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Autumn Breeze Phase 1
Mushroom Series

20 Sep - 3 Oct

From late September to early October, mushrooms, ginkgo and chestnuts are harvested. city‘super brings you delicious autumn ingredients from all over the world. Japanese matsutake mushrooms are the most sought-after products of the season.

Deluxe Japanese Matsutake Matsutake Trivia Matsutake Recipes

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Deluxe Japanese Matsutake

Matsutake mushrooms are the cream of the mushroom crop.. Best enjoyed from late September to early October, Japanese matsutake mushrooms are very rare as they only grow naturally in forests under ample sunlight and cannot be cultivated on a commercial scale. Matsutake mushrooms grow under trees, which gives them a unique refreshing aroma.


Matsutake Trivia

The matsutake's vitality is impressive; they were only surviving multicellular organisms after the atomic bomb attacks on Japan. This ability to survive is perhaps part of the reason matsutake are such a desirable commodity.

Premium Matsutake

In early autumn, early matsutake protrude from the mud and give off an intense smell. They are difficult to find and are the superior grade of matsutake.

Picking Matsutake

Once the matsutake protrude from the ground and open their umbrellas, a lot of the aroma and flavour are lost and they fall sharply in value. Therefore, they are collected when they are just appearing. Workers need to use their powers of observation and their experience. At present, Japanese domestically produced pine mushrooms are almost all collected by humans and are more precious for this reason.

How Long Do Matsutake Keep?

They can be stored for about two days at room temperature or between four days and a week chilled.

Friendly remind:

The amino acid in old matsutake will turn into a toxic substance, and can cause diarrhea and vomiting if eaten.

How to Preserve Matsutake

1. Remove the stone from the base

The hard part of the root is the stone, the section buried in the soil, which cannot be consumed. Lightly cut away with a knife. Be careful not to chop it off like shiitake or enoki mushrooms.

2. Remove dirt

Use one of the following 3 methods to remove dirt.

i) Wash with a bowl of water or salt water, immersing the mushrooms for a short a period of time as possible.

ii) Softly rub off the dirt with a drop of water on your finger.

iii) Rub with a cloth or paper towel.

Friendly remind: Do not wash with running water.

3. Wipe off moisture

Wipe off any excess moisture with a paper towel and carefully wrap the mushrooms one by one with dry kitchen paper. Then put several together in a storage bag with a tapper or zip.


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Fresh Items

Japanese Matsuatke Mushroom

Japanese matsutake mushrooms are very rare as they only grow naturally in forests under ample sunlight and cannot be cultivated on a commercial scale. Matsutake mushrooms grow under trees, which gives them aunique refreshing aroma. They are also highly nutritious and contain more vitamin C and vitamin B1 than most fruits and vegetables, and more vitamin B2 than meat.

You can try grilling, steaming, cooking with soup or rice, or making tempura with matsutake mushrooms, all of which are great ways to express their coveted flavour and texture.

French Bruno Calegari Paris Pink and White Mushrooms

Dating back to the 18th century, Bruno Galegari Farm produces mushrooms in a traditional way in more than 15 hectares of underground galleries. Well sheltered by the darkness and humidity of the cellars, the mushrooms are not affected by weather conditions and can retain their purest flavours. The mushrooms are strictly hand-selected by experts at the farm to ensure freshness and the best quality. No extra water is needed to cook them, and they have a firm yet bouncy texture.

Japanese Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato

French Chestnut

Chestnuts are very presentative of the French autumn, with the locals referring to autumn as “the season for chestnuts” (or la saison de la châtaigne). French chestnuts are large, sweet, has a light crunch, and can retain its sweetness even after cooking.


Yamamori Seasoned Matsutake Mix For Rice

Includes matsutake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, daikon radish, oyster mushrooms, konjac and more, and comes with a special sauce made with flying fish. Simply add to rice in a rice cooker to rice for a mouthwatering kamameshi dish.

Unzenkinoko Youyou Noodle (with Mushroom)

Unzenkinoko Honten, located in Shimabara Peninsula, Kyushu, is one of the most famous mushroom cultivation factories in Japan. It uses water from Mount Unzen volcano, and has strict standards when it comes to light and humidity, providing local residents with fresh mushrooms every day. Its Youyou noodles come with mixed mushroom toppings, and takes only three minutes of submerging in hot water to create an easy, tasty meal.

Kinkoushiitake Yanagi Matsutake Mushroom Mix Snack

With the aim of providing healthy, safe and delicious snacks, Kinkoshiitake hopes to bring good health to everyone through Japanese mushrooms. This newly popular snack is made from yanagi matsutake mushrooms from Tottori prefecture, so you can enjoy the original taste of matsutake mushrooms on the go.

Asuzac Shinshu Shimeji Mushroom Japanese Style Soup

Made from Shinshu Shimeji Mushrooms; simply pour hot water over to dissolve it for a tasty mushroom soup. You can also add Japanese-style rice cakes or rice for a hearty dish!

Signature Mushroom and Chestnuts Dishes

Sauteed Mushroom with Cream Sauce

Sauteed French Bruno Calegari white mushroom with creamy cheese sauce.

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Autumn Salad

Using Japanese pumpkin and sweet potato with maple syrup.

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Using French chestnut paste in the mousse,matched with cassis sauce and chestnut cake . Taste is rich and creamy.

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