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【Story of Autumn Breeze】

Autumn is harvest season, and city'super brings you an abundance of delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables this autumn, including mushrooms, pumpkins, apples and pears grown everywhere from Japan to France, as well as a series of autumn delicacies.

Phase 1
Mushroom Series

(20 Sep - 3 Oct)

Phase 2
Pumpkin Series

(4 Oct - 31 Oct)

Phase 3
Apple & Pear Series

(18 Oct - 31 Oct)


Products of Pumpkin Series

Australian Rock Melon  (800g)
USA Hawaii Papaya  (600g)
Japan Jonagold Apple 28's  (1pc)
CITYSUPER Rock Melon  (1box)
CITYSUPER Honeydew Melon  (1box)
Japanese Cherry Tomato  (1pack)
KAWANO FARM Japanese Mixed Colour Cherry Tomato  (1pack)
Australia Organic Carrot  (300g)
Japanese Eggplant  (300g)
Israeli Rosemary  (30g)
All Products of FRUIT & VEGETABLE-2
ANFOSSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil  (750mL)
CALIFORNIA OLIVE RANCH Miller's Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil  (500mL)
CARBONELL Extra Virgin Olive Oil  (250mL)
CARBONELL Extra Virgin Olive Oil  (500mL)
CARBONELL Red Wine Vinegar  (250mL)
CARWARI Organic Toasted Sesame Oil  (250mL)
CASA ALBERT Olive Oil  (750mL)
CAVEDONI Ilcaratello' PGI Modena Balsamic Vinegar 3 Years Old  (250mL)
CHAMBERGO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  (500mL)
CITYSUPER Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spain  (250mL)
All Products of Oil & Vinegar

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