese grapes are an excellent post-dinner treat. Japanese grapes are in season, and the city'super buying team has carefully selected 4 must-try Japanese grapes to make your summer a sweet and refreshing one.

Japan Fukuoka Kato Farm Grape Kyoho Pack
Kato Farm is located in Fukuoka prefecture. Kyoho grapes are large with dark purple skin, and delicate, sweet, juicy flesh. They also have a rich wine aroma with a hint of candy.

Japan Okayama Shine Muscat Grape
The Okayama Shine Muscat Grapes are ranked at the top among the Muscat family of grapes. The “one brand one bunch” method is used in order to maximise nutrients absorbed by the fruit. The sweetness level must reach 18 or more and without any sourness. The skin is crispy and thin, so you can enjoy the fruit with skin on. The grapes are seedless, firm, crunchy and very juicy.

Japan Oita Izumi Farm Shine Muscat Grape
Izumi Farm is located in Northern Kyushu. The grapes are cultivated in sandy loam with excellent drainage – perfect for growing high quality fruits with high sugar content. Shine Muscats are large, seedless, oval-shaped with yellowish green skin that can be eaten. The flesh has a musky scent and crunchy texture with a sugar level of at least 17.

Japan Oita Dream Farmers Shine Muscat Grape
Dream Farmers is located in Ajimu City in Oita prefecture. The farm has “agricultural innovation through the power of farmers” as their philosophy. The two founders have understood grape cultivation techniques since a young age, and all members of the farm are certified pesticide experts so their cultivation process is completely safe. To give customers the best-tasting grapes, they wait for the grapes to completely ripen before harvesting, giving the fruits a hint of golden colour.

For Grape Fanatics: Sweet and Refreshing Snacks & Drinks

Is the summer heat getting a bit much? Quench your thirst with grape-flavoured drinks and snacks! Here are four of our summer favourites. Check them out!

Yokote Vinery Premium Grape Juice 180mL
Made from highly praised Steuben grapes from Yokote City, Japan. Has a luxurious sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

Toast Yokote Grape Lager Beer (Alc. 3.5%) 330mL
Made with high-quality grapes cultivated in Yokote City in Akita prefecture. The beer has a rich texture and smooth, rounded body that is not unlike wine. Brewed with raw ingredients such as wheat and Akitakomachi rice. Lightly carbonated and mildly alcoholic, this drink is packed with natural sweetness.

Joboshitakeuchi Kyoho Grape Jelly 8pcs
Fun and tasty fruit jellies in a ball shape – great as a snack for gatherings with friends and family. All fruit ingredients are sourced from Japan, and does not contain any artificial colourings or flavourings.

Sakamoto Concentrate for Red Grape Black Vinegar Drink 500mL
Produced using the 200-year-old clay pot method, grape juice is added with beetroot to exude a fragrant grape and black vinegar aroma and mild acidity. Add into water, milk or soda water and diluting the vinegar in a 1:3 ratio, or enjoy over ice creams or yogurt as a unique dessert.


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