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Autumn Breeze Phase 3
Apple & Pear Series

18 Oct - 31 Oct

Although apples and pears are available to eat all year, they are autumn specialties, their scent rolling off farmers' market carts and inspiring pie bakers and cider makers to delicious heights.

Different Types of Apple & Pear How to select apple & pear Recipes

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How do you identify difference between Apple and Pear from different country?


French Apple (Golden Apple)

  • Peel: Yellow skin
  • Texture: Crisp and juicy
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Can be used as a cooking ingredient
  • Japanese Apple (Akibae Apple)

  • Peel: Dark red skin
  • Texture: Hard pulp
  • Taste: A little bit sour
  • Pear

    French Pear (William Pear)

  • Peel: Golden yellow with a red tinge
  • Texture: Firm
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Can be used as a cooking ingredient
  • Japanese Pear (Hosui Pear)

  • Peel: Golden brown skin
  • Texture: Crisp and juicy pulp
  • Taste: Sweet with some acidity
  • How to Select Apple

    1. Check the Apple’s Firmness

    Pick up the apple and gently press a small area of the fruit’s skin. It should be firm to the touch. Avoid apples that are noticeably soft, discolored, or indent easily after you press the skin.

    2. Visually Examine the Apple

    As you check firmness, turn the apple completely in your hand to visually check for quality. Apples with bruising or obvious signs of decay aren't going to provide the best eating experience and should be avoided.

    3. Give Your Apple A Sniff

    A fresh, high-quality apple should have a pleasant aroma.

    How to Select Pear

    1. Check the Pear’s Firmness

    A firm pear with juicy and crisp flesh. When the pear becomes soft, it indicates that is ripe enough with higher sweetness.

    2. Visually Examine the Pear

    Light bruising commonly occurs during production. These marks are purely cosmetic, though, adding that they don‘t normally affect the pear’s interior. Avoid any pears with large dark or mushy spots and tears in the flesh. Those are the common indicators of a bad pear, and they mean that the fruit will decay faster than normal.


    Autumn Offerings

    Fresh Apple and Pear

    Mouneyrac Apple and Pear

    A family tradition for 4 generations since 1928 from Louis Mouneyrac in marketing apples and pears from Limousin at the former Halles de Paris. They rely on the true apple-growing professionals to achieve high quality, promote their region & respect best farming practices.

    Company is FeL-certified & in process of joining the FeL Partnership. Mouneyrac Frères selects who operate best practices in terms of certification and international references (eco-responsible orchards, Globalgap, etc.) and compliance with food safety standards.


  • Goldrush apple has a green-yellow colored, non-waxy skin.
  • Which is medium to coarse grained.
  • Flesh is firm and crispy, taste complex with little spicy and maintains bright acidity at harvest.

  • Golden apples are pale green to golden yellow in color & with small spots.
  • With firm & crisp texture and white-fleshed.
  • It have a balanced sweet-tart aromatic flavor, but the flavor varies is depending on where these apples are grown; in a cool climate, the amount of acid will increases.

  • Gala apple is round in shape with thinner skin than other popular apples
  • With red skin and pale gold red stripes
  • Taste sweet and vanilla-like, with a floral sweet aroma
  • Suitable for both eat raw and cooking

  • Akibae apple was registered in 1993 as the cross-seedling of “Sensyu Apple” and “Tsugaru Apple”, together with “Shinano Gold Apple” and “Shinano Sweet Apple”, they are renowned as “Shinshu’s Three Brothers ”.
  • It weighs 300-350g on average, with dark red skin and has strong aroma, its pulp is hard and taste a little bit sour.

  • The flesh is extremely crispy with incredible fresh fruit aroma.
  • Very juicy and has a good balance of sweetness and tartness.

  • Hosui pear was first registered in 1972 and was a cross of “Kosui”, and “イ-33”. Hosui pear is very popular in Japan and the yield is around 27% of the total production in Japan.
  • It is large, round with golden brown skin like an apple. It weighs around 350-450g.
  • The fruit flesh is crisp, juicy, and sweet with some acidity. It can stay fresh for a longer period of time than “Kosui”.

  • Has an irregular appearance.
  • Sweet and juicy.
  • The flesh is comparatively softer than other Japanese pears.
  • Grocery


  • Apple Juice - Special Blend Original Taste
  • Apple Juice - Special Blend Sweet Taste
  • Apple Juice - Special Blend Refresh Taste
  • Sparkling Juice - Cool Apple
  • Leaves Left Apple Juice
  • Apple Black Vinegar
  • Hatoyaseika Apple Snack - Fuji Apple (Soft/Crispy)

    Hatoyaseika Apple Snack - Ohrin Apple (Soft/Crispy)

    RIEN Pear Liqueur

    YOKOTE La France Pear Juice

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